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IT Wire May 26, 2020

Progress-powered OpenEdge platform at 'core' of Revolution dealer management business

Global application development and digital experience technologies provider Progress has announced that its flagship application development platform OpenEdge is at the core of Revolution Software Services’ dealer management business that was recently acquired by Toyota Motor Corporation Australia.

CDO Trends May 25, 2020

We No Longer Take DXP for Granted

As the world shifts to digital mode to weather the ravages of the health pandemic, it is easy to see the rising role of digital experience (DXP).  

A recent Progress survey titled “Digital Experiences: Where the Industry Stands” notes that this is a shift that was already well underway before COVID-19. It also saw 93% agreeing that coordinating DXP and app development efforts can speed up digital transformation (DX) outcomes.

The Boston Globe May 18, 2020

Office Work Gets Green Light, But Many White-Collar Employers Will Still Stay Home

Governor Charlie Baker is allowing most offices across Massachusetts to start reopening
on May 25, while those in Boston will remain shuttered until June 1.

But the real opening date for many white-collar employers, the day when companies call
workers back? It’s much later than that.

In fact, hundreds of thousands of office workers will stay home for weeks, if not months,
to come.

MarTech Series May 18, 2020

Progress Sitefinity 13 Enables Seamless Digital Experience Delivery to Support Business Continuity

Progress announced the release of Progress Sitefinity 13 Digital Experience Platform. With this release, Progress introduces powerful capabilities for creating personalized digital experiences based on cognitive and data-driven insights. It also enables marketing and IT teams to be more productive, accelerating digital transformation efforts and boosting operational efficiency.

Forbes May 7, 2020

Software’s New ‘eXperience Factor’, From Developers To Businesspeople

Experience matters, it always has. We used to use the term to principally describe an individual’s competency in a particular skillset or craft. But, in these post-millennial years, we more normally use it as a measure of a person (or group’s) feelings, emotive reactions and pleasure when using a product or service - and these days, that product or service is often a piece of software.

SD Times May 6, 2020

Progress OpenEdge 12.2, CloudBees’ on-prem feature flagging, and Applause Functional Testing

Progress OpenEdge 12.2 delivers new capabilities that address the demand for continuous operations such as immediate auto recovery and improved performance and availability monitoring through new DevOps tooling. 

DBTA May 6, 2020

Progress Announces New OpenEdge Release with Developer Productivity, Security, and Performance Enhancements

Progress, a provider of application development and digital experience technologies, has introduced Progress OpenEdge 12.2. With a strong focus on supporting modern applications for a cloud-first and hybrid world, the latest release of Progress OpenEdge delivers new capabilities that address the demand for continuous operations, making great strides toward the need for the highest levels of availability and the need to maintain uptime SLAs for improved customer experience. Additionally, the new release includes immediate auto recovery to get systems up and running within seconds and improved performance and availability monitoring through new DevOps tooling.

CMS Connected May 4, 2020

Gartner Magic Quadrant Shelves WCM in 2020: Vendors Discuss the Future

At its core, a web content management (WCM) platform remains the foundation that enables users to post content on a website while requiring little to no knowledge of programming code. The industry has transformed significantly over the last decade. Digital teams have gotten savvier with mobile responsiveness, personalization, globalization, ecommerce, and digital marketing technology. Still, the primary need for business users and web administrators to organize and deploy content without having to hire an outside digital agency or task their internal IT department has not changed.

Authority Magazine April 30, 2020

How Sara Faatz of Progress tackles the extreme work life balance of being a woman in STEM during COVID-19

In times of crisis, people rally together. We have seen it multiple times throughout history. When we come together as a global community — when we do our part to be good global citizens and shelter in place — we see that we can flatten the curve.

DiversityQ April 30, 2020

Actionable ways companies can proactively empower their female workforce

Katie Kulikoski of Progress discusses how companies can better empower their female workforce, the importance of female leadership in career development, and how we can best support younger generations to pursue careers in STEM. 

Database Trends and Applications April 24, 2020

After the Pandemic: IT Leaders Discuss What Will Change

Business and IT have, in the past, used times of crisis to adapt and transform themselves for the better. While the COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably had a devastating effect on business, and life itself, it will also be a catalyst for change, compelling organizations to rethink their long-term operations and spending, amidst the short-term crisis brought on by the health emergency.

Boston Business Journal April 21, 2020

Here are Mass. companies that are hiring during the pandemic

While some Massachusetts businesses across the state are resorting to layoffs and furloughs, other companies are expanding their rosters. The Business Journal reached out to local recruiters, business leaders and venture capital firms to learn who's hiring in Massachusetts. Here's what we found, sorted by job types.

The Boston Globe April 21, 2020

One-Third of Tech CEOs Continue Hiring Amid Pandemic

Poll shows top software executives are divided about when to expect a

Yogesh Gupta at Progress Software isn’t waiting around. The company hired new employees in HR and communications during the last two weeks, filling open positions, and someone in the M&A team, a new role — all after interviews via videoconference. Progress has kept all 1,600 employees during this time, he said, including its 500 in Massachusetts. He thinks the economy might not start to recover until the end of 2020 or in 2021. But when it does, he wants to be ready.

Security Boulevard April 17, 2020

Cybersecurity for Remote Working: Is Your Business Ready?

The latest news on lockdowns and travel bans around the world may appear drastic for some, but the reality is that all companies need to get comfortable with their employees working from home. Remote working is our new normal.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that there will be times that businesses need to make sure employees can work from home securely and efficiently. IT teams need to ensure that employees have the same tools and services available to them that they would have if they were in the office.

TechNorms April 8, 2020

Home Windows Top 20 Bandwidth Monitor Software for Windows 10 To Monitor Traffic

If you’re using an internet connection that does not give you unlimited access, keeping an eye on your bandwidth usage becomes necessary. If you exceed your network bandwidth limit, you will be charged extra by your Internet Service Provider. However, if you wish to avoid doing so, you should use a bandwidth monitor to gauge the inbound and outbound traffic.

Forbes March 11, 2020

What Is An Advanced Cloud?

Not all computing clouds are created equal. To be clear, there is no actual cloud in cloud computing. As we have said before, the cloud gets its name from the curly cartoon circle that network engineers have always used to represent ‘clouds’ of connected network resources.

BizReport March 10, 2020

Expert: Why Businesses Should Lower Walls Between Marketing, IT

In many businesses the marketing departments and IT departments are completely separated, and in some cases there is no communications between the two silos. But, according to one expert, this is something that needs to change for businesses in the 21st century to thrive. Here's why.

Tech Republic March 6, 2020

8 tips for success as a female developer

Developers are in high demand within the tech industry, however, women only make up 11% of the developer workforce, according to a Pearson Frank survey. Despite some improvements, developer job positions have some of the largest gender pay gaps, a topic that is even more critical to highlight with International Women's Day on March 8. 

DevOps.com March 5, 2020

The Role of Soft Skills in Building Strong DevOps Leads

The benefits of microservices over monolithic architectures are undeniable, but they don’t always come to fruition. Deven Phillips, a senior consulting engineer at Red Hat, explained while microservices accelerate delivery speeds, improve quality and reduce costs, it doesn’t happen instantly and it doesn’t provide a clear path to those results. 

SD Times February 28, 2020

Communication Between Services Key to Realizing Benefits

The benefits of microservices over monolithic architectures are undeniable, but they don’t always come to fruition. Deven Phillips, a senior consulting engineer at Red Hat, explained while microservices accelerate delivery speeds, improve quality and reduce costs, it doesn’t happen instantly and it doesn’t provide a clear path to those results.