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JIRA is a tool many organizations use for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management. We use JIRA to get better insights and actionable information, for example, connecting to your favorite analytics or reporting tools like Tableau, Tibco, or SAP Lumira. It hasn't been easy to access JIRA from these tools - until now. With the Progress DataDirect Connector for JIRA, you can connect to JIRA in minutes to access your insights. In this tutorial, we will walk you through how you can easily connect to JIRA from Tableau.


  1. Have Tableau installed or download it from the Tableau website.

Download and Install the Progress DataDirect Connector for JIRA

  1. Download the Progress DataDirect Connector for JIRA
  2. Extract the package and run PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_JDBC_INSTALL.exe to install the connector.
  3. Follow the prompts on the installer and finish the installation.

Setup JIRA JDBC Connector for Tableau

  1. Go to the path C:\Program Files\Progress\DataDirect\JDBC_60\lib to find the JIRA JDBC connector after installation.
  2. Copy jira.jar file to the Tableau folder C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers.

Connect to JIRA from Tableau

  1. Open Tableau and choose Other Databases (JDBC) as your data source.
  2. Configure the connection to your JIRA instance as shown below:
    • URL: jdbc:datadirect:jira:
    • Dialect: SQL92
    • Username: <Your Username>
    • Password: <Your Password>
  3. For this tutorial, we will connect to Apache projects JIRA instance, which can be accessed here:

    Configure JIRA Connectivity

  4. Click on Sign In and you should now see all the data from JIRA represented in various tables as shown below.

    List of tables

  5. You can either choose a table or write a custom SQL to import data. Here is a sample query you can use to read issues from JIRA
  6. Now you can go to a new Sheet and start visualizing the data as shown below.

Tableau Visualization

Progress DataDirect Connector for JIRA seamlessly supports standard and custom Jira fields – no matter how complex the customization. It can easily and effectively work with Jira data whether it is hosted in the cloud or on-premises. It can automatically normalize the JSON response data from the API and transforms it to a relational data model and is SQL-92 compliant. Feel free to download the connector and if you have any questions or issues, please contact us.

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