Rule-Driven Dynamic Forms

Do you have complex business logic that you need to represent inside a form?

Batch Rule Execution Illustration

Your Challenge

Accelerate your project development and easily update the rules inside a form.

The objective of any business is to meet their customer and end user’s needs. The goal is to provide a dynamic form for the end-user, ultimately leading to customer satisfaction.

How Corticon Helps

A tool that can help make developers’ lives easier and more productive is necessary for today’s digital age.

One elegant solution to these problems is using Progress Corticon.js to externalize the rules driving the form. Corticon is effectively used to define a model for the questionnaire independently of how it is rendered in the front-end UI and device.

Corticon allows separation of what questions to ask at each step and what paths the flow of questions takes from the UI code responsible for rendering the form.


Organizations can deploy new questionnaires faster as this model enables creating components that are reusable across different questionnaires. This reduces the load on IT tremendously.

Organizations can reach more constituents faster as the same model can be used to drive dynamic questionnaires on different platforms (for example, Web pages and Mobile devices).

As the decision services can be created by business analysts that better understand the business problem, the load on IT is again greatly reduced.


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