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Bank Business News October 14, 2022

Watching, waiting, anticipating: Network monitoring is a core line of defense for financial services

Cybercrime is a major concern for the financial services industry. Cyberattacks hit financial firms 300 times more than other organizations. Why? Because financial data is valuable, and the opportunity is great. Complex financial IT systems create a vast attack surface.


DICE Insights October 14, 2022

As I&D Leaders’ Roles Expand, They Can Lead with Inclusion

There’s no denying that the scope, role, and importance of the modern inclusion and diversity (I&D) officer has expanded significantly over the past three years.

Intelligent CIO October 5, 2022

How are CIOs Managing the Unprecedented Challenges of The Great Resignation?

With the Great Resignation in full swing, a global survey by PwC suggests one in five workers globally are planning to quit in 2022; 71% cite pay as a key reason and over two-thirds say they are seeking more fulfilment in the workplace. As tech specialists have become increasingly valuable and are looking for new lucrative opportunities, sourcing quality talent remains one of the biggest challenges for CIOs in a tech labour shortage.

FE News September 30, 2022

Insider Threat Awareness Month – one click is all it takes….

This September marks the fourth annual National Insider Threat Awareness month, which highlights the importance of defending against, detecting and mitigating damages from insider threats which roughly account for 22% of security incidents.

Developer September 26, 2022

The importance of being accessibility-first for effective UX design

Web design has seen a huge evolution in recent years, with accessibility and inclusion front of mind in the offline world impacting a more human side of software development. This means rethinking the approach to design, ensuring that the steps within processes address accessibility issues. Yet some tech companies are stuck in a previous era, before inbuilt product accessibility and their websites remain inaccessible to all users, particularly those with disabilities.

FE News September 23, 2022

Closing the digital skills gap this National Coding Week

As we come to the end of National Coding Week, it is the perfect time to reflect on the opportunities that the coding world presents, whilst also encouraging us to look ahead to what adventures await. 

Intelligent CIO September 23, 2022

The future of work: Building a people-first culture to drive an innovation-led organization

New Hampshire-based Ian Pitt, CIO at Progress, tells us CIOs have to keep an eye on how the future of work is changing and make sure their organizations are adapting across the board. 


The New Stack September 20, 2022

What .NET MAUI Can Do for Frontend and Web Developers

Let’s say you have a great web application — it runs well in the browser, but for some reason, the customer wants an app that will be mobile native or desktop native.

Industry Today September 20, 2022

Malicious Intent or Honest Mistake

September is Insider Threat Awareness Month, a time dedicated to focusing on the solutions and precautionary steps public and private organizations can take to minimize the damage from potential insider threats. However, it must be stated that the majority of insider threat situations do not involve a disgruntled employee. Many small mistakes or accidents can be made that leave organizations in the dark if they are not paying critical attention to their sensitive data and who has access to it.

The New Stack September 16, 2022

How to Bridge the Developer-Designer Gap

One of the most challenging conversations for frontend and web developers can be the conversation with the designers. Kathryn Grayson Nanz contends it’s because of a language gap and she aims to change that.


SD Times September 14, 2022

Progress releases ThemeBuilder Pro for easy implementation of design systems

The software company Progress has announced the release of updates to several of its major tools, including Progress Telerik, Progress Kendo UI, and Progress Telerik Test Studio as part of its R3 2022 release.

DevOps Digest September 14, 2022

Progress Announces R3 2022 Release

Progress announced the latest release of its developer tools portfolio, including Progress® Telerik®, Progress® Kendo UI® and Progress® Telerik® Test Studio®.

With today’s R3 2022 release, Progress introduced Progress® ThemeBuilder™ Pro, enabling developers and designers to implement design systems seamlessly in web applications, delivering a greater level of design consistency without manual coding work.


Tech Republic September 14, 2022

Progress beyond on-premises: Managing edge DevOps complexity

Software engineering for edge environments should be carried out on, in and with edge computing tools, platforms and services. It seems almost irrational or crazy that we should have to say it out loud, but building the compute edge requires edge technologies.


Computer Weekly September 14, 2022

Progress promotes people-centric programming

Developers build code and so, logically, they need to deliver code above all else, right?

This misconception was one of the lies developers tell themselves tabled by Microsoft’s Billy Hollis during his keynote session at Progress360 in Boston this month.

The truth here (and what developers should really be doing) is building code when and if it actually adds some positive functionality to user experiences.


Forbes September 13, 2022

Progress Advocates Policy-As-Code Approach For Sharper Secure IT

Companies run on policies. A typical business might establish policies to help govern expenditure, employee behavior and conduct, investments and corporate gifts or bonuses, to name a few areas. But if these are the more visible policies that help run a business, the IT department has its own lower-level policy system too.


Intelligent CXO September 13, 2022

Global leading university in Singapore builds new digital brand presence

Progress, the trusted provider of infrastructure software, has announced that Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU Singapore) used the Progress Sitefinity DX platform to transform its digital presence and web experience. The university centralised the management of its over 150 subsites under one domain umbrella, achieving a consistent brand presence and user experience while speeding up time to market and team productivity.

ERP Today September 13, 2022

Yes Chef! Progress serves up 2022 partner plaudits

Technology awards are the slightly flaky bonhomie padding that IT vendors roll out every year to sidle up a little closer to some of their key industry partners in a move to ingratiate themselves and, possibly, also impress their own roadmap direction and ideals onto some of the organizations that they work most closely with.


The New Stack September 13, 2022

How User Interface Testing Can Fit into the CI/CD Pipeline

Testing plays a vital role in the software delivery cycle. UI testing in the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline helps balance delivery speed and test coverage. So does UI testing really fit into CI/CD at all? And what tests should developers have in place without slowing down their pipelines?

Computer Weekly September 13, 2022

Progress360 2022: day two keynote - lies developers tell themselves

The Computer Weekly DeveloperNetwork team is on the road again and this time it’s Boston, USA for Progress Software’s Progress360 developer event, staged from September 11-14, 2022. This event combines DevReach and ChefConf.

Keynote day #2 was presented by Billy Hollis, regional director at Microsoft under the title: ‘Lies Developers Tell Themselves’.

The New Stack September 13, 2022

Progress 360: How Panera Fixed Its Application Validation Gap

Panera Bread’s development team had a problem: Its homegrown solution to deploy applications to its more than 2,000 locations nationwide worked about 85% of the time, creating a significant problem and validation gap for the restaurant chain.