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DigitalCFO Asia August 27, 2021

Walking A Mile in Customers' Shoes Through Experience Mapping

Stuck within the four walls of their own homes, many consumers shifted their attention to the internet—whether it was for remote working, entertainment, or making purchases—to while away the hours during the peak of the pandemic. COVID-19 and its ensuing lockdowns led to a surge of digitally-savvy customers who demand easy and effortless online transactions long after the pandemic subsides.

The New Stack August 26, 2021

Security Testing Must Be Part of Software Development Life Cycle

The DevOps world is acutely aware of the past struggles to integrate with security in the software development life cycle (SDLC). While the pros of uniting these all-too-siloed teams are very clear; the cons remain costly and continue to be a barrier to organizations marrying these functions together for good. Meaning? DevOps makes software deployment faster but, without proper controls, developers may also be unwittingly releasing security vulnerabilities more quickly as well.

Data Center Dynamics August 16, 2021

Edge computing challenges: All the above

In the simplest terms the “Edge” is referring to a computing device near the action. It is a physical device located in the field that is then attached to another local device like a server that aggregates data and then reports data for aggregation. Supporting hundreds to thousands of Edge devices that can be distributed across the globe poses unique challenges for organizations.

Analytic Steps August 15, 2021

Progress - Helping Businesses Grow Securely

The accelerated pace of digital transformation that the COVID-19 crisis brought about also brings with it several security challenges. Any company responsible for developing applications and software for businesses must contend with security challenges that the changing landscape brings, in addition to braving the difficulties of the pandemic.

MarTech Asia August 11, 2021

Why should businesses invest in the right digital experience platform based on a long-term vision?

APAC enterprises who are leaders in their local market are usually much more nimble, and their DXP approach is usually more composable. Going for a monolithic approach following the example of the other market would see them falling into the trap of getting overcharged for features they don’t need, in addition to the cost of customization.

CMSWire August 5, 2021

Why DesignOps Is Becoming Critical in the Enterprise

One of the major problems with software development is that there is a tendency for coders and implementers to forget about design and assume that it will be done afterwards. Like any project in any field, it is generally better to incorporate design considerations into the initial planning stages to achieve the best results.

eWeek August 4, 2021

IT System Design: Why Empathy is The Key To Digital Success

What comes to mind when you think of technology and digital? Maybe your mind wanders forward, and you become concerned about the impact of rogue or unbridled AI. Or maybe you are amazed by SpaceX and competing variants. Or you picture thousands of coders working for startups or digital giants creating the next amazing app or device.

Data & Storage Asean August 2, 2021

Finding the Right DXP Platform for Your Organisation Doesn’t Have to Include a Trade-Off

Digital transformation is offering organizations of every size the promise of a new way of doing business, delivering efficiency, cost-savings and the opportunity to enhance customer relations.

iTWire July 28, 2021

Progress updates Telerik Test Studio

Software development and deployment tool specialist Progress has announced a new verison of Progress Telerik Test Studio, its enterprise UI test automation platform.

Progress Telerik Test Studio R2 2021 is said to decreases app deployment time through new features and enhancements for easily identifying and fixing test failures.

Computerworld July 28, 2021

Progress Reduces Barriers to Fast and Stable Application Deployment with Telerik Test Studio

Progress announced the R2 2021 release of Progress Telerik Test Studio, the enterprise UI test automation platform. With this release, Progress decreases app deployment time through new features and enhancements for easily identifying and fixing test failures. Progress also introduced support for .NET 5, .NET Core and .NET 6 Preview to extend coverage of WPF application testing as well as flexible license management for enterprise customers.

Toolbox IT July 27, 2021

3 Tips for Intrusion Prevention With Managed File Transfer

Security is table stakes for any managed file transfer (MFT) solution, and it’s important for organizations to understand the different levels of security. Mark Towler, senior product marketing manager, Progress, delves into the different types of secure MFT solutions and provides the top tips for intrusion prevention.

Tech Wire Asia July 21, 2021

Tweaking the digital platform experience for personalization in SEA

For businesses around the world, building a great digital platform is essential. However, compared to other regions, the consumer culture in ASEAN is very much different.

retailbiz July 21, 2021

Progress introduces new digital marketing capabilities

Leading provider of products to develop, deploy and manage business apps, Progress, has released a SaaS analytics, personalization and optimization system, Progress Sitefinity Insight with new digital marketing capabilities designed to help marketers adapt and pivot in the ‘new norm’.

eWeek July 15, 2021

Understanding AIOps: History, Uses, and Future

To understand AIOps, it helps to consider one very weird thought: the technological systems that we humans have built have become too complex to be managed by mere humans.

Specifically, the IT operations that run businesses have galloped forward in complexity, leaving their human masters in semi-bewilderment.

ITWire July 14, 2021

Progress launches MOVEit Cloud in the UK and Australia

The Progress MOVEit Cloud, a cloud-based, managed file transfer (MFT) software, is now available via Microsoft Azure in Australia and the UK to assist businesses meet complex compliance and data protection regulation needs in those regions, Progress announces.

Business News This Week July 14, 2021

Progress Expands Women in STEM Scholarship in India, Applications Open for $2,000 Four-Year Renewable Grant

Progress announced the expansion of its Women in STEM scholarship series to India with the establishment of the “Progress Software Akanksha Scholarship for Women in STEM.”

ITWire July 12, 2021

Eight apps win The Worthy Web hackathon

Progress announces the winners of its global hackathon The Worthy Web, a six-week virtual competition which attracted 1,200 participants from 83 countries and garnered 52 submitted projects.

IT Brief July 12, 2021

The Worthy Web Hackathon - 1,200 developers, 83 countries, and $40,000 in prizes

Winners of The Worthy Web Hackathon announced. 1,200 developers, 83 countries, and $40,000 in prizes.

Technology company Progress has announced the winners of its global hackathon, The Worthy Web. The six-week virtual competition was attended by nearly 1,200 participants from 83 countries, with 52 projects submitted.

Telangana Today July 9, 2021

Progress announces winners of hackathon

A six-week virtual global hackathon called The Worthy Web announced its winners on Friday. The hackathon conducted by Nasdaq-listed Progress had attracted 1,200 participants from 83 countries who submitted 52 projects. Held across April 7 to May 24, the challenge gave developers a chance to build apps for humanity using Progress’ Telerik and Kendo UI developer tools and projects were accepted in nine categories and competed for total prize money of $40,000.

Enterprise IT World July 7, 2021

From DevOps to DevSecOps: challenges and benefits of integrating security into DevOps

IDC predicts that public cloud services spending in Asia Pacific will reach US$48.5 billion in 2021. This is not a surprise as cloud has proven to be a key driver of innovation in our increasingly digitized economy, and a core contributor to resilience in the context of the pandemic.