Corticon Business Rules Server

A radically different approach delivers reliable decisions that scale at digital speed.


Progress® Corticon® Business Rules Server processes the rules modeled, verified and tested in Corticon Studio, ensuring reliable results and delivering lightning-fast performance.

Corticon fits naturally in today’s service-oriented architectures, deploying as a web service and thereby improving the performance, scalability, and high availability of leading application servers. For even faster performance, Corticon can also be executed in-process.

While most business rules engines analyze rules during execution, Corticon takes a radically different approach with the patented Design-Time-Inferencing TM (DeTI) algorithm. With DeTI, analysis and conflict resolution happens during the design process when an extra second or two doesn’t matter. This enables the Corticon Server to deliver blazing performance that scales linearly with both the number of rules and the complexity of the data.

Key Benefits

Corticon Server enables organizations to make better, faster decisions by automating business rules. Benefits include:

High Performance, Scalability and

Because Corticon Server executes decision services with inferencing optimized prior to deployment, it executes rules more efficiently and reliably than traditional rule engines. Thanks to its linear scaling profile, capacity is limited only by the hardware and number of machines on which it is executing. As your company grows, Corticon grows with you.

Maximum Integration Flexibility, Minimum Integration Effort

Corticon Server makes the most of industry standards to provide flexible options for enterprise integration with applications running on Java or .NET platforms. You can embed Corticon in any layer of an application’s architecture. Embedding in composite or packaged applications through Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) or Business Process Management (BPM) systems is straightforward because Corticon Server was designed for it.

Efficient, Consistent Compliance for Your Organization

In today’s heated regulatory climate, organizations must be able to explain the reasoning behind each business decision and transaction. Corticon Server provides the “what”, “why” and “when” for every decision service it executes, eliminating the need for error-prone manual reconstruction or auditing. Sophisticated runtime filters further improve decision-making consistency by automatically matching the right decision service to a request.


Say Goodbye to Long Days Spent Hard-coding Decision Criteria into Your Business Logic.

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Corticon will model, verify and test any business logic, regardless of its complexity.
Features include:

  • Decision Service Execution and Control
    Executing decision services is the core competency of Corticon Server. Its unique approach to executing inference-based business rules forms the basis for exceptional operational performance, precision and consistency.
  • Runtime Reporting and Monitoring
    Effective runtime reporting and monitoring are must-have features when decision services are integrated with core business applications, because the outcomes of these integrated decision services are often subject to internal or regulatory compliance. Corticon supports that requirement with execution logging that produces a historical transaction log for each request processed by a decision service.
  • Support for Service-Oriented Architectures and Business Process Management Systems
    Corticon Business Rules Server was designed for painless integration into SOA and BPM systems. It also supports several enterprise integration options for custom or composite applications.

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