Press Coverage

Boston Business Journal

Why Progress has pivoted to take giants like GE and PTC

April 20, 2017

LifeHacker September 24, 2014

How iOS 8, the Apple Watch and iPhone 6 Can Supercharge Enterprise App Development

A look at the impact of this year's Apple release will have on enterprise developers and the opportunities they could offer.

Channel Partners September 23, 2014

Drivers of Agile Development in the Channel

Kimberly King explains the major drivers that are pushing the channel toward a more agile view of development.

Global Banking and Finance September 20, 2014

Risky Business and How to Eliminate Human Error

Mark Allen explains how Progress Corticon helps banks and other high risk industries manage business decision-making.

Computerworld Malaysia September 19, 2014

Progress Corticon fosters agile banking

Business decisions play a huge role in the banking industry; learn how Progress Corticon can automate the business decision-making process and in turn boost banking efficiency.

IT Business Canada September 17, 2014

In two decades, not one database crash

The story of how CardWatch POS has grown their technology offering built on Progress OpenEdge and has maintained a valuable partnership with Progress for multiple decades.

Visual Studio Magazine September 15, 2014

Information Age September 15, 2014

Secret source: why data connectivity is the key ingredient for application success

Jeff Reser explains why the ability to connect to data is one of the most crucial but overlooked elements of building a business application.

Application Development Trends September 9, 2014

Enterprise Apps Tech September 9, 2014

What’s in store for enterprise app devs with iPhone 6 and iOS 8?

Lee Andron outlines the top iOS 8 features for developers.