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DZone December 22, 2017

2018 AI/ML Predictions

Given how fast technology is changing, we thought it would be interesting to ask IT executives to share their thoughts on the biggest surprises in 2017 and their predictions for 2018. Features Dmitri Tcherevik, CTO, Progress.

InformationWeek December 19, 2017

Ch-Ch-Changes: Software Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

It is often the role of executives like CIOs and CTOs to keep their fingers on the pulse if they want their companies to maintain a competitive foothold within respective industries. In order to keep up with said change, it’s important to look at the trends and mind shifts that are expected to make the biggest impact in the year ahead.

DZone December 19, 2017

2017 Surprises and 2018 Predictions for Agile

Given how fast technology is changing, we thought it would be interesting to ask IT executives to share their thoughts on the biggest surprises in 2017 and their predictions for 2018. Features Dmitri Tcherevik, CTO, Progress

mHealthWatch December 15, 2017

First Look: Progress Releases Progress Health Cloud Built on a HIPAA-Compliant Platform

Progress, a leading provider of application development and deployment technologies, recently announced the availability of Progress Health Cloud, the first and only enterprise health cloud that fully integrates industry leading frontend, backend and data connectivity technologies into a serverless and HIPAA-compliant platform for quickly creating apps to drive patient engagement and better healthcare outcomes.

Forbes December 14, 2017

The 7 Personality Types Needed For The Internet of Things

If the IoT itself is now a 'thing', logically we are going to need project managers, software developers and electronics engineers to invent it and build it. So then, what characteristics, skillsets and personality traits should the IoT builders and developers exhibit?

Forbes December 14, 2017

A Marketing Team's Success Is Only As Good As The Company's Supply Chain Management Process

As a marketer, you most likely think that the supply chain management process has nothing to do with you. You just hope that what they do doesn’t create a marketing nightmare for your team. However, an issue in the supply chain can sometimes turn into a PR catastrophe.

ChannelLife Australia December 14, 2017

5 predictions for 2018 from channel insiders

Next-gen hardware is sure to make waves throughout the channel in 2018 and being ready to help partners and enterprise merge it effectively into their current systems will certainly pay off.

Computerworld Australia December 14, 2017

Building and training self-learning chatbots: Developers, you can drive the chatbot revolution

Chatbots are certainly one of the most interesting areas of development in the artificial intelligence (AI) and automation space. The progress made around virtual assistants in recent years is astonishing, and Australia is well-placed to lead the chatbots race.

IoT Evolution Health December 13, 2017

Progress Releases Progress Health Cloud on HIPAA-Compliant Platform

Progress Health Cloud is designed to enable healthcare organizations to quickly deliver winning patient and connected care applications to any device, the company said, by offering tools to ease the building of engaging experiences across any UI.

Channelnomics December 12, 2017

Vendor Predictions 2018 Part 1: Technology

What tech trends will emerge in 2018, and how should solution providers react?

SearchHealthIT December 11, 2017

Progress Health Cloud tackles healthcare IT integration

Disparate systems and siloes plague healthcare when what is needed is true healthcare IT integration. Progress aims to achieve this with its new Health Cloud platform.

Process Technology Australia December 8, 2017

QAD aligns with Progress on cognitive applications for industrial asset maintenance

Progress, a provider of application development and deployment technologies, has announced that long-time partner QAD is expanding its relationship with Progress and plans to deliver its Progress DataRPM platform.

DZone / IoT Zone December 8, 2017

2018 IoT Predictions (Part 2)

Given how fast technology is changing, we thought it would be interesting to ask IT executives to share their thoughts on the biggest surprises in 2017 and their predictions for 2018.

InfoWorld December 6, 2017

Beyond NLP: 8 challenges to building a chatbot

Natural language processing (NLP), which is taking chatbots beyond clumsy decision trees to a new level of experience characterized by cognitive flow and ushering in a new wave of applications.

Dynamic Business December 6, 2017

The future of AI-powered chatbots in business: From niche processes to industry features

Less than a decade ago, the concept of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered agents answering customer questions in real time was still considered out of reach for businesses of all sizes. Today, these virtual agents, otherwise called chatbots, are very real, indeed with business adoption growing exponentially.

Information Age December 5, 2017

How IoT is changing the game in the public sector

According to IDC, worldwide IoT spending will rise to $1.4 trillion by 2021 and still has a trajectory to increase even further in the future, with the public sector being no exception to the rule.

InfoWorld December 1, 2017

What does the future hold for business applications?

We are quickly approaching the end of 2017, an ideal time to think about the future. Following a year of immense growth and innovation, what does the future hold for business applications? What are the features of the best platform for the next generation of business apps?

ITProPortal December 1, 2017

4 Takeaways on the future of mobility

The concept of “mobile” is evolving constantly, and as the technology matures you can no longer call yourself “mobile-first”. You can’t just develop an app and assume you’ll be financially set for life, even if it was cutting edge at the time of release. Market trends and customer needs are always looking for the next best thing. 

TechWorld November 30, 2017

Best mobile app building platforms and tools

There's a plethora of app building platforms that create and develop apps without breaking the bank or requiring that you know how to code. Instead, you'll be able to create mobile apps fast and with the guidance and abundance of templates, they'll no doubt look great too. 

The Times/Raconteur November 27, 2017

Avoiding the pitfalls that could stall your IoT project

The internet of things offers major benefits for business, not least a boost to the bottom line, so how can the initial challenge of successful implementation be overcome?