Corticon Business Rules Studio

Create and test your rules in an intuitive,
model-driven environment.


Progress® Corticon® Business Rules Studio is a standalone desktop environment for modeling, analyzing, testing and saving business rules as executable decision services.

Progress Corticon supports every part of the modeling process, from initial capture of business requirements, to testing the decision against organizational data. The result is complete, deployment-ready rules.

Corticon Studio creates the deployment files needed by Corticon Business Rules Server to integrate and execute rules as a decision service. It also plugs into the Corticon Enterprise Data Connector to enable model-driven data integration. When combined, these products provide a complete solution for creating and managing decisions across the enterprise.

Key Benefits

Automated decision management with Corticon pays dividends by enabling your organization to:

Extend Rule
Modeling Access
to Everyone

Corticon Studio makes modeling decisions and their business rules accessible to business professionals and IT alike. Its model-driven approach eliminates the need for programming skills. Its spreadsheet interface is easy to use and understand, yet powerful enough to support the most sophisticated decisions and business rules. Even skilled programmers benefit from significantly reduced development cycles when using Corticon Studio.

Assure the Quality and Consistency of Your Decisions

Successful business rule projects demand that business logic produce the correct outcome for all possible scenarios, without costly and exhaustive functional testing. Corticon Studio solves that challenge with tools that show you how to resolve all rule conflicts, ambiguities, and unintended logic loops. Missing business rules are automatically found and modeled for you. Scenario-based testing tools confirm correct model execution behavior for any number of user-defined test cases.

Optimize Model Performance and Scalability

Corticon Studio plays a leading role in the delivery of enterprise-class runtime performance and scalability. It automatically generates an executable decision service optimized for performance every time it saves a rule set. That eases the burden associated with fine-tuning rule performance at run time.


Say Goodbye to Long Days Spent Hard-coding Decision Criteria into Your Business Logic.

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Corticon Studio will model, verify and test any business logic, regardless of its complexity. Features include:

  • Sophisticated, Intuitive Rule Modeling
    You get a complete business rule modeling framework and tools to make modeling easy to learn and easy to use. Corticon Studio automatically handles the underlying complexities of constructing business rules, so you can focus on the logic of your business decisions.
  • Advanced Analysis Tools for Decision Logic Validation
    Corticon Studio includes patented technology that automatically identifies logical errors in your rule models, and provides interactive assistance to help you fix them.
  • Comprehensive Scenario-based Model Testing
    Corticon Studio includes a complete test bed for functional testing of rule models at design time. It provides the foundation for unit testing, regression testing, and data-driven functional analysis at the granularity of a rule, rulesheet, or rule set.
  • Versatile Platform Support
    Platform-independence with both.net and java support.

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