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Tame complex rules through efficient batch processing of vast amounts of data, affordable access to multiple data sources, rich comment features for key stakeholders and increased developer productivity


Organizations are driving harder than ever for increased effectiveness and agility in business operations. The ease with which you can capture, change and optimize these business rules either promotes or inhibits the agility of your organization. It also impacts the consistency, quality and speed of your decisions—which goes straight to your bottom line.

Whether you’re on-boarding new customers, processing claims, determining product configurations, or assessing program eligibility, you’ll more efficiently manage the business decisions that are a critical means to achieving these goals with Progress Corticon 5.7.

Simplify batch processing of business rules

Ease the arduous task of batch processing vast amounts of data for regular reconciliation, analysis and auditing of rules. With Advanced Data Connector (ADC), you are better equipped to manage queries and manipulate large data set results. Map a Vocabulary to multiple data sources, and a new single data source configuration file provides the connection parameters for the data sources used in a Decision Service. The file can be exported from a Vocabulary after a data source has been added and mapped, and data source connection parameters can be imported to a Vocabulary using the new data source configuration file.


Seamlessly Access Multiple Data Sources―for FREE

Progress® Corticon® Enterprise Data Connector (EDC) is now available to you at no additional cost. The power of EDC enables you to connect decision services to external data sources such as relational databases and provide seamless enterprise-wide data access for integrated business rules.

By eliminating costly, time-consuming data integration middleware and complex SQL custom coding, you are better able to:

  • Execute more decisions with greater speed and reliability
  • Gain efficiencies through minimized integration effort
  • Comply with decision-related regulations with greater efficiency and consistency

Document Rule Assets with More Detail

The new Comments View feature in Corticon Studio supports the ability to provide essential information as you design and develop rule assets. Increase efficiency and improve governance while you create and maintain information that documents the rule assets of a project. Comments are tied to specific requirements for stakeholders, including colleagues tasked with modifying inevitable changing business requirements. Bundled plug-ins enable you to integrate your project with GitHub or CVS.


Increase Developer Productivity

Designed to minimize IT pressures, Corticon is now even easier to use for citizen developers and business analysts managing ever-changing business rules. Driven by customer enhancement requests, you’ll find significant usability improvements in our latest release including:

  • The ability to refactor a Vocabulary entity, attribute, or association name so that each change is automatically applied everywhere in the project
  • The choice to exclude transients when you export Testsheets to XML or JSON
  • A decrease in time needed to build a vocabulary by streamlining the attribute creation process
  • The selection and publishing of specific Ruleflows for packaging and deployment from the Project Explorer view, particularly valuable in projects with large quantities of Ruleflows.

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