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What to expect from Progress DevReach 2023

August 7, 2023

The New Stack June 9, 2022

Chef Extends Security and Compliance Across Hybrid Cloud

The launch of Progress’ Chef Cloud Security represents a major Progress security platform release since Progress acquired Chef in 2020. With the Chef platform under the Chef product umbrella, organizations can take advantage of extended DevSecOps capabilities with compliance support across on-premises and multicloud environments. 

Intelligent CISO June 7, 2022

2022’s updated network security threats and five steps to optimize IT infrastructure monitoring

Richard Barretto, CISO, Progress, provides us with an updated list of IT infrastructure security threats and worries technology and business leaders should watch out for in the rest of 2022, as well as specific steps they should take to optimize their network monitoring safety.

SHRM June 7, 2022

Will Remote Work Undermine Diversity Efforts?

Many women and people of color prefer working from home. But at what cost?

Martech Series May 26, 2022

Progress Announces Winners of the 2022 Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards

Progress announced the winners of the 2022 Progress Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards. For more than a decade, these awards have recognized partners and customers for the exceptional digital experiences they deliver to their customers and end users. The contest was open for all Sitefinity platform deployments that were launched or significantly upgraded in the past year.

Cyber Protection Magazine May 25, 2022

GDPR and the Future of Data Regulation

The 25th May marks four years since the introduction of GDPR – the landmark law which governs the way organizations operating within the EU can use, process and store consumers’ personal data. In this time, hefty GDPR fines have ensured that non-compliance is a costly mistake for both large and small businesses, with high-profile cases against the likes of British Airways, Marriott Hotels and Amazon dominating headlines.

Forbes May 23, 2022

The ‘As-Code’ Automated Enterprise, Progress Serves Up Chef

Software has ingredients. Predominantly consisting of software code at the most fundamental level, software applications and their elemental constituent parts are created by bringing together ingredient parts, often according to a specific recipe (or at least via some form of guiding cooking instructions) with additional nuances of functional spice that go towards deciding whether or not users will find the resulting product palatable.

Cyber Protection Magazine May 23, 2022

WannaCry: Ransomware defense, five years on

In 2017 the largest ransomware attack in history – WannaCry – swept across the globe, infecting a quarter million machines in more than 150 countries. In the UK, the NHS was hit particularly hard, with a third of trusts impacted, 19,000 appointments cancelled, and a total cost of £190 million.

eweek May 20, 2022

CX in 2022: From Jargon to Journey Mapping, What are the Major Trends?

We’ve heard the predictions for CX and UX for this year, but how these are playing out in reality matters more so that organizations keep a competitive edge.

This year, in digital experience platform (DXP) and DevOps environments, we’re already seeing some major trends and changes, from security and usability to skill sets and language, which will all provide a huge advantage for developers, customers and organizations.

HelpNetSecurity May 12, 2022

Progress Chef Cloud Security improves security and compliance outcomes for customers

Progress released Progress Chef Cloud Security, extending DevSecOps with compliance support for native cloud assets and enabling end-to-end management of all on premise, cloud and native cloud resources.

DevOps.com May 12, 2022

Progress Expands Scope of Compliance-as-Code Capabilities

Progress this week extended its DevSecOps portfolio—built atop the Chef automation framework it acquired in 2020—to now include the ability to programmatically address compliance mandates.

At the same time, Progress has updated the Progress Chef InSpec framework for automating the discovery of compliance issues to add support for SAP ASE, IBM DB2, Mongo, Cassandra, Oracle, MS SQL platforms along with RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu and macOS Monterey.

CSO Online May 11, 2022

Progress launches Chef Cloud Security to extend DevSecOps to cloud-native assets

Infrastructure software provider Progress has announced the launch of Progress Chef Cloud Security to extend DevSecOps with compliance support for native cloud assets, enabling end-to-end management of on premise, cloud, and native cloud resources. In a press release, the company stated that the offering is complemented by new capabilities across the Chef portfolio targeting DevOps success in enterprise deployments to deliver a unified and scalable platform that accelerates the delivery of secure and compliant application releases in mixed computing environments.

iTWire May 11, 2022

Progress Chef Cloud Security applies DevSecOps to cloud-native assets

Infrastructure software provider Progress has released Progress Chef Cloud Security, which provides DevSecOps teams with end-to-end management of all on premise, cloud and native cloud resources, as well as helping keep native cloud assets in compliance with policies.

DevOps Digest May 11, 2022

Progress Telerik and Kendo UI Updated

Progress announced a series of updates in Progress Telerik and Progress Kendo UI.

With these releases, Progress now delivers nearly 100 UI components for Blazor, the most comprehensive library of UI components for .NET MAUI and advanced features that transform the developer experience and enhance productivity across the range of .NET and JavaScript frameworks.

TechBeacon May 5, 2022

Building secure and compliant cloud-first infrastructure

Minimizing risk doesn't have to mean compromising velocity and agility. The DevSecOps approach introduces security and compliance practices at every phase in the software development lifecycle, allowing development, security, and operations teams to collaborate more effectively.

Cyber Protection Magazine May 5, 2022

Password, qwerty, 123456: Leaving bad habits behind on World Password Day

Isn’t it ironic that in 2022, we’re still using one of the most broken systems for authentication ever? Even Julius Caesar hated passwords and preferred his own cipher to communicate instead. However, within organizations of all sizes, passwords remain commonplace.

Business Reporter May 5, 2022

World Password Day 2022: Contending with the evolving threat landscape

World Password Day serves as a crucial reminder that as technology advances, so does the relentlessness and sophistication of threat actors, ransomware and cyber attacks. Indeed, with malicious actors constantly honing their craft and cyber-security incidents on the rise, the length, variety and frequency with which we update our passwords must progress at the same pace.

FE News April 27, 2022

Backup 101: How can organizations protect data in the digital age

As our reliance on technology continues to grow so should our awareness of the importance of backing up our data. 

DevOps Digest April 25, 2022

Why Developers Need to Incorporate Mobile Accessibility Into Design

It's 2022 and a larger segment of any modern app's user base comes from mobile form factors. It's no longer enough that developers create apps that are simply functional and visually appealing — they need to be accessible as well.

DiversityQ April 21, 2022

Mind the Career Gap: Supporting Women in Technology

The number of women represented in the UK technology sector remains a minority – just 30% in 2021. The stats are even less encouraging when it comes to leadership roles, where women make up just 10%. If these numbers are to change, businesses need to be making real change. There has been a huge focus in the industry on supporting young women and girls looking to break in, but more work must be done to support the women already there.

JAXenter April 14, 2022

Making DevSecOps an automated reality

It’s no secret that DevSecOps with its speedy delivery and reduction in risk can accelerate the pace of digital transformation. In this article, Michelle Sebek, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Progress discusses the role of DevSecOps in digital transformation and policy-based DevSecOps automation architecture.