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ITWire May 13, 2021

Progress MOVEit safely transfers data, allows collaboration and improves scalability

The global pandemic has ushered hybrid work models where people move between remote and on-site work. Progress introduces Progress MOVEit 2021 to help businesses adjust to the hybrid workforce and to safeguard their data.

ZDNet May 4, 2021

Best network monitoring tool in 2021: Top expert picks

When you manage a large network, nothing is worse than servers that fail. Well, that's not completely true. Nothing is worse than servers that fail -- and you don't know they've failed. Hmm... even that's not completely true. Nothing is worse than servers that fail, and once you find out they've failed, you can't figure out why. That's a formula for a very unpleasant day.

eWeek May 4, 2021

The Future of Enterprise IT Post Covid-19

If we allow ourselves to be optimistic, we can see it on the distant horizon: the end of Covid-19 is in sight. Given the stunning changes wrought by Covid – including the rise of remote work and the acceleration in cloud and data analytics – the dawn on this new era raises major questions for business technology.

App Developer Magazine May 4, 2021

Compliance automation will take center stage this year

Compliance automation uses artificial intelligence features and technology to make compliance procedures easier - according to most sources on the web, about the meaning of compliance automation. 

Progress Software CEO Yogesh Gupta says with smart companies turning to a compliance-as-code approach to keep infrastructure, apps, and end-user devices secure and compliant, we will see compliance automation topping the tech priority list this year. We sat down with Yogesh to explore more about compliance automation.

The Boston Globe May 4, 2021

Local Indian executives rally to send badly needed medical equipment to COVID-ravaged country"

Ramarajan, an emergency room physician and health-tech entrepreneur in Cambridge saw firsthand how the equipment — which increases the oxygen level in room air and feeds it to patients through tubes attached to their nostrils — saved lives during the second wave in Los Angeles, where he trained and has on occasion returned to help. The concentrators, which can be used at home, allow hospitals to free up beds for the sickest patients.

BizTech April 30, 2021

What Is DevOps, and How Can It Work for You?

In the IT space, the buzzwords can be overwhelming — the acronyms, the shorthand, the metaphors. And making sense of those terms can feel dicey.

But sometimes, one of those buzzwords breaks through in a tangible way to become a defining element in the process of managing your technology.

That’s one way to describe DevOps, a philosophy of continuous development that has become ingrained in the way many technology-focused organizations work. And it could make your organization work better too.

ZDNet April 29, 2021

Data center automation: 10 vendors you should know

The new data center that is evolving doesn't look like the centers we had come to know in years past. The racks of servers and storage disks may be greatly reduced, or absent altogether, displaced by the cloud. Likewise, the site of staff members moving about -- checking cabling, components, and temperatures -- may also be a thing of the past. The new data center may be a federation of smaller, edge data centers, or simply an administrator sitting at a desk with a laptop or even a mobile phone. The new data center blend seamlessly with the network.

Dev Class April 29, 2021

Chef cooks up Policy as Code with Infra Client 17 release

Chef Infra Client 17 is out, bringing increased platform coverage, better cloud support, and improvements to the Chef Infra language.

Boston Business Journal April 29, 2021

Largest Software Development Firms in Massachusetts

Progress has been ranked #13 in the Boston Business Journal’s annual ranking of the largest software development companies in Massachusetts. 

ZDNet April 29, 2021

Why the 'lights out' data center will bring more opportunities

We are closer than ever to the long-sought vision of the "lights-out" data center, in which applications are automatically deployed and provisioned, data is securely stored in its proper places, and workloads are balanced without muss or fuss. Almost paradoxically, enterprises need more people than ever to assure increasingly sophisticated services are delivered, and align with the needs of the business. 

SMEhorizon April 15, 2021

Protecting data privacy

In this Internet age our personal data is stored on multiple servers, and is constantly being shifted around across platforms. Many of us do not realize how our data is being handled, and whether our personal information is stored securely. What can be done to ensure large organizations don’t mishandle our confidential information?

DevOps.com April 13, 2021

11 Open Source DevOps Tools We Love For 2021

DevOps isn’t just a cultural shift — it requires great tools to come to fruition. Below, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the most well-loved DevOps tools available today. But, throwing loads of money into fancy SaaS solutions can quickly gobble up the cloud budget. These DevOps tools all are open source, and enable everything from container builds and orchestration to microservices networking, configuration management, CI/CD automation, full-stack monitoring and more. Here are some of our favorite open source DevOps tools for 2021.

BW People April 12, 2021

A Supportive Ecosystem for Women in Tech

The number of women in technology in the Indian workforce has risen by 10% over the last decade and women constitute around 35% of the workforce currently as per NASSCOM estimates. This number is higher than the 24% gender ratio across all industries showing the increasing participation in STEM careers by women. About 50 % of the technology graduates in India are women, and the youth under thirty significantly contribute to gender parity.  

Cybersec Asia April 1, 2021

Secure steps for optimal business productivity

Businesses operating on a work-from-home model can be a demanding situation for IT teams, as security is critical.

However, having the right tools in place can help organizations navigate through the concerns. With tools such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO) functionality, tamper-evident logging, and automation, IT teams can help enforce compliant data security practices while enabling employees to collaborate efficiently.

Forbes April 1, 2021

Moving From Work From Home To Work From Anywhere: Setting Up The Future Of Work For Success

A study by Toluna, a tech company operating in the market research space, looked at the attitudes of employees towards virtual work. The results point to a workforce eager to get back into the office. In fact,19 percent of those surveyed have already returned to the workplace, with one-third thinking they will this summer. In addition, more than half of those surveyed have been contacted by their employer within last three months about returning to work. Unsurprisingly, most would only consider going back to the office if the following were to happen:

  • Vaccines 63%
  • Social distancing 59%
  • Employers offers a hybrid work environment 51%
  • Regular testing 49%

InfoWorld March 31, 2021

Microsoft inches closer to unified Windows SDK

Microsoft’s plan to decouple the Windows developer platform from the OS has reached its first major milestone with the 0.5 release of the Project Reunion SDK. It’s the first release to mix in the WinUI 3.0 UI controls, with Microsoft describing it as “the first round of validating our work with customers prior to release.” It’s also the first release that lets you publish MSIX-packaged desktop apps to the Windows Store.

ITWire March 29, 2021

Progress updates Chef EAS and Chef Infra Client

The new version of Chef Enterprise Automation Stack (EAS) aims to bring together elements of the Chef ecosystem into a more integrated approach to automation.

Chef EAS helps DevSecOps teams implement complex systems, provides visibility across heterogeneous infrastructure and applications, and unifies the experience for developers, operators, and administrators, according to the company.

CMS Connected March 23, 2021

DXP In the New Hybrid Workplace

The new trends for digital work and life set in place during 2020 look to be here to stay. Productivity increases and cost savings have prompted employers to rethink the workplace, while most workers appreciate the flexibility that remote work provides

FStech March 23, 2021

Digital asset anxiety: Is the biggest risk to data security in financial services often the most overlooked?

FSIs continue to spend ever-increasing billions on protecting their data, as high-profile threats such as ransomware fill the headlines, and highly complex supply chain attacks like Solarwinds shock the world. However, taking advantage of how organizations move digital assets remains an evergreen attack vector for cybercriminals.

Tech Republic March 23, 2021

Progress announces updates to Chef Enterprise Automation Stack and new Chef Infra Client 17

Progress Software recently announced enhancements to its Chef Enterprise Automation Stack and the new release of Chef Infra Client 17, as well as a new recognition program for Chef Community contributors that will debut during its April 28 Infra 17 launch event.