DataDirect and DevOps

Jira, Aha!, GitHub, TeamCity—the DevOps technology stack is growing daily. Progress DataDirect offers a fast, efficient standard SQL interface to quickly integrate these systems into your DevOps toolchain. Streamline software development with a unified, cross-enterprise view of the DevOps process.

Understand data for continuous improvement

Progress DataDirect’s Connectors for DevOps follow in a long line of enterprise-grade connectors and drivers for cloud and on-prem applications.  Learn everything you need to know about our connectors.

Want to connect to other applications?

Break Down the Silos that Limit Reporting

There are many tools for every stage of the DevOps process, each containing valuable and actionable data. See the impact of relationships across tools and teams, find difficult-to-locate hotspots and measure improvements downstream by connecting your disparate applications to your analytics and reporting tools.


Less Latency is Less Frustration

Being able to access data quickly means that you will face less latency and frustration waiting for data to load. No more manual data workflows mean faster processes and increased automation efficiencies. Focus on getting results that translate directly into cost savings.


Security and Support You Can Count On

DataDirect connectors are engineered for enterprise-grade security standards, and our attention to update cadence, hotfix policies and support procedures are unmatched.  To learn more about our commitment to security, click here.


Featured Data Connectivity

Over 10,000 global enterprises in 160+ countries use DataDirect, including 96 of the Fortune 100 and over 350 ISVs worldwide