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Healthcare applications contain tons of complex rules based on regulations, new studies, protocols and demographics with more piling on every day.

When those business rules are hard-coded into your apps, changing, testing and deploying just one rule can cost a software developer multiple productive hours, if not days or weeks.

Streamlined decision-making helps improve outcomes and increases value for members and clients.

Key Benefits of Corticon
in Healthcare

Progress® Corticon® separates business rules from application code so non-IT users can safely create and deploy rules in minutes. Rule independence frees IT to innovate and the organization to drive what’s important—the patient experience, regulatory compliance and the bottom line.

  • Deliver products much faster

    Automating business rules is a serious game changer. There is a strong connection between recurring decisions and the ability to deliver products when and where they’re needed. If you can create and deploy a new rule in 10 minutes versus six hours, you can act on opportunities faster.

  • Reduce development cycles up to 90%

    Moving rules and processes to Corticon and out of software source code means you don’t have to wait for IT to create, improve, or maintain decision logic. This flexibility and agility around rules management can reduce development cycles by as much as 90%. Corticon’s spreadsheet-like interface makes it easy for non-IT users to confidently create or change rules.

  • Rapidly scale to accommodate growth

    Response times are critical in a competitive industry like healthcare so your offerings need to scale to accommodate growth of data and users. Corticon provides millisecond response times and can scale across millions of transactions per day. As the number of rules and complexity of data increases, Corticon scales for much higher throughput.

Key targets for automated business rules

Connect to critical data from multiple sources to:
  • Personalize patient plans
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce administrative requirements
  • Increase the quality of patient care
  • Improve the accuracy of patient diagnosis
  • Reduce healthcare costs

Healthcare applications are
governed by complicated rules
that are always transforming

Empower your team to manage change with Corticon


Corticon.js on FHIR

How can health IT innovators—securely and codelessly—leverage the valuable data collected by and communicated between digital health apps and devices to drive better patient outcomes? This video focuses on the current state of medical data interchange in the US and the real-world benefits derived from interoperable systems in the healthcare space. It also covers:

  • Historical background on FHIR, related standards
  • Historical background of Corticon
  • Overlapping concepts between FHIR and Corticon
  • Leveraging Corticon and Corticon.js business rules in FHIR implementations
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Success Stories


Brocacef leverages Corticon to manage a complex healthcare reimbursement system

Brocacef leverages Corticon to manage a complex healthcare reimbursement system involving more than ten million price calculations per year.

success story
Progress Corticon was used to develop a solution that automatically validates invoices based on more than 4,000 medical fee point definitions.
BostonHeart CS image
success story
Boston Heart Diagnostics Digitally Transforms the Patient Experience with Progress
SS_Pennsylvania Dept of Human Services
success story
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Drives Agility across its Operations with Progress Corticon, Improving Productivity and Service to its Citizens

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