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ADT MAG October 8, 2019

.NET-Centric Dev Tooling Vendor Boosts Blazor Components, Supports .NET Core 3.0 RC

In the .NET development world, .NET Core 3.0 and Blazor are two of the most popular focus points right now, so third-party development tooling vendors are scrambling to support their latest editions.

Leading that charge is Progress, just yesterday announcing the new R3 2019 release of Progress Telerik tooling for .NET developers.

InfoWorld October 8, 2019

Getting Code Ready for Surface Neo and Surface Duo

Microsoft’s ambition to build a folding device has been the subject of much speculation over the past few years. A series of patent filings revealed what appeared to be a dual-screen tablet that could operate in several different ways. Then there were the codenames—Andromeda and Centaurus—and what appeared to be a planned new version of Windows,

SD Times October 7, 2019

SD Times news digest: Progress announces new .NET capabilities, WhiteSource integrates with GitLab Core and Eclipse IDE, and PayPal leaves Libra

Progress announced a new release of Progress Telerik tools for .NET developers, adding full day-zero support for .NET Core 3.0 RC across the entire Telerik product line. 

App Developer Magazine September 27, 2019

Kendo UI Web development toolkit lands from Progress

Progress, the provider of application development and digital experience technologies, has announced the latest release of Progress Kendo UI, the most complete UI toolkit for web development. The release includes a series of new components for Angular, React and jQuery, as well as major enhancements for some of its most popular existing components.  

Digital Health Age September 17, 2019

Q&A: The Role Microapps Can Play in the NHS

Ian Bolland caught with Alison Haughton, senior product marketing manager, Cognitive Group, Progress, about the role that microapps can play within the NHS. They discuss how much they have been explored, and the difference it can make to both healthcare professionals and patients.

TechRepublic September 16, 2019

The Top 5 Most In-Demand Developer Skills

Dominating Indeed's list of the most in-demand jobs of 2019, developers are some of the most sought after job positions. As the demand for digital transformation projects in the enterprise increases, the need for individuals who can bring these digital applications into fruition follows. 

IoT Agenda September 12, 2019

Fast Track Your Digital Transformation in Five Steps

There are compelling incentives for an organization to innovate and transform, including revenue growth, new markets, operational efficiencies, cost savings and gaining the ability to derive value from IoT data, just to name a few. While most organizations know they need to transform digitally to reap those benefits, it can be difficult to know where to start.

KMWorld August 27, 2019

Crystal Cruise Line Transforms Digital Presence

Crystal has implemented Progress Sitefinity web content management to transform its website into a dynamic, interactive and intuitive experience for travelers.

Progress is a provider of application development and digital experience technologies.

InfoQ August 21, 2019

Progress Announces NativeScript 6 Release

The NativeScript 6 release adds support for Vue.js and Angular 8 for creating native mobile applications with web technologies. NativeScript now also supports Progressive Web Apps (PWA), increasing the level of code reuse between web and mobile apps created with NativeScript.

Solutions Review August 13, 2019

The 32 Best Network Monitoring Tools to Use in 2019

Choosing the best network monitoring tool for your enterprise is not easy. IT professionals and decision-makers need to consider several factors when choosing solutions for their business, such as security, compatibility, ease of use, and budget. With so many network monitoring tools on the market, it’s hard to determine the best ones for your company’s needs.

DBTA August 13, 2019

Progress Updates the Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Platform

Progress, a provider of application development and digital experience technologies, is enhancing the Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold platform, introducing network mapping and discovery, improved vCenter support, and enabling a new public REST API.

Forbes August 12, 2019

What the Uber of Tractors Means for the Future of Agtech in Africa

“Capitalism in agriculture, within sub-Saharan Africa, is alive and well,” says Jehiel Oliver. Oliver is the CEO of the agtech company Hello Tractor, whose smartphone app connects smallholder farmers with tractor owners looking to rent. Dubbed the "Uber for tractors," Hello Tractor first launched in Nigeria in 2014, and then quickly expanded into Kenya. The company is now poised for even further expansion, with testing underway in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Journal of mHealth August 8, 2019

Healthcare Data: A Puzzling Game in Need of a Change

There is no arguing that healthcare involves a prodigious amount of data. According to an IDC report, 4.4zb of data was produced in 2013, and it estimated that 44zb of healthcare data will be produced yearly by 2020—a tenfold increase in seven years. In a New England Journal of Medicine  article, the authors estimated that a single patient typically generates close to 80 megabytes in imaging and electronic medical record (EMR) data each year. With all the data that is being collected, healthcare organizations have the opportunity to leverage it to drive patient outcomes and lower overall healthcare spend.

CMSC Media July 24, 2019

Focused on Personalization, Innovation, and... Downsizing?

In 1995, Americaneagle.com designed its first website and ever since, has worked on 12,000 web design projects of every size, from almost every industry. This comprehensive digital history, spawning back to nearly the dawn of corporate web pages, makes americaneagle.com a sage in the sector— an example to learn from, insightful, and experienced.

Computer Weekly July 22, 2019

Progress Revs Up BRM with Corticon 6.0

BRM is now a ‘thing’… and it’s not in fact meant to relate to the noise that children make when they pretend to rev up the imaginary engines on their toy cars, instead, it stands for Business Rules Management. 

SD Times July 19, 2019

Progress Releases Web Accessibility Guidebook for Developers

There are a number of things developers have to consider when developing for the web, but one thing that may not get enough attention is the accessibility of their application. The notion of web accessibility is not new, with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) publishing the first Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in 1999, but it is still something not enough developers are putting effort into. As a result, Progress has released new guidelines to help developers better understand web accessibility and how they can develop their apps to adhere to it. 

ProgrammableWeb July 19, 2019

NativeScript 6.0 Release Focuses on Developer Productivity

NativeScript 6.0 is now available. The open-source framework for building cross-platform native Web and mobile applications specifically focused on developer productivity with the 6.0 release. Examples of increased developer productivity include faster patch delivery, additional out of the box functionality, additional pre-built scenarios that avoid custom development, and specific tools driving the development experience.

InfoWorld July 18, 2019

NativeScript 6.0 Speeds Up Builds, App Updates

NativeScript 6.0, the latest version of Progress’ open source framework for building native mobile apps with JavaScript, TypeScript, or Angular, is now generally available. The update provides for quicker app updates and smaller app binaries.

ADTMAG July 18, 2019

Open Source NativeScript 6.0 Released for JavaScript-Based iOS, Android Development

Development tooling specialist Progress released NativeScript 6.0, a major update to its open source framework for creating native iOS and Android apps with JavaScript with 100 percent code reuse.

SD Times July 17, 2019

NativeScript 6.0 Released with Full Support for Vue.js

The latest version of the open-source framework for building native apps is now available. NativeScript 6.0 comes with support for Angular 8 and Vue.js as well as the ability to shorten development and testing time.