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Whether you make steel or software, you need to equip systems for rapid-fire change in a digital world.

But it’s hard to turn on a dime when the rules that drive business performance are buried in source code. Responsive control of these rules is the key to an agile system and an agile business.

Key Benefits of Corticon
in Any Organization

Progress ® Corticon ® patented “no-coding” business rules management system separates rules from code, so your business people control business rules. And when you empower the business, the entire enterprise benefits.

  • Easy to use

    Business analysts can create and deploy business rules in collaboration with IT but without the need for expensive custom coding. A user-friendly, spreadsheet-like interface makes it fast and easy to manage rules.

  • Faster time to market

    Customize products and services quickly and get them into the customer’s hands faster. No more waiting to change, test and debug code.

  • Enhanced efficiency

    Implementing rules faster speeds the entire development process. Efficient rules management can lower development costs up to 90%, freeing IT to focus on innovation instead of updating code.

Responsive control of rules is the key to an agile system and an agile business

Empower business people to govern business rules with Corticon

Success stories

success story
Adobe Increases Alignment and Agility of Global Sales Team with Corticon
SS_Columbus Stainless
success story
The Steel manufacturer relies on Corticon for responsive and cost-effective business rules management as part of their production planning and management system.

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