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Progress Teaches Chatbots To 'Talk'

March 20, 2018

Database Trends and Applications July 7, 2015

VoltDB Uses Progress DataDirect to Improve Customer Access to Fast-Moving Data

VoltDB has selected the Progress DataDirect OpenAccess SDK to increase access to business intelligence tools that allow VoltDB customers to visualize and access fast-moving data.

IT Business Edge July 3, 2015

The Importance of Integration

Integration has traditionally been a step in a bigger project, but we’re past that time. Now is the time to be more sophisticated about data, data governance, data quality and integration. That means really talking about data in a strategic way. A data deluge is coming, and now is the time to decide how to handle it.

Fortune June 30, 2015

What I think about when I think about failing

MPW Insider is an online community where the biggest names in business and beyond answer timely career and leadership questions. Today’s answer for: Why is it important for women to take risks in business? is written by Colleen Smith, vice president of SaaS and Cloud at Progress.

CMSWire June 29, 2015

Your Data Driven Marketing Fitness Regime

Have you ever thought: “I’m going on a diet after New Year's” or “I have to get in shape”? Meeting someone who is perfectly happy with their body is like meeting someone who is perfectly happy with their marketing: it never happens.

ComputerWorld June 24, 2015

How the rise of the 'citizen developer' is driving an internal app revolution

Citizen developers have been changing the application development game for several years now with an ever growing community. This tune is being sung all across the globe and is not a new revelation. What is interesting here is the emphasis on the importance of application development within organizations and how these end-user developers are empowered for quick development to meet this demand for applications.

CBR June 19, 2015

10 trends shaping the London tech scene

CBR spoke to some of the experts attending LDNTechWeek about what trends are affecting the sector and what to expect in the future.

eWeek June 18, 2015

Internet of Things Developers Making Their Money Back

Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of Internet of Things (IoT) apps in production today are generating real revenue, according to a global survey of 675 application developers by Harbor Research and Progress Software.

TechRepublic June 17, 2015

Cut big data blending time from several months to several hours

Data analysts are being tasked with determining data "blends." Progress Software's Easyl simplifies this process with its self-service approach to data prep.

Forbes June 17, 2015

SAP Bids To Connect 'Inner Core' Of Business To Internet Of Things

German software company SAP has updated its principal product SAP HANA with new capabilities including extensions to connect to the Internet of Things and manage the big data resulting from it.

Comms Business June 17, 2015

65% of IoT Apps are Generating Revenues

Progress has announced the results of its latest industry survey, in conjunction with Harbor Research. Initial findings show an impressive 65 percent of Internet of Things (IoT) apps in production today are generating real revenue.

Information Age June 17, 2015

Two-thirds of Internet of Things apps make money – research

Security, privacy and data management hold back the monetisation of IoT apps, but developers says 80% will generate revenue by 2018.

Info-Security Magazine June 17, 2015

Developers: Security and Privacy Are Our Biggest IoT Challenges

Privacy and security are the two biggest challenges to monetizing internet of things (IoT) applications, according to a new global survey of developers, which claims that many feel they don’t have the skills or resources to deliver on expectations.

DBTA June 16, 2015

Progress Software and Logi Analytics Create Business Intelligence Tool

Progress Software and Logi Analytics have announced the release of Progress OpenEdge Analytics 360, a new custom BI tool to help OpenEdge users discover value in their operational data.

ComputerWorld Singapore June 10, 2015

Building the business with web application development: Jerry Rulli, Progress

In this Q&A interview, Jerry Rulli, President of OpenEdge Business Unit at Progress, talks about his general insights on the web application development market in the region, including security issues and future trends.

Application Development Trends June 9, 2015

Corticon Java/.NET Business Rules Management System Updated

Progress Software Corp. released the latest version of its Corticon business rules management system (BRMS). Dubbed the "Corticon Rules Without Limits System," version 5.5 of the BRMS supports the development of business rules for deployment on both Java and Microsoft .NET Framework platforms.

Digital Marketing Magazine June 8, 2015

Marketers: Know Thy Customers—Even the Anonymous Ones

Customers are savvy. Digitally savvy, meaning that the purchasing journey is changing. When buying new products they want to make informed, fact based decisions and there are a multitude of channels delivering unbiased reviews. June 8, 2015

I Dare You: Don’t Buy

Conversations are swirling in marketing circles about the radical changes in customer buying behaviors. “Marketers have been set back on their heels,” we hear. “Customers are driving now, not us.” But is this really the case?

CIO June 8, 2015

Progress brings Logi Analytics to its enterprise customers

With the help of Logi Analytics, Progress Software has embedded business intelligence capabilities into its integrated stack of enterprise software, providing its customers with another way to wrangle more useful knowledge from their business data.