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Talk CMO July 1, 2020

Enterprise Digital Transformation Efforts for Enriched Employee and Customer Experience

Chatbots have proved to be beneficial in helping with internal and external communications for organizations, both large and small. Since the start of the COVID crisis, many employees have been asking HR questions such as when they’ll return to the office, what their insurance coverage looks like, and much more. Businesses can leverage chatbots internally by having these AI-powered machines serve as a helping hand to HR. Chatbots can help deliver answers to employees’ on more pressing questions, freeing up HR to handle more significant issues such as long-term planning for office reopening.

Clickz June 26, 2020

The Benefits of Effective Chatbots on Customer Experience

The pandemic has put a tremendous amount of pressure on companies to wind down operations quickly in order to abide by national safety standards and then ramp them up back up in order to start rebuilding the economy. Financial services companies, rental car companies even Airbnb have all felt the effects of halting business operations while having to process and facilitate large amounts of information with customers and employees. This has resulted in a greater reliance on chatbots to communicate information quickly and provide customers and employees with answers to their questions.

Patch June 25, 2020

Marlborough Student Is First To Earn $10K Scholarship

A 2020 grad from Marlborough is the first recipient of a lucrative scholarship aimed at boosting women who plan to pursue a career in technology.

Kaya Dorogi, who graduated this spring from the Bancroft School in Worcester, will get $10,000 per year to study computer science at Columbia University. The scholarship is sponsored by the Bedford tech company Progress, and was set up to honor Mary Székely, a longtime software engineer at the company.

BizReport June 25, 2020

How To Build A Better Chatbot

Chatbots are not new to the digital space, but as more consumers work from home, shop from home, and stream more content, the need for a better chatbot has arisen. We asked a digital expert how brands can building a better chatbot experience.

DEVOPSdigest June 22, 2020

Progress Introduces DataDirect Connectors for DevOps

Progress announced the availability of a set of new data connectors to improve the integration of analytics and reporting within the DevOps process.

Complementing an expansive collection of pre-built, high-performing, standards-based data connectors, Progress has introduced connectors for TeamCity, GitHub, Aha! and Jira. With these new connectors, users can gain a more unified view of the DevOps process, enabling new levels of efficiency and performance, leading to improvement across the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Computer Weekly June 19, 2020

Modern Development - Progress: The Art (And Science) of Modern Software

As we have initially discussed, with so many new platform-level changes now playing out across the technology landscape, how should we think about the cloud-native, open-compliant, mobile-first, Agile-enriched, AI-fuelled, bot-filled world of coding and how do these forces now come together to create the new world of modern programming?

Gadget June 17, 2020

MOVEit 2020 Improves Secure Cloud File Transfer

Progress has announced the release of Progress MOVEit 2020, a secure, automated Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution that can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud. The new release comes equipped with MOVEit Mobile 2.0, as well as enhanced cloud, integration and performance capabilities. 

The Boston Globe June 17, 2020

Many workers will never go back to the office post-coronavirus

Companies such as Progress Software will likely occupy that middle ground. In normal times, about 500 people commuted to the firm’s local offices in Bedford and Burlington.

They are all remote now. Once the pandemic ends, chief executive Yogesh Gupta expects to see between 300 and 400 in those offices on any given day. Some will commute every day, some will arrive every other day, and some will come once a week or less. “We will offer tremendous flexibility,” Gupta said.

Trending Topics June 17, 2020

Progress Launches Women in Technology Scholarship Fund at the American University in Bulgaria

“Although Bulgaria is one of the leading countries in Europe in terms of employment of women in the IT industry, we are still far from achieving balance,” says Maria Atanasova, Human Capital Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Progress and part of the leading team of the company in Bulgaria. More than 1.3M people are studying Information and Communication Technologies in the European Union, still, only 17% of them are girls and women. In Bulgaria, the number is significantly higher – 31%, and the country ranks third after Belgium and Romania. 

DEVOPSdigest June 8, 2020

It's Time for Business Leaders to Embrace DevOps for Business Continuity and Growth

Businesses today are powered by software, yet many continue to fall behind when it comes to adopting modern, agile development and deployment practices that bolster business continuity strategy and fuel faster product-market fit. Software and application modernization plans need to include provisions for DevOps; ignore at your peril.

DevOps is a fairly recent term that has taken deep root within the application development and deployment community. Or rather, recent in the consciousness of those on the periphery of this transformation, as Patrick Debois is credited with coining the term as far back as 2009. But DevOps is usually lumped in with "being agile" and, sadly, misunderstood.

Loyalty 360 June 1, 2020

How to Leverage Digital Experiences to Promote Customer Loyalty

COVID-19 has only served to spotlight the impact that digital experiences have on all aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to building out customer experiences with loyalty in mind. The current business reality, stemming from unprecedented global events, is forcing companies that previously relied on live events, face-to-face interactions, or brick and mortar commerce to leverage technology that amplifies connections with their customers and keeps them coming back.

DBTA May 28, 2020

Progress Launches Secure Automated Managed File Transfer Solution

Progress, a provider of application development and digital experience technologies, is releasing Progress MOVEit 2020, a secure, automated Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution that can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud. The new release comes equipped with MOVEit Mobile 2.0, as well as enhanced cloud, integration and performance capabilities.

IT Wire May 26, 2020

Progress-powered OpenEdge platform at 'core' of Revolution dealer management business

Global application development and digital experience technologies provider Progress has announced that its flagship application development platform OpenEdge is at the core of Revolution Software Services’ dealer management business that was recently acquired by Toyota Motor Corporation Australia.

CDO Trends May 25, 2020

We No Longer Take DXP for Granted

As the world shifts to digital mode to weather the ravages of the health pandemic, it is easy to see the rising role of digital experience (DXP).  

A recent Progress survey titled “Digital Experiences: Where the Industry Stands” notes that this is a shift that was already well underway before COVID-19. It also saw 93% agreeing that coordinating DXP and app development efforts can speed up digital transformation (DX) outcomes.

The Boston Globe May 18, 2020

Office Work Gets Green Light, But Many White-Collar Employers Will Still Stay Home

Governor Charlie Baker is allowing most offices across Massachusetts to start reopening
on May 25, while those in Boston will remain shuttered until June 1.

But the real opening date for many white-collar employers, the day when companies call
workers back? It’s much later than that.

In fact, hundreds of thousands of office workers will stay home for weeks, if not months,
to come.

MarTech Series May 18, 2020

Progress Sitefinity 13 Enables Seamless Digital Experience Delivery to Support Business Continuity

Progress announced the release of Progress Sitefinity 13 Digital Experience Platform. With this release, Progress introduces powerful capabilities for creating personalized digital experiences based on cognitive and data-driven insights. It also enables marketing and IT teams to be more productive, accelerating digital transformation efforts and boosting operational efficiency.

Forbes May 7, 2020

Software’s New ‘eXperience Factor’, From Developers To Businesspeople

Experience matters, it always has. We used to use the term to principally describe an individual’s competency in a particular skillset or craft. But, in these post-millennial years, we more normally use it as a measure of a person (or group’s) feelings, emotive reactions and pleasure when using a product or service - and these days, that product or service is often a piece of software.

SD Times May 6, 2020

Progress OpenEdge 12.2, CloudBees’ on-prem feature flagging, and Applause Functional Testing

Progress OpenEdge 12.2 delivers new capabilities that address the demand for continuous operations such as immediate auto recovery and improved performance and availability monitoring through new DevOps tooling. 

DBTA May 6, 2020

Progress Announces New OpenEdge Release with Developer Productivity, Security, and Performance Enhancements

Progress, a provider of application development and digital experience technologies, has introduced Progress OpenEdge 12.2. With a strong focus on supporting modern applications for a cloud-first and hybrid world, the latest release of Progress OpenEdge delivers new capabilities that address the demand for continuous operations, making great strides toward the need for the highest levels of availability and the need to maintain uptime SLAs for improved customer experience. Additionally, the new release includes immediate auto recovery to get systems up and running within seconds and improved performance and availability monitoring through new DevOps tooling.

CMS Connected May 4, 2020

Gartner Magic Quadrant Shelves WCM in 2020: Vendors Discuss the Future

At its core, a web content management (WCM) platform remains the foundation that enables users to post content on a website while requiring little to no knowledge of programming code. The industry has transformed significantly over the last decade. Digital teams have gotten savvier with mobile responsiveness, personalization, globalization, ecommerce, and digital marketing technology. Still, the primary need for business users and web administrators to organize and deploy content without having to hire an outside digital agency or task their internal IT department has not changed.