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Boston Business Journal

Why Progress has pivoted to take giants like GE and PTC

April 20, 2017

Boston Business Journal October 22, 2014

Progress Software to buy app development tool maker Telerik for $263M

Progress acquires Telerik to help developers create data-driven applications for any device and cloud.

SD Times October 22, 2014

Progress Software to acquire Telerik for $262.5 million

Karen Tegan Padir of Progress explains the driving factors behind the acquisition of Telerik.

Computer Dealer World October 14, 2014

How One Company Controls its Code

How FDM4 is using Progress technology to develop applications quickly to meet constantly changing requirements.

ComputerWorld Singapore October 13, 2014

We acquired BravePoint to solve our biggest problem

Progress explains newest acquisition of BravePoint was to bring IT services support to customers and partners.

iTWire October 10, 2014

30 years on, Supercorp is still making Progress

Australian partner Supercorp has been working with Progress for its entire existence and the company continues to receive support to bring them into the next age of application development.

iTWire October 10, 2014

Linx keeps Progress systems alive

Progress partner Linx is quickly becoming the largest consulting services company based in Australia.

ComputerWorld Singapore October 10, 2014

Jones Bootmaker retail group props up digital transformation with Progress’

Progress applications fuel digital retail business.

iTWire October 10, 2014

Progress makes progress with new code

John Goodson explains how Progress’ developers have written more new code in the last year than in the previous five and how Progress has had a very productive year.

iTWire October 10, 2014

'Citizen developer' is a reality with Progress

Progress makes it possible for the business specialist to develop software to meet a specific market need without ever having to involve IT.

iTWire October 10, 2014

Data Direct links SaaS and on-premises data

DataDirect and DataDirect Cloud solve two key problems facing IT.

Lens 360 October 9, 2014

Progress Exchange 2014: Disruption Fuels Continued Relevance

A view of Progress Exchange 2014 and how Progress is working to help partners and customers stay relevant in the market.

ComputerWorld Singapore October 9, 2014

Progress: We’ll continue to ‘pour millions’ into core OpenEdge ERP

Progress emphasizes importance of investing in OpenEdge technology at Progress Exchange 2014.

ComputerWorld UK October 9, 2014

We acquired BravePoint to solve our biggest problem

Progress works to expand services offerings with the acquisition of BravePoint.

Datacentre Solutions October 8, 2014

Progress predicts an end to the “Application Ice Age” in 2015

Progress announces 2015 predictions at Progress Exchange 2014.

Computerworld UK October 8, 2014

Progress: We’ll continue to ‘pour millions’ into core OpenEdge ERP

Phil Pead puts emphasis on the importance of investing in core OpenEdge software at Progress Exchange 2014.

Computer Dealer News October 8, 2014

Progress Software urges partners to ‘modernize’

In his Progress Exchange 2014 keynote, Phil Pead emphasized the importance of bringing current applications to the forefront of innovation in the market.