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Insurers are facing turbulent times, driven by digital industry disruption. Your customers’ expectations and habits are changing, the industry is consolidating and your competition is adapting.

Making decisions represents the bulk of the tasks in core insurance processes like policy underwriting and claims processing.

Most of those decisions are made manually or programmed into apps. Creating or modifying rules to adapt to changing business imperatives can take weeks, putting a big drag on business performance.

Key Benefits of Corticon
in Insurance

Progress ® Corticon ® Business Rules Management System makes it easy for subject matter experts to participate alongside IT specialists in business projects, and supports productive and safe collaboration between different groups across the enterprise.

  • Automate and adapt to business imperatives

    Monitor business outcomes over time and quickly optimize underwriting rules where business performance needs to be improved. Automate and manage change in product eligibility rules.

  • Manage high volume and ensure accuracy

    Increase decision consistency and accuracy across a high volume of transactions for routine tasks like policy underwriting and claims processing, independently of their applications.

  • Reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction

    Removing unnecessary manual steps in processes with recurring decisions can speed those processes, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Manual routine decision-making drags down business performance

Empower your team to automate and speed routine tasks with Corticon



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