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What’s New in Corticon 5.5.2

Rules Without Limits

From determining eligibility and compliance, to claims processing and underwriting, Progress® Corticon® is used by businesses of all sizes to facilitate IT productivity and collaborate with business partners. Since responding quickly to market and/or regulatory changes is a business imperative, the latest release expands automated business rules capabilities and delivers a quicker, easier and more cost-effective decision automation solution—unencumbered by technology and business constraints.

Further advancing Progress Corticon as a high-powered business rules engine without limits, our latest release solidifies our position as a Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) innovation leader. Here is what you can expect:

Intuitive Server Console


The new Web-based Server Console provides a new and intuitive user interface to manage a cluster of different servers. Along with giving you the capability to choose which decision service should be deployed to which server, you also get access to detailed metrics for each decision service and server. The new Server Console is platform independent and can be used on either .NET or Java.

New Ruleflow Branching


New Ruleflow branching provides greater flexibility for creating complex Decision Services and Ruleflows, while maintaining backwards compatibility. This new feature enables you to clearly identify the set of options, or branches, for processing an entity based on an attribute value. Plus Corticon 5.5 automatically updates existing Ruleflows created in previous releases without issue, and then adds branches based on existing attributes that are Boolean or Enumerated data types.

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Reusable Ruleflows

With 5.5, you can now easily construct one Ruleflow from another by mirroring existing or new rules. This modular approach simplifies unit testing, collaboration and complexity management. It is as simple as dragging- and-dropping onto a canvas, allowing you to use the same vocabulary across multiple Ruleflows. Just think of the time you'll save.

REST API for Server Management

REST management API, new in this Corticon release, enables you to deploy and manage decision services by using REST calls. See the section "REST Management API" in the Integration and Deployment Guide for the syntax and function for each defined Method.

Enhanced Thread Pooling for Decision Service Execution

Up until now, Decision Service instances executed using Decision Service-level thread pools. With Corticon 5.5, server-level thread pooling is implemented by default, and multiple Decision Services place requests in a queue for processing. Using built-in Java, Corticon pooling mechanisms control the number of concurrent executions processed at any one time, optimizing performance and minimizing overload.

Rule Execution Recording

You can now record all input payloads and rule messages sent to a Decision Service allowing you to audit how decisions were made, check coverage to verify rule usage, and determine impact and performance of rule changes.

Web Console Management for In-Process Servers

Now you can use the  Web Console to view performance metrics and manage Decision Services that are running in an in-process Corticon Server providing you centralized visibility and management.

Enterprise Data Connector (EDC) Expansion and Enhancements

We now support MySQL database and have new tutorials for modeling rules to access a database using EDC and connecting a decision service to a database using EDC.

Create Rulesheet from Excel Worksheet

Many decisions (particularly with insurance underwriting, life sciences, census data, and more) are based on extensive statistical data in Excel worksheets. In the past, it would take hours of data entry to translate that into rules. Now you can simply generate a rulesheet by importing from Excel.

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