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The R&D Platform of the Future

Even with the recent advances in pharma, the industry is still mired in very slow drug discovery cycles. The billions of dollars and well over a dozen years it takes to bring a drug to market is just the beginning. After FDA approval, a drug manufacturer must still prove the value of its drug to patients, providers, and payers.

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Discover Hidden Connections in Your Data
10X Faster

Fortunately, there’s help. We can now accelerate the discovery and development of new drugs with future-ready, agile data technology that shortens development cycles.

Game Changing Innovation Life Sciences

MarkLogic customers have discovered an efficient approach to R&D platform development that enables:

  • Up to 10X faster multi-structured data integration
  • Better decision-making with a complete, 360 view of data
  • Intelligent semantic search to uncover hidden data connections
  • Government-grade security and improved data governance

And, you can avoid buying or managing any infrastructure by deploying these powerful, enterprise capabilities as a cloud-based managed service.

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