What can DataDirect do for Open Analytics?

DataDirect's Hybrid Connectivity Services can enable your cloud or on-premises application for open analytics via standard SQL or REST APIs.

Welcome to the era of Open Analytics!

Open analytics is the integration of an open data access layer into business applications (such as CRM, ERP, Finance or HR) to be directly consumed by external analytics tools and popular programming languages. With multiple analytics strategies becoming available, the market trends point to an expansion in open analytics capabilities.


We introduced Open Analytics at a general session at Cloud Expo. It was very well received by the audience. In this session, Sumit explains why the industry is marching towards deploying an open data access layer on top of their applications. You can also learn about the basic requirements of an open analytics strategy while understanding the various options to get started.

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Certified Connectors for BI Tools

Progress® DataDirect® offers powerful BI connectors that have been certified against industry standards - ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE-DB and OData. Learn more.

Customer Success Stories


NetSuite needed application data connectivity demanded by existing customers and by the market at large. To solve this problem they leveraged the OpenAccess™ SDK for data connectivity supporting an extensive breadth of standards and implementations.

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A major supplier of business intelligence and corporate performance management software with more than 3,000 customers, BOARD needed a flexible and scalable connectivity solution to meet customer demands for cloud-based deployment options.

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Enable Open Analytics via Hybrid Connectivity Services or OpenAccess SDK

  • Deploy a standard REST (OData) or SQL (ODBC, JDBC) data access layer for your database
  • Make your data accessible to analytics platforms, SaaS apps, Python, Java, JavaScript, .NET, R or SAS
  • Expose your on-premises data behind the firewall to cloud apps across the firewall
  • All customer-sensitive data is protected by encryption, both at rest (AES-256) and in transit (SSL/TLS)
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