Insurance holding company automates its 401K business support system with Corticon

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Automate 401K business support system to provide better customer service, accommodate future growth and improve security and customer information management. 


Progress® Corticon® Business Rules Management System. 


• 20% increase in staff productivity
• Reduced user training workloads
• Easy management of a 400,000-step process for business users
• Improved overall system performance/ throughput, maintenance and security
• Improved quality—increased accuracy, better information sharing and historical records

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Tokio Marine Fire Insurance Company’s existing 401K business support system was a highly manual operation, lacking systemization and automation. Supporting over 600,000 users, it utilized a variety of hands-on tools including Notes, Excel and Access and featured a manual filing and processing system. Tokio Marine determined it needed to introduce an image workflow process that included a Business Rules Management System (BRMS) to automate various rules. The goal of the project was to provide better customer service, accommodate future growth and improve system security and customer information management. The project was supported by a steering committee and considered one of the most important projects from the IT Planning Department, Tokio Marine Nichido systems, and cooperative companies.


Performance and scalability were critical issues as the overall system included 400,000 steps, 120 unique screens, 94 total jobs and a database of 600,000 customer clients. From a business perspective, Tokio Marine needed the solution to be able to control workflow, check the validity of data and manage pending cases. The operating environment featured a production platform using a Windows 2003 Server and technical components including FLASH, FLEX and .NET. 

The decision services generated by the BRMS needed to be able to easily integrate with Tokio Marine’s web server, database server and storage. The solution needed to focus on the conceptual model, with visualization and monitoring of the business work flows, and be flexible to change and expand based on future requirements.

Tokio Marine conducted an extensive evaluation of BRMS alternatives including Progress® Corticon®, IBM/ ILOG, as well as a variety of packaged applications and internal custom development tools. They selected Corticon because of the ease of use of the rule modeling environment along with the ability of the system to scale with the increasing number of transactions.


The Corticon solution was able to automate decisions, enablingTokio Marine to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve overall quality, accuracy and customer satisfaction. Specifically, the new system:

• Increased current staff productivity by 20%.
• Reduced user training workloads. 
• Enabled business users to manage the process of 400,000 steps with ease.
• Improved overall system performance/throughput, maintenance and security.
• Improved quality due to increased accuracy, better information sharing and historical records. 

Going forward, Tokio Marine has plans to use Corticon for additional mission-critical applications in the near future.

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