Model Driven Rule Authoring

Taming the complex rules that manage your business without user, performance, platform, or language limitations is a goal for many enterprises.

Batch Rule Execution Illustration

Your Challenge

Being able to model the rules without programming saves multiple groups within an enterprise important time. By saving this time, IT can focus on the more innovative projects within the enterprise. This leaves the business users to easily craft rules.

How Corticon Helps

Corticon provides a simple yet powerful methodology for modeling business rules.

Easy to use, powerful and accurate, Progress Corticon allows you to codelessly author complex rules without limits.


Corticon Studio makes modeling decisions and their business rules accessible to business professionals and IT alike using its model-driven approach that eliminates the need for programming skills.

Its spreadsheet interface is easy to use and understand, yet powerful enough to support the most sophisticated decisions and business rules.

Even skilled programmers benefit from significantly reduced development cycles when using Corticon Studio.

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