Welcome to the era of Open Analytics!

Open analytics is the integration of an open data access layer into business applications (such as CRM, ERP, Finance or HR) to be directly consumed by external analytics tools and popular programming languages. With multiple analytics strategies becoming available, the market trends point to an expansion in open analytics capabilities.


There is significant demand today for open analytics from enterprise business intelligence (BI) and data management platforms, and demand will continue to increase with the growth of the advanced analytics market. Beyond that, there are an increasing number of data engineers and data scientists using a variety of platforms and advanced analytics languages such as SAS, R, Python and Java, as well as frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark. All of these combined trends create significant demand for a “bring-your-own-analytics” (BYOA) capability to supplement embedded analytics in business applications.

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Blog: Data API Management to Support Analytics

Data API Management to Support Analytics
Data API Management is different from API management. As enterprises rapidly move towards open analytics, application level APIs are not good enough. Data engineers, data scientists and business analysts demand access to raw data via standard interoperable interfaces in order to perform complex analytics. A Data API Management layer provides standard SQL (ODBC, JDBC) or REST (OData) interfaces to support the needs of this new technical data consumers. This is in part what is driving the trend around open analytics strategies to expose data APIs. 

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Survey Report: Open Analytics is Growing Along with Embedded Analytics

Data Connectivity Outlook Survey 2017
Although standard interfaces are used more often for data integration projects (60%), app development (51%) and data management (44%), the total share of respondents using reporting and analytics tools is 63%. Adoption of analytics is growing as businesses use data to drive decisions. This trend is giving rise to open analytics as organizations seek to query cloud applications with their favorite analytics tool or programming language.

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Whitepaper: Open vs Embedded Analytics for Cloud Apps

Open vs Embedded Analytics
Cloud application vendors are under pressure to provide multi-faceted support for analytics. Today's customers expect more than just static reports or dashboards; they want the ability to create and publish their own reports and dashboards and perform sophisticated analytics on data. In this paper, the authors clearly explain embedded analytics, open analytics and how they can co-exist in a hybrid scenario.

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Webinar: Certify Tableau, Power BI, Qlik Connectors with Your Enterprise Apps

Join Timo Tautenhahn of Tableau Software and Dipak Patel of Progress Software to learn how ISVs are integrating their enterprise applications with Visual Analytics and BI strategies using certified connectors.

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Enable Open Analytics via Hybrid Connectivity Services or OpenAccess SDK

Expose Data Source for Open Analytics via SQL or REST
  • Deploy a standard REST (OData) or SQL (ODBC, JDBC) data access layer for your database
  • Make your data accessible to analytics platforms, SaaS apps, Python, Java, JavaScript, .NET, R or SAS
  • Expose your on-premises data behind the firewall to cloud apps across the firewall
  • All customer-sensitive data is protected by encryption, both at rest (AES-256) and in transit (SSL/TLS)

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