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If you’re like most in your industry, you have hundreds of business processes with thousands of unique activities.

When 70% of those tasks involve decisions—as is typical in financial services—that means thousands of repetitive decisions each day for everything from loan and credit application approval, to verifying customer identity, to configuring new products.

Now you can automate recurring decisions without code updates or lengthy software development cycles.

Key Benefits of Corticon
in Financial Services

Progress® Corticon® Business Rules Management System is strategic technology that helps you achieve maximum ROI from your apps, while streamlining the process rules that govern everything in the enterprise. The result? A more agile business that can move at the digital speed the marketplace demands.

  • Target the decisions in your processes

    Identify the decisions in your processes, automate the rules that drive the decisions and deploy them as standards-based services to be consumed by applications across the organization.

  • Separate business rules from application code

    Empower non-IT users to safely create, test and deploy rules in minutes for core operations, risk management, credit decisions, front office operations, ecommerce and more.

  • Energize core business processes

    Automating operational decisions can have a significant impact on performance in customer acquisition, time-to-market, time-to-quote, and loan processing times.

Decisions represent up to 70%
of core banking processes

Empower your team to streamline and automate business
rules with Corticon

Success Stories


UCS turned to Corticon to automate credit card screening without recoding their software

With Progress Corticon, this leading Japanese financial services company achieved 5x productivity improvement through automation, which translates to a 50% reduction in labor for their credit card screening operation.

success story
Consumer finance outsourcer develops South Africa’s first online-only revolving credit facility with Corticon
SS_Tokio Marine
success story
Insurance holding company automates its 401K business support system with Corticon
success story
Corticon-powered rules solution generates measurable ROI in just three months

Speed Up Core Processes
in Financial Services

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