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IoT Agenda June 2, 2017

Democratizing analytics is key to bringing IoT success to SMBs

Technology has often been dubbed the great equalizer for SMBs, empowering them to compete with industry goliaths more effectively than they could in the past. The internet of things is the latest technological enabler that companies are eyeballing, and it is poised to change the workplace — especially as the number of devices deployed by businesses continues to grow.

Website Magazine June 2, 2017

Prove Content Marketing's ROI with These Seven Solutions

How well is the content your company is producing working to convert visitors into buyers? While it is possible to attribute content to conversions within popular third-party analytics platforms, ideally it will be content management systems (CMS) that push those capabilities further - clearly mapping who viewed what and to what effect (even providing suggestions to generate more sales).

Computerworld Australia May 10, 2017

Democratise data science: The key to including SMBs in the machine learning equation

In the past two years we have heard that machine learning, predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon rule the world… and Australia. While this is exciting, today only a small part of Australian organisations with big budgets are really in the race for harvesting the benefits of the analytics era.

TechRadar Pro April 30, 2017

A closer look at the Internet of Things 2.0 – and why it’s inevitable

As IoT hardware becomes cheaper and more powerful, security in the next phase of the IoT will be critical. “Even relatively simple, everyday IoT devices have proven themselves capable of launching DDoS attacks on scales hitherto unimagined with simple GRE floods, as we saw in the case of the Mirai botnet attack,” says Rouffineau. “Imagine if those devices were more sophisticated, more powerful and more ubiquitous.”

ZDNet April 28, 2017

Analytics acquisition deals continue: it's an all-you-can-eat buffet

With this week's announcement that ERP vendor Infor will be acquiring cloud BI player Birst, the consolidation of the analytics world continued. Even as new startups in the machine learning/AI space get funded, the number of independent players in the BI and Big Data world continues to dwindle.

Baseline April 26, 2017

CMS Boosts Museum's Online Traffic and Revenue

Organizations of all types are rethinking their Web strategies as they strive to build their businesses online. But compelling content alone won't guarantee success. On-brand, user-friendly Websites optimized for search are essential to reach new audiences and generate revenue. An effective content management system (CMS) is the key to achieving those goals. April 26, 2017

Progress OpenEdge App Development Platform — How 55K Organizations Rapidly Build & Deploy Applications to Stay Competitive

Advancements in cloud technologies and the increasing demand to efficiently manage more data is driving enterprises to seek application modernization solutions to remain competitive. Progress® OpenEdge® is an application development environment that simplifies the development and delivery of mission-critical business applications. The platform provides a high-performing, reliable database and offers a number of tools, including a rules engine, workflow processes, and analytics, among others. 

Boston Business Journal April 20, 2017

Why Progress has pivoted to take giants like GE and PTC

Less than six months after taking over as CEO of Progress Software Corp. Yogesh Gupta is dramatically reshaping the 36-year-old firm in a bold attempt to build the next generation of software for industrial companies.

Internet of Business April 12, 2017

Progress goes cognitive-first for IIoT, who knew?

The company formerly known as Progress Software has ‘progressed’ far enough (by its own estimation) to drop the Software tag from its moniker. Like Sting, Madonna, Bono, Björk and Cher before it, the new and perhaps more snappily named Progress continues in its work to rebrand and reposition itself.

IT Business Edge April 6, 2017

Progress Charts Path to Simpler Cognitive Computing Future

Making its first foray into the emerging realm of cognitive computing, Progress has acquired DataRPM to gain access to a predictive analytics engine that is primarily used to maintain physical equipment connected to the internet.

Business Solutions April 6, 2017

Women In The Channel: Are We There Yet?

After 30 years in the channel — the last 14 of which have been spent creating and implementing profitable turnkey channel sales programs and establishing relationships with technology partners, resellers (VARs, LARs), systems integrators, ISVs, and OEMs for my own company — I wasn’t sure I viewed it as welcoming to women. To find out if my hunch was right, I put together this series of articles for Business Solutions.

Datanami April 6, 2017

Cognitive Push: Progress Buys DataRPM

The acquisition of a cognitive-based predictive maintenance specialist by Progress, the application developer, may signal the beginning of a long-awaited big data consolidation, perhaps driven by emerging deployments such as the industrial Internet of Things.

SD Times April 4, 2017

Learning to failover

Blame the cloud, DevOps, consumer demand or continuous delivery. No matter the reason, a wide variety of applications are now aiming for high availability (HA) — and increasingly, that overlaps with planning for disaster recovery. Too many software organizations not only lack tools that can help, they fail to test their disaster recovery plans until it’s too late.

eWeek April 3, 2017

Progress Acquires DataRPM to Add Cognitive Computing IP

We need to get used to the term cognitive computing, because it's getting a lot of traction now as a new section within the IT analytics market. Cognitive computing is the simulation of human thought processes in a computerized model. It involves self-learning systems that use data mining, pattern recognition, machine learning and natural language processing to mimic the way the human brain works.

ZDNet March 30, 2017

Progress acquires DataRPM for cognitive predictive maintenance in IIoT

The application development and deployment firm Progress announced Wednesday that it's acquiring DataRPM, a cognitive predictive maintenance firm that serves the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market. Progress paid $30 million, including $28.3 million in cash, and $1.7 million in the form of restricted Progress stock.

Xconomy March 29, 2017

Progress Buys DataRPM for $30M to Build “Cognitive” Business Apps

Progress Software, a 36-year-old software company, is pushing into machine learning and connected device technologies with its $30 million acquisition of DataRPM, a privately held firm based in Redwood City, CA. The deal is the first acquisition made by new Progress CEO Yogesh Gupta, who took the helm in October.

Integration Developer News March 21, 2017

Integration is The Next Step to ROI on Big Data Analytics

Organizations looking for more value from big data investments are finding integration developers – rather than new big data specialists – may hold the key. Progress’ Sumit Sarkar reveals why integration skills can quickly spread big data ROI to more business apps and users.

MicroScope March 13, 2017

Interview: Progress tackling the skills issue

Skills is an issue that is dominating the technology discussion at the moment. Customers are still relying on the channel to plug the gaps they have and that show no sign of changing. Mark Armstrong, managing director of Progress, is part of a company that is anxious to popularize development and raise the level of skills.

TechWorld March 7, 2017

Three skills developers need in a time of constant change

The evolution of technologies like JavaScript and Rails 5, and megatrends like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Back-End-as-a-Service, and now Cognitive Applications means developers have a ton to stay on top of. The only constant is change.

Programmable Web March 6, 2017

What Is the Angular Framework and Why Should Developers Use It?

Today, Angular is thriving, following Angular 2’s launch in September 2016. TJ VanToll, Principal Developer Advocate at Progress, discusses why developers should choose Angular to build powerful applications.