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HR Daily Advisor December 8, 2022

Faces of HR: Dr. Shirley Knowles on the Importance of Listening, Valuing Talent & Taking Action

Progress isn’t only the company’s name, it’s what the company wants to achieve. The same rings true for Dr. Knowles in the field of diversity and inclusion. In her role, and the first Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer hired by Progress, she works directly with Progress’ executive leadership team and Board of Directors, serves as chair of the employee-led Inclusion and Diversity Committee, and works closely with Progress’ employee resource groups (ERGs) to develop strategies, initiatives and practices that support and advance a respectful, equitable and inclusive workplace for all employees.

Spiceworks December 7, 2022

Inclusion & Diversity Predictions for 2023 and Beyond

Shirley Knowles, Chief I&D Officer, Progress, discusses the evolving state of Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) today, such as talent issues – like representation and pay equity and how there’s new pressure from customers and investors alike for organizations to take a stand, move the needle, and show up for inclusion in meaningful, authentic, and measurable ways. 


DevOps.com December 5, 2022

Survey Surfaces Raft of DevSecOps Cultural and Technical Challenges

A global survey of 606 IT, security, application development and DevOps decision-makers found that the biggest barrier to adoption of DevSecOps best practices is cultural rather than technical. However, the survey, which polled organizations with more than 500 employees and was conducted by Progress, also found only 16% of respondents planned to prioritize addressing those cultural issues in the next 12 to 18 months.

Cyber Protection Magazine November 30, 2022

Computer Security Day: How to tackle ever advancing cyber threats

When Computer Security Day was started in 1988, few could have imagined just how vital cybersecurity would become. As technology has advanced, cyber crime has evolved right alongside it, and now costs the UK economy around £27 billion each year.


Network Computing November 25, 2022

How Cloud Computing Adoption Has Accelerated in the Remote Work Era

Our personal and professional lives are fundamentally shaped by technology, and there is, to a growing extent, an increased reliance on cloud computing for remote work today.

Authority Magazine November 24, 2022

Prashanth Nanjundappa of Progress On Becoming Free From The Fear Of Failure

Talk about failures. They are a great source of valuable learnings. If you had one successful launch and three other projects that never saw the light of day, talk about all four. Because if you don’t, that will persist the cultural narrative that we should only go after success, not growth.


ZD Net November 23, 2022

DevOps is hot but most IT pros say practices need improvement

To advance in a technology-focused career, it's important to embrace the practice of DevOps, which take collaboration and automation to a whole new level. However, despite years of work and yes, hype, most DevOps practitioners are not happy with the state of DevOps within their organizations.


DevOps.com November 21, 2022

Culture a Stumbling Block to DevOps, DevSecOps

Organizations are struggling to improve DevSecOps practices as they confront a lack of cultural alignment and investment, according to a global Progress survey of more than 600 IT, security, application development and DevOps decision-makers.

Many companies are behind in achieving their DevOps and DevSecOps goals, with 73% of organizations saying they could be doing more.


Beta News November 17, 2022

Culture is the biggest barrier to DevOps and DevSecOps success

New research from Progress reveals that 73 percent of IT decision makers admit more could be done to improve their DevSecOps practices, with many organizations behind in their goals.


Intelligent CIO November 16, 2022

Progress survey reveals roadblocks to DevSecOps success in Australia

Progress, a trusted provider of application development and infrastructure software, has announced the results of its 2022 survey, DevSecOps: Simplifying Complexity in a Changing World.

More than 600 IT, security, application development and DevOps decision makers, working for 500+-employee organizations globally, including in Australia, shared insights into the level of DevSecOps maturity and challenges faced across their organizations.

Tech Collective SEA November 16, 2022

How IT teams can prepare for the tech challenges of 2023

For engineers, delivery of the all-digital experience is often the name of the game. In 2023, capitalizing on tech innovation to optimize manpower and instill trust in people-centric experiences is what’s going to make or break an organization.


Digitalisation World November 16, 2022

Survey focuses on DevSecOps evolution

Progress has published the results of its 2022 survey, “DevSecOps: Simplifying Complexity in a Changing World.” More than 600 IT, security, application development and DevOps decision makers globally shared insights into the level of DevSecOps maturity and challenges faced across their organizations.

Boston Business Journal November 15, 2022

Here are the largest companies with a 'critical mass' of women leaders

Since 2003, The Boston Club has been tracking the number of women in leadership positions at Massachusetts' largest companies. 

The organization publishes a report each year that tracks the number of women serving as board directors and executive officers at the 100 largest Massachusetts public companies based on net revenues. Compiled in partnership with Bentley University, using the Business Journal's list of the state's 100 largest public companies, this information is pulled from filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission. 


Virtualization Review November 14, 2022

15 Years in, DevSecOps Lags, with Organizational 'Culture' to Blame

Some 15 years after becoming a thing, DevSecOps is lagging in the enterprise, primarily held back by organizational culture.

That's a main takeaway from a new survey-based research study from Progress, a company known for its developer tooling which became a major DevSecOps player with the 2020 acquisition of Chef.


TFIR November 14, 2022

Organizations Admit More Could Be Done To Improve DevSecOps Practices: Survey

According to the latest survey by Progress “DevSecOps: Simplifying Complexity in a Changing World”, many companies are behind in achieving their DevOps and DevSecOps goals: 73% of organizations said they could be doing more, 76% acknowledge they need to be more strategic about how they manage DevSecOps, and 17% still consider themselves at an exploratory and proof-of-concept stage.


TLNT November 14, 2022

Building an inclusive workplace for neurodivergent employees

Last month saw employers up and down the country observe the annual National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) – a celebration of the positive contribution that America’s workers with disabilities make, both past, present and (hopefully), future.


Boston Business Journal November 9, 2022

How should chief legal officers approach ESG?

With the heightened regulatory and investor focus on Environmental, Social and Governance disclosure, ESG might seem like an unrelenting wave. However, peel away the acronyms and it is really just a new way of capturing concepts that have been around for a long time.


Mobile November 5, 2022

How multi-cloud load balancing can optimize applications

Phil Dunlop, VP EMEA Strategy at Progress, outlines the benefits that can be unlocked by utilizing a load balancing solution.


SecurityBrief Australia November 3, 2022

Reducing growing security costs without compromising compliance

The pandemic has forced critical infrastructure and essential service industries to digitise and move to the cloud. It has also driven digital-reliant organisations to be increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

While many companies have already bolstered their cyber protection investments, pressures to increase security levels and compliance keep on growing.

Cyber Magazine November 2, 2022

Security considerations in a cloud-native world

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve at pace and with many organisations moving to the cloud, IT security pros face ever bigger challenges. It’s reported that 65-70% of all security challenges in the cloud arise from common cloud misconfigurations - glitches, gaps or errors that can expose an environment to cyber threats. This is often a result of  a company’s rapid move to the cloud, foregoing adequate planning that can leave areas of the tech environment open to attack.