Batch Rule Execution

Provide additional power to external data source functionality.

Batch Rule Execution Illustration

Your Challenge

Your business may need finer control of performance or needs to retrieve large amounts of data.

Think about when your company needs to recalculate millions of new or updated sales prices monthly, or when your thousands of employees must be paid at the end of each month, and salary and tax implications must be calculated by an individual. Each record must be pulled through a large set of business rules which often pull data from other sources to come up with the right decision, be it a correctly calculated sales price or net/gross salary amount!

How Corticon Helps

Customers understand the huge business potential and value the Corticon batch processor brings to the table when processing thousands or even millions of data points that reside in a database.

This may be a very transaction-intensive operation, but fortunately, Corticon’s multi-threaded approach allows you to spread the load over your licensed processing capacity.

As Corticon will also write the business rules processing outcome to a target data source, having incomplete data, or data that fails to pass your business rules may have catastrophic consequences! What if your employee doesn’t get paid?

To avoid this, Corticon has some nifty abilities to make sure all your data was correctly processed and didn’t violate any business rules. Let’s see how you can set this up.


Control the queries to optimize performance.

Fast and efficient rule driven record processing.

Bundle connectivity to many data sources and extensible to even more.


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