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The Boston Globe June 22, 2021

Almost 40 percent of remote workers in Mass. won't be back in the office until January, at the earliest

Returning to the office is taking longer than many people initially imagined, and the number of colleagues who come in every day will likely be changed for good.

That’s the word from the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership’s latest survey, conducted this spring and made public on Tuesday, of what office life will look like after the COVID-19 pandemic recedes. The business group’s survey covers some 113,500 employees in the state, working for 110 companies in various industries, primarily east of Interstate 495.

Destination CRM June 22, 2021

Progress Updates Sitefinity Insight

Progress has added digital marketing capabilities in the latest release of Progress Sitefinity Insight, a cloud-based analytics, personalization, and optimization system, and enhanced the Progress Sitefinity Cloud platform for managing digital experience and improving operational efficiency.

The Wall Street Journal June 17, 2021

Juneteenth Moves Closer to Federal Holiday Status

The House voted 415-14 to make June 19, or Juneteenth, a national holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the U.S., the first new federal holiday created by Congress in nearly four decades.

Cheers broke out across the House chamber late Wednesday, as Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D., Texas), the bill’s sponsor, read the final vote tally. The Senate unanimously passed the bill Tuesday, and President Biden will sign the bill into law on Thursday afternoon, according to his schedule.

FORTUNE June 16, 2021

Why network monitoring is the key to future-proofing today’s businesses

In 2020, millions of people abruptly transitioned to working from home to help mitigate the transmission of COVID-19. Seemingly overnight, remote setups were implemented across industries to keep employees safe. But this rapid transformation put the company networks those remote employees were accessing at high risk. With increased vulnerability, new security threats have grown both more common and more cunning, making it increasingly important for businesses to adopt new ways to optimize network monitoring, in order to keep their infrastructures safe.

CMSConnected June 11, 2021

What is the Best Digital Experience Platform for your Organization?

A digital experience platform (DXP) simplifies many business and technical challenges, both tactical and strategic so that companies can operate more effectively through digital. That directly translates into streamlined internal processes, better employee productivity, cost-savings, and a quicker, higher return on investment. 

With all these benefits ripe for the taking, you’d think many organizations would be jumping at the opportunity to implement a DXP. But for many organizations that are still growing in their digital maturity, it isn’t that easy. 

Based on a survey conducted by Progress and Pulse, only 12% of marketing and IT decision-makers have landed on a DXP that meets their organization’s specific needs. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that the wealth of different features may actually make the choice harder—35% of organizations have not implemented a DXP because the solutions available on the market offer capabilities they may not even use, and they don’t want to overpay.

MarTech Asia June 9, 2021

Top 3 personalization pitfalls to overcome to elevate customer experience

The pandemic has driven businesses to focus on improving the customer journey by leveraging digital experience platforms. With this shift towards online platforms, personalization has become a factor in delivering experiences that speak to the customers themselves. Modern companies are now realizing that marketing tactics that interrupt the customer experience do not help the brand. Instead, they need to understand and uncover what the people are interested in to be able to deliver their message effectively.

ITWire June 1, 2021

Tighter data regulations mean we need to run tighter, embedded data protection programs

Guest Opinion: Six years ago, GDPR made its appearance on the international data protection scene. Since then, the global and local regulatory landscapes around data protection and cybersecurity have greatly expanded.

TechRound May 26, 2021

Interview with Phil Dunlop, General Manager, EMEA, of Progress

The value of agility and flexibility have never been more apparent than they were over the past year. When the coronavirus pandemic changed the rules on how many organizations operate, businesses had to take matters into their own hands in response.

CNET May 20, 2021

COVID-19 showed digital accessibility is critical. Advocates don't want you to forget

Over the past year, Jennison Asuncion has seen apps like Zoom, a lifeline during the pandemic, expand accessibility features like automatic closed captioning. Messaging app Slack, another critical communications tool, has also become more compatible with his screen reader, which speaks aloud what's on his phone or computer. Now Asuncion, who is blind, can more easily access his messages.

SearchSoftwareQuality May 13, 2021

CI/CD pipelines explained: Everything you need to know

Speed is the key to modern software development. The monolithic all-or-nothing paradigm of traditional waterfall software development has largely been replaced by rapid iterative techniques that support development and release. These techniques go by several names, including continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment.

SD Times May 13, 2021

SD Times news digest: Kendo UI’s latest release

Progress announced the new release of Kendo UI R2 2021, which introduces Kendo UI for Angular, jQuery and Vue as well as  KendoReact.

Kendo UI for Angular delivers new components such as BottomNavigation, MultiSelectTree, Skeleton and Circular Gauge to enhance users’ interaction with the app, data visualization and performance. 

ITWire May 13, 2021

Progress MOVEit safely transfers data, allows collaboration and improves scalability

The global pandemic has ushered hybrid work models where people move between remote and on-site work. Progress introduces Progress MOVEit 2021 to help businesses adjust to the hybrid workforce and to safeguard their data.

ZDNet May 4, 2021

Best network monitoring tool in 2021: Top expert picks

When you manage a large network, nothing is worse than servers that fail. Well, that's not completely true. Nothing is worse than servers that fail -- and you don't know they've failed. Hmm... even that's not completely true. Nothing is worse than servers that fail, and once you find out they've failed, you can't figure out why. That's a formula for a very unpleasant day.

eWeek May 4, 2021

The Future of Enterprise IT Post Covid-19

If we allow ourselves to be optimistic, we can see it on the distant horizon: the end of Covid-19 is in sight. Given the stunning changes wrought by Covid – including the rise of remote work and the acceleration in cloud and data analytics – the dawn on this new era raises major questions for business technology.

App Developer Magazine May 4, 2021

Compliance automation will take center stage this year

Compliance automation uses artificial intelligence features and technology to make compliance procedures easier - according to most sources on the web, about the meaning of compliance automation. 

Progress Software CEO Yogesh Gupta says with smart companies turning to a compliance-as-code approach to keep infrastructure, apps, and end-user devices secure and compliant, we will see compliance automation topping the tech priority list this year. We sat down with Yogesh to explore more about compliance automation.

The Boston Globe May 4, 2021

Local Indian executives rally to send badly needed medical equipment to COVID-ravaged country"

Ramarajan, an emergency room physician and health-tech entrepreneur in Cambridge saw firsthand how the equipment — which increases the oxygen level in room air and feeds it to patients through tubes attached to their nostrils — saved lives during the second wave in Los Angeles, where he trained and has on occasion returned to help. The concentrators, which can be used at home, allow hospitals to free up beds for the sickest patients.

BizTech April 30, 2021

What Is DevOps, and How Can It Work for You?

In the IT space, the buzzwords can be overwhelming — the acronyms, the shorthand, the metaphors. And making sense of those terms can feel dicey.

But sometimes, one of those buzzwords breaks through in a tangible way to become a defining element in the process of managing your technology.

That’s one way to describe DevOps, a philosophy of continuous development that has become ingrained in the way many technology-focused organizations work. And it could make your organization work better too.

ZDNet April 29, 2021

Data center automation: 10 vendors you should know

The new data center that is evolving doesn't look like the centers we had come to know in years past. The racks of servers and storage disks may be greatly reduced, or absent altogether, displaced by the cloud. Likewise, the site of staff members moving about -- checking cabling, components, and temperatures -- may also be a thing of the past. The new data center may be a federation of smaller, edge data centers, or simply an administrator sitting at a desk with a laptop or even a mobile phone. The new data center blend seamlessly with the network.

Dev Class April 29, 2021

Chef cooks up Policy as Code with Infra Client 17 release

Chef Infra Client 17 is out, bringing increased platform coverage, better cloud support, and improvements to the Chef Infra language.

Boston Business Journal April 29, 2021

Largest Software Development Firms in Massachusetts

Progress has been ranked #13 in the Boston Business Journal’s annual ranking of the largest software development companies in Massachusetts.