See What’s New in Corticon 7 and Corticon.js 2.0

Make the most of your business rules with the newest updates and enhancements from Corticon.


Explore how Corticon solutions could give your business access to improved data integration, optimized connectivity and REST API services. Unlock external systems with the power of tailor-made service callouts that perfectly suit your needs.

Corticon has you covered by offering two products, Corticon Server and Corticon.js. Here is how you can choose which of the two serves your business the best.

Corticon Server 7

Rule Execution Analytics

Corticon 7.0 introduces advanced rule execution analytics, providing users with a deeper understanding of rule execution. This feature allows users to capture and analyze the specifics of rule executions, enabling auditing of individual transactions and in-depth examination of decision server behavior.

Streamlined Integration

Corticon 7.0 streamlines the integration process with external applications, benefiting system integrators. The need for annotating JSON payloads when calling Corticon is eliminated. Instead, system integrators can seamlessly pass JSON data in the application's native format. Additionally, XML integration via REST is now available, providing a more straightforward alternative to SOAP for integration tasks.

Enhanced Rule Modeler Productivity

Corticon 7.0 enhances rule modeler productivity with new features, including vocabulary and rule trace filters. Rule modelers can also export rule trace data for archiving and analysis. This allows for a detailed comparison of rule test executions when updating decision services.

Corticon.js 2.0

Service Callouts

Corticon.js 2.0 offers a powerful enhancement to service callouts, allowing rules to access external systems like databases and webservices while providing complete control over the data being processed.

Upgraded Vocabulary Filters

Corticon.js 2.0 provides a more efficient way to interact with larger rule vocabularies, simplifying the experience for users through its new Vocabulary Filters feature. This update allows you to easily narrow down your view of entities and attributes by using simpler terminology - facilitating an in-depth yet concise exploration into the particulars of your ruleset.

Rule Trace Data Export

Unlock the power of Corticon.js 2.0 with its advanced rule trace data export capabilities – enabling you to share or analyze this information using tools like MS Excel.

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