Corticon Enterprise Data Connector

Eliminate the data connectivity bottleneck without custom coding.


Progress® Corticon® Enterprise Data Connector lets you connect decision services to external data sources such as relational databases for seamless access to all organizational data sources.

Eliminating costly, time-consuming integration and custom coding lets you execute more decisions faster and reliably, gain efficiencies through minimized integration effort, and comply with decision-related regulations efficiently and consistently.

Key Benefits

Enterprise Data Connector works in concert with Corticon Studio and Corticon Server to execute data access requests built into decision services. When used together, these products help manage the lifecycle of decisions across the enterprise.

Reduce Complexity

Get a direct data connection without complicated, time-consuming coding. Enterprise Data Connector uses a unique, model-driven approach to data connectivity that automatically generates the optimized SQL needed to perform database operations.

Gain Seamless Access to All Your Data Sources

Enterprise Data Connector links decision services to multiple data sources from relational databases by creating a virtual, unified view of the data accessed by the decision service. It includes administrative tools for efficient configuration and control of data access during runtime, making it straightforward to apply your data access and update policies to executing decision services. The result is state-of-the-art, model-driven, enterprise-wide data access and integration for your business rules.

Increase Rule Agility

Through smart-mapping technology, you can design business rule vocabularies in Corticon, and still maintain the naming conventions in your data sources. When Corticon marshals the data needed to process decision services, it automatically interprets the mapping to the appropriate terms in your database. And when the business rules change, you don’t need to change your applications to retrieve additional information that rule authors have added to decision services.


Say goodbye to long days spent hard-coding decision criteria into your business logic.

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Key features of Corticon Enterprise Data Connector include:

  • Smart-Mapping Technology
    Automatically map business terms in the rules vocabulary to matching terms in your database, while keeping them independent of naming conventions in the database. That eliminates manual mappings and empowers non-experts to create and maintain maps themselves.
  • Optimized SQL
    Using a model-driven approach, analyze your business rules and your choice for database access (no DBaccess, Read or Read-Write) and automatically generate the optimized SQL needed to perform the database operations. The optimized SQL becomes a working part of the decision service that is loaded into Corticon Server.
  • Smart Retrieve and Smart Query
    Retrieve data from your external data source only when needed, and receive only the specific data required.
  • Rule Parameterization
    Assign values to special attributes in a rule by querying external data sources during execution of the rule at run time. Enable form-based rules maintenance, exposing the values of a constrained set of business terms. Changes to any of the values are instantaneously picked up by executing decision services.
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