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Connected Data Is More Valuable Data

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Every organization has a mission to create value from data. This is the motivation behind long-running, well-funded enterprise-wide programs such as data strategy, data architecture, data management, data governance, business intelligence, data science, and knowledge engineering.

Yet, a recent survey of business and IT decision-makers from large enterprises in the financial services industry found many were unhappy with the existing solutions they currently work with at their organizations, and they are looking for something better.

Industry analysts confirm that *how* we connect data is undergoing a shift — from connecting simpler forms of data and connections to more complex ones. Achieving this demands a refocus away from the data itself, and towards extracting and refining the metadata that describes it. Doing this in a scalable, agile manner becomes a central theme, unlocking even more value from current and future data sources.

Download this Trend Report to see the survey results, and learn how leading financial services organizations are connecting their data to unlock the most business value from their current and future data sources.

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