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TechWorld March 7, 2017

Three skills developers need in a time of constant change

The evolution of technologies like JavaScript and Rails 5, and megatrends like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Back-End-as-a-Service, and now Cognitive Applications means developers have a ton to stay on top of. The only constant is change.

Programmable Web March 6, 2017

What Is the Angular Framework and Why Should Developers Use It?

Today, Angular is thriving, following Angular 2’s launch in September 2016. TJ VanToll, Principal Developer Advocate at Progress, discusses why developers should choose Angular to build powerful applications.

TheServerSide March 2, 2017

JavaScript Front-End Frameworks, TypeScript Skills in Demand in 2017

JavaScript, TypeScript and component-oriented front-end web app development skills are in demand in 2017, according to Burke Holland, Progress developer advocate. Most new front-end development will be done in component-oriented JavaScript frameworks like React and AngularJS.

SDTimes February 28, 2017

Industry Watch: NativeScript Takes Web Developers Mobile

How many languages and frameworks are developers required to learn these days to fulfill an organization’s digital mission? Todd Anglin, chief evangelist at Progress, discusses how NativeScript can extend a JavaScript developer’s skills to native mobile apps.

IT Pro February 23, 2017

How to build Android apps

Apps are the gold rush of the 21st century. Build the next Tinder or Snapchat, and you can become an overnight millionaire - or so pop culture would have you believe.

CMS-Connected February 22, 2017

Exclusive Interview on What's Paramount about Sitefinity 10.0

Progress recently announced the Sitefinity 10.0 beta version release. Hot on the heels of the new release, CMS-Connected reached out to Dale Young, Manager Sitefinity Sales & Channels at Progress, to inquire about what is paramount about Sitefinity 10. 

Computer Weekly February 22, 2017

Progress: software packaging dependency & abstraction, a tradeoff worth taking

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Burke Holland in his capacity as director of developer relations at Progress — the firm is a specialist in backend application build tools, PaaS technologies and (now with the acquired Telerik) it also offers tools for building the interface on the front end.

InfoWorld February 13, 2017

NativeScript 3.0 Lines Up Release with Angular 4

With NativeScript 2.5 recently reaching developers' hands, the open source mobile framework's builders are readying version 3.0 for an April release.

TheServerSide February 13, 2017

Good news, bad news for mobile app developers

Not only has mobile app developers’ chances to strike it rich dissipated, but IT pundits say a new age of citizen developers will threaten their livelihoods. Read more in this Q&A with Jen Looper, developer advocate for Progress.

App Developer Magazine February 9, 2017

Progress Telerik UI goes open source

Progress Telerik UI for UWP is popular within the 2.1 million strong Progress developer community, and has been open sourced as a means to ensure continued collaborative innovation and advancement amongst the .NET development community.

Computer Weekly February 9, 2017

Progress goes opens on Windows UI library

Progress has open sourced its Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) native UI controls for building Windows apps. As well as expanding its donations to the .NET ecosystem and foundation, the firm is effectively here giving 20+ UI for Universal Windows Platform controls under an Apache license.

TheServerSide February 6, 2017

Why cross-platform mobile app development tools beat hybrid, native

The advantages of developing a mobile application on a native platform are many, but they are outweighed by being limited to one platform, usually either iOS or Android, according to veteran mobile developer Jen Looper. With cross-platform mobile app development tools, developers can create products that deliver the performance and security of native apps.

Virtual Strategy Magazine February 3, 2017

Executive Viewpoint 2017 Prediction: Progress

Businesses now operate in a data-dependent universe, and the ones that can harness data and employ it will be the most successful this year and in years to come.

SDTimes January 26, 2017

TypeScript is getting attention in the enterprise

JavaScript’s time in the limelight is definitely at hand. The language is moving forward at a good pace, Node and npm have standardized a lot of the busywork, and the web continues to grow every day. As cross-platform languages go, JavaScript is the new Java.  

SearchSoftwareQuality January 17, 2017

Why Mobile Application Emulator Choices for Test and QA can be Tricky

While some mobile application developers today choose physical device testing over using a mobile application emulator, the latter is still a viable and widely used way to see how the code is performing within the context of the app. The trick is choosing the right tool, said Jen Looper, developer advocate for Progress, in this podcast interview.

App Developer Magazine January 16, 2017

What App Development Technologies We Missed in 2016 and What’s Coming Next

It’s that time again to look at the year ahead and consider what trends and technologies will reign supreme in the application development world.

Channelnomics January 6, 2017

Vendor Predictions 2017 Part 4: Channel evolution

From cloud, to technology transformations, to security, vendors have shared their thoughts on what the channel should prepare for in 2017. But what about the channel itself? How will 2017 change the way solution providers, vendors or distributors do business? January 5, 2017

What 2017 holds for enterprise software

Enterprise software vendors discuss what will be the trends and innovations in business intelligence, CRM, ERP and marketing automation software in the coming year.

Fortune December 23, 2016

Proof That Having a Background in STEM Can Be a Game-Changer for Women

A background in STEM can have an enormous impact in shaping the careers of female leaders, enabling us to differentiate ourselves in heavily male-dominated industries and showcase our skill sets. This presents a unique opportunity for women to excel in their careers—not only in STEM-related fields, but in whichever industry they ultimately pursue.

insideBIGDATA December 21, 2016

Big Data Industry Predictions for 2017

IT becomes the data hero. It’s finally IT’s time to break the cycle and evolve from producer to enabler. IT is at the helm of the transformation to self-service analytics at scale. IT is providing the flexibility and agility the business needs to innovate all while balancing governance, data security, and compliance.