Driving to Transform Your Business Rules into Profitable Decisions – Next stop Customer Validation Program

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Empowering IT and business users to manage business rules outside the application without coding.

That’s why we formed the Progress Customer Validation Program (CVP). A unique opportunity for you to actively influence the developer experience and future enhancements of Progress Corticon.

As a CVP member, you’ll gain access to:

Roadmap Surveys

We receive hundreds of enhancement requests. Your responses to our short roadmap surveys influence our product direction and help prioritize deliverables.

Virtual Open Houses

Geek out at our live interactive webinars that will share new development and architectural runways.

Usability Surveys

Show us how you actually use the product, so that we can improve your experience with it.

Sprint Reviews

We will showcase our development progress to make sure we’re on the right track.

Pre-release Software

Your chance to preview, test and share your feedback…before we ship it.

Hosted on Progress Community, when you join Progress CVP you’ll continue to share ideas and network with Corticon developers that build and deliver the world’s best mission-critical business applications.


Help Us Validate That
What We Are Building Addresses Your Business Needs