App Development Trends May 6, 2015

NativeScript Launch Highlights Telerik Mobile Upgrades

Telerik upgraded its mobile development portfolio this week, highlighted by the official launch of the open source NativeScript project designed to create native cross-platform apps via JavaScript.

CIO May 5, 2015

Telerik pitches new framework for building Android, iOS, Windows apps

With Telerik’s open source framework NativeScript, programmers with expertise in JavaScript have a new option for cross-platform mobile app development. The resulting applications will be able to run directly on Android, iOS and Windows.

SD Times May 4, 2015

Progress extends Modulus platform to support multiple languages

Progress today announced that Modulus, its premier Node.js platform as a service (PaaS), now supports multiple application languages utilizing Docker, delivering a complete app deployment platform for the whole enterprise.

IT Business Edge April 30, 2015

Self-Serve Data Leading to Shift in Business Products, IT Responsibilities

Business users are finding that the self-serve data and integration tools they craved are leading to more confusion and frustration, it seems.

Datanami April 30, 2015

Why Big Data Isn’t Changing Everything (At Least Not Yet)

Think everything is different in this new big data world, that the world of data lakes, mobile devices, predictive analytics, and the cloud are rewriting the rules of business technology? Then think again, says Tony Fisher, who heads up Progress Software’s data integration business.

Exchange Wire April 28, 2015

Transforming Data Into Insights

The era of ‘big data’ is now upon us, but how can we turn masses of datasets into actionable insights capable of delivering operational efficiencies, and improve ROI? Martin Kirov, Telerik Sitefinity, VP, product management and marketing, discusses some of the new marketing technologies that may do the job.

Chief Marketer April 27, 2015

QA with Chief Marketer

Melissa Puls discusses the challenges of team realignment, integrating new acquisitions from a marketing standpoint, and bringing digital experience marketing to the forefront and technology’s role in her department.

Developer Tech April 24, 2015

Opinion - Going native to go cross-platform

Although the developer Holy Grail is to “write once, deploy anywhere,” the app wrap ― additional coding ― needed to develop native apps poses too great a challenge for there to be any silver bullet. However, there are new technologies, hybrid development tools and importantly, open source frameworks that certainly help relieve the development burden.

CBR April 23, 2015

10 challenges facing enterprise mobility in 2015

CBR rounds up views from Accenture, Citrix, Cisco, Oracle, The Open University, Kony, We Know Data, Checkpoint, AVG, Druva, MobileIron, Mendix, Progress, NETGEAR, ProjectPlace and Tangoe.

Fourth Source April 10, 2015

Digital Marketers Need Help to Navigate Changing Customer Journey Maps

Marketers face many challenges today: high growth expectations, hyper competition in crowded market places, and the digital and social-media revolution. Customers are more informed than ever and in most cases have made their mind long before the first contact with a sales rep. In short, marketing and sales teams are losing control at a time when expectations for their performance is rising.

Barron's April 1, 2015

Progress Rising: FYQ1 Beats, Cuts Forecast on Forex Pressure

Enterprise development tools vendor Progress Software (PRGS) reported fiscal Q1 revenue and earnings that beat analysts’ expectations, when excluding the effect of currency.

SDTimes March 30, 2015

Android’s growth is a pain in the app for developers

Although it’s become the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Android is still an expanding frontier—and developers are always the first to explore it.

eWeek March 27, 2015

Progress Software Enhances Telerik Kendo UI Framework

Progress Software announced enhancements to its Telerik Kendo UI HTML5 and JavaScript UI framework, and its server wrappers for ASP.NET MVC, PHP and JavaServer Pages (JSP). The enhancements are aimed at addressing the growing need for responsive design elements in cross-platform and mobile application development.

App Developer Magazine March 25, 2015

Got a Backlog of Apps to Build? Avoid Boiling the Ocean!

Do you feel like your business is behind in the mobile app arms race? Are you concerned about spending too much time collecting apps and staffing up before you start? Time to change your approach.

Application Development Trends March 9, 2015