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Progress DevReach 2023: Software solutions in Sofia

October 25, 2023

DevOps.com March 19, 2021

App Testing Must Evolve Within the DevOps Pipeline

As the practice of DevOps evolves, so do the supporting tasks; hopefully in such a way that they introduce increased efficiency and automation to accelerate development and deployment pipelines. However, one specific process still remains a speed bump on the road to DevOps acceleration: the process—or, more specifically, the chore—of testing.

Retailbiz March 17, 2021

Marrying content, commerce and experience mapping

The retail hero out of COVID was by a long shot the ecommerce players, or those that quickly shifted to online.

According to the World Health Organisation, Australian ecommerce grew more than 80 per cent year on year in the 8 weeks after the COVID-19 pandemic. More recently, the Australian Bureau of Statistics flagged that online sales last December surged 55 per cent year on year with more than 5.6 million Australian households having shopped online during the month.

CMSWire March 12, 2021

Progress Releases Latest DXP

Progress has announced the latest release of the Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Sitefinity 13.3. New to this update is Progress' long-term support for Sitefinity, which gives customers four years or more of extended version support. Company officials said the updated software also provides streamlined developer tooling and advanced analytics, personalization and optimization.

DestinationCRM March 11, 2021

Progress Launches Sitefinity 13.3

Progress, a provider of products to develop, deploy, and manage business applications, today launched the latest release of the Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Sitefinity 13.3.

The new release provides ease-of-use, streamlined developer tooling, advanced analytics, personalization, and optimization.

Which-50 March 8, 2021

Cover Story: Leaders Say Diversity Programs Expanded During COVID. McKinsey Report Suggests Otherwise

Diversity sits at the core of business sustainability programs. However, with the huge global economic upheaval ushered in by COVID-19 there were genuine concerns that many programs would be unwound, or at the least frozen. And there’s evidence to support those concerns.

Network Computing March 1, 2021

Progress Software WhatsUp Gold 2021

Progress Software's WhatsUp Gold (WUG) is a great network monitoring choice for SMBs and enterprises and this latest version aims to make it even more appealing. WUG 2021 introduces enhanced log management and has the ability to collect Windows Event Logs plus Syslog events and present all the information in its main web console for easy analysis.

Entrepreneur February 26, 2021

How Technology Companies Are Converting Challenges Into Opportunities During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic presented us with both unique challenges and opportunities as we needed to rethink how we operate as well as how our customers would be impacted. As we started to adjust to remote operations and conduct business online, we have come to realize that the changes we are witnessing are really an acceleration of the trends in society and technology. Both businesses and employees are more inclined to plan the future workspace to be a hybrid model that supports increased work from home. This is reflected in a recent CRN report which found that 74 per cent of Indians would prefer to continue working from home after the pandemic. The pandemic has indeed transformed our lives, affected every industry, and forced businesses to redesign their products and services to remain competitive.

Visual Studio Magazine February 18, 2021

ASP.NET Core Starts Path to Hot Reload, AoT Compilation, Blazor Desktop, More

The first preview of .NET 6 arrived with grand plans for ASP.NET Core -- the web-dev component -- including much-requested features like hot reload, ahead-of-time (AoT) compilation and the beginnings of Blazor hybrid desktop projects.

ITWire January 29, 2021

CMS key to good customer experience: Progress exec

"Everyone [in Australia] has some sort of a web site," he observes, but today's conditions mean they need to strengthen their digital presence, and not everyone has a clear idea of how to do that.

The current environment also means that time to market is particularly important, so organisations must work more efficiently than is possible with traditional methods.

So the question becomes 'how can marketing teams be empowered to do more for themselves?', and they are increasingly talking to Progress to answer that.

IT Pro January 26, 2021

Progress Software WhatsUp Gold 2020 review: A strong choice

WhatsUp Gold is a worthy network monitoring solution with a fine track record going back to the early 1990s. Developer Ipswitch was recently acquired by Progress Software, but fear not: there’s been no dip in quality. This 2020 version brings new innovations including pulsing device icons for eye-catching alerts, facilities for uploading your own icons and improved reporting. There’s also an optional application performance add-on that can keep an eye on AWS and Azure environments, while the network traffic analysis module now provides a global map showing traffic between distributed devices.

HostingAdvice January 22, 2021

Use Telerik to Take Control of the User Experience on Your Next App or Site-Building Project

Business leaders commonly elevate their developers to superhero status, expecting them to continually achieve more in less time. But even the most powerful warriors need a little outside help to conquer difficult projects. After all, where would Wonder Woman be without her lasso, or Aquaman without his trident?

CXO Today January 19, 2021

Five Ways to Reimagine IT Talent Post-COVID

As we move into 2021 with cautious optimism, organizations are learning to live with the new constant that is change. For some, this pandemic exposed the inadequacies of their current structure and controls, for others, it was how the focus had shifted from efficiency to resiliency, for still others, there's been an epiphany on how behavioral changes that used to take weeks and months could be done in days.

CRN January 11, 2021

How chatbots are making us rethink customer experience in a Covid world

The ubiquitous availability of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have boosted the popularity of virtual assistant chatbots among consumers. With the COVID-19 pandemic, chatbots have received even more attention from organizations looking to engage their customers - and now even employees - online and foster better digital experiences.

ET HR World December 29, 2020

Settling into the New, Ever-Changing Way of Working

What will the world of work look like after this pandemic ends? That is the big question. While none of us knows for sure, what we do know is it won’t be the same as it was before. This pandemic has given us the perfect opportunity to challenge the ordinary and re-envision work in a completely different way.

TFiR December 28, 2020

4Ds of Software Development: 2021 Predictions By Progress Software

Yogesh Gupta, CEO of Progress Software shares his predictions for 2021

Maintainable December 28, 2020

Sudhir Reddy: Don't Be Afraid to Slash and Burn

Robby speaks with Sudhir Reddy, VP of Engineering at Chef / Progress. They discuss what Sudhir calls "legacy debt", some challenges of managing open source projects with over 500 Github repositories, and how Chef built cohesive governance and EOL programs for open source contributions. Sudhir also shares advice for developers who are looking for a way to begin introducing automated tests in environments where that's not yet considered a valuable practice by the team.

ClickZ December 23, 2020

CMS predictions: What to watch for in the year ahead

It occurs to me that there has never been a safer time to guess what the future holds. On the one hand, imagining the technologies we will utilize is relatively straightforward.

On the other, everything else—how and where we work, the economy, the pandemic, and all the rest—points to such an uncertain year, prognosticators can hardly be blamed for miscalculations. All reports should include this disclaimer: “Data was collected in 2020, please be kind.”

With that in mind, here are the topics and trends I expect we’ll be discussing in 2021.

BizTech December 22, 2020

SCP vs. SFTP: Which Is Better for Secure File Sharing?

The more distributed nature of work means that more files are getting transferred than ever. While the cloud is a popular avenue for this, some organizations have additional security concerns, and with a 40 percent increase in ransomware attacks this year, businesses want to make sure their files are protected.

Container Journal December 9, 2020

Quiet Please! Cloud-Native Development in Progress

The adoption of agile development practices and cloud-native architectures are changing the way organizations build and deliver applications. Applications are no longer written but assembled using a plethora of independent services and components that interact via APIs. The shift to reusable service-based architectures is simplifying development for sure but the downstream impact to supporting teams is not yet fully understood. For most organizations, the deployment of new services is happening so quickly that supporting operations and security teams have not yet had the time to see the long-term impact of these strategies nor develop best practices for managing.

DevOps.com November 30, 2020

Design Systems: Development Choices for Meeting User Expectations

Modern software development trends involve design systems and modernization, and if we drill down further, the trend within the trend is about creating better user experiences. This means improving usability, emerging technology and performance enhancements. This is easier said than done. What does it mean for developers?