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MOVEit Managed File Transfer Workflow Automation & Integration

MOVEit's REST, Java and .NET APIs, support for PowerShell and easy-to-use Automation module allow IT teams to quickly on-board new partners and roll-out new services.

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Easy to Use Workflow Automation. Powerful Integration.

If moving files securely between systems, users, branches or external partners is a core business process, you need MOVEit. Thousands of enterprises around the world found that it provides the best combination of functionality, reliability, security, workflow automation and low cost of operation. MOVEit's automation and integration capabilities are designed to significantly reduce the time it takes you to roll-out new file transfer services and onboard new data sharing partners.

Workflow Automation

MOVEit Automation

Any authorized user may easily automate multi-step logic-based workflows and implement business process rules without needing programming skills. MOVEit Automation automatically pulls, processes, and pushes files to any platform, over any network architecture. Automation projects that are currently taking you days or weeks can be implemented in hours and without costly professional services or scripts. MOVEit Automation comes with pre-built tasks, yet can be extended with custom scripting or existing scripts. A web interface enables management and modifications from any browser.



Access a wide variety of MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation services and administrative capabilities. Call out from MOVEit Automation tasks to external web services through PowerShell. The MOVEit REST API interface offers programmatic access to many of the administrative functions and services of MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation. It can be accessed from any scripting language including PowerShell, Python, Perl or a command line HTTP client such as Curl. It can also interoperate with third party tools that provide REST interface capabilities.

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