What’s New in Corticon 5.6.1

Rules without limits—now with cloud deployment support, a new extension architecture, change impact analysis and more.


Progress® Corticon® complements your existing applications by automating sophisticated decision processes, reducing development and change cycles by up to 90%. 

Easy to use, powerful and accurate, Progress Corticon tames the complex rules that manage your business without user, performance, platform or language limitations. Strengthen your apps, keep pace with change and support the organization through automated decision management.

Corticon 5.6 What's New

What's New in Corticon 5.6.1

Learn how the latest 5.6.1 edition of Progress Corticon empowers the business while liberating IT for more pressing tasks.


Advanced Data Callout

The Advanced Data Callout (ADC) provides a new mechanism for accessing database data from your rules. ADC provides complete control over the queries used to access data and when they are performed. It is ideal for use cases where large amounts of data need to be retrieved such as in batch processing. ADC complements the existing Enterprise Data Connector (EDC). You now have two ways to access database data from rules.


Enhanced Extension Features

The log established extension features of Corticon have been enhanced. If you are licensed for Corticon EDC you can now use the Data Direct drivers bundled with Corticon in your extensions. This makes it easy for you to create and deploy custom extensions which access database data. Also enhanced is the service callout API. You can now create custom callouts which accept properties defined on an instance of the callout in a ruleflow. This allows you to create generic callouts which can be reused by allowing configuration properties to be specified on each instance.


Linux Installer

Corticon has long supported deployment to Linux but has not provided a native installer. The new Linux installer includes the Progress Application Server (PAS). You can now install on Linux and have a production ready Corticon deployment ready to go in minutes.


Cloud Deployment Support

Corticon 5.6 makes it easier to deploy and manage Corticon in a distributed, elastic rules processing architecture, running on-premise or in the cloud. 5.6 provides enhanced security, multi-server management and server analytics.

Cloud Deployment Support

New Extension Architecture 

Corticon 5.6 enhances the product’s longstanding programmatic extension support—including the extension of the rule language (via Extended Operators) and Service Call Outs for integration. The new Extension Architecture makes it easier to deploy and share both Extended Operators and Service Call Outs. V 5.6 ships with a number of sample extensions available on GitHub, and we encourage customers to share (or sell) additional custom extensions.

New Extension Architecture

Impact Analysis 

Corticon 5.6 makes it easier than ever to manage ongoing change to even the most sophisticated rules projects. The new universal Vocabulary search allows for rapid identification of terms throughout all project assets. New and enhanced dependency graphs and reports make it easy to understand relationships and dependencies across terms, rules and rule sets.

Impact Analysis

Developer Productivity Enhancements 

Corticon 5.6 includes a number of additional enhancements, including improvements to rule modeling, testing, and REST service deployment and integration.

Numerous Additional Enhancements
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