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HostingAdvice July 7, 2022

Progress Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Empowers Developers to Build Native Applications with a Focus on Built-In Accessibility

Progress prides itself on streamlining the development life cycle for application creators. Its highly customizable UI components simplify the application development process to allow developers to deploy with speed and scale. Progress also advocates for accessibility by empowering software engineers to integrate accessibility features in their applications with built-in tailored tools. Developers can leverage Telerik UI for .NET MAUI to build native apps across operating systems and all supported desktop and mobile platforms.

SecurityBrief New Zealand July 5, 2022

Progress launches latest version of network visibility solution

Progress has announced the latest release of Progress Flowmon, a network visibility and security solution.

IT Brief Asia July 5, 2022

Progress launches latest version of network visibility solution

Progress has announced the latest release of Progress Flowmon, a network visibility and security solution.

In Flowmon 12 network solution, Progress has expanded its support for public cloud provider flow log monitoring to include native flow logs from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure and launched new and advanced features for anomaly detection.

TFiR July 4, 2022

Security Is Still An Afterthought In The Cloud-Native World

The security landscape is evolving rapidly and navigating these complexities can be difficult. Although there is a growing awareness of security and building it in at the start of the development lifecycle, this is not always the case, and getting it wrong can lead to serious setbacks. There are also differences in how security is approached from the relatively mature private cloud infrastructure perspective compared to cloud-native applications.


Employee Benefit News July 1, 2022

How to support your LGBTQ employees beyond Pride Month

Pride month may be over, but companies’ inclusivity efforts should march forward.

Every year on June 1st, what seems like countless companies change their brand logos to incorporate rainbows, release Pride-themed merchandise and even promote their own inclusive policies. But for employees a month-long performative Pride parade can often feel like more talk than action.


Cyber Magazine July 1, 2022

Executive Q&A: Phil Dunlop, VP EMEA at Progress

Phil Dunlop, VP EMEA at Progress, spoke to Cyber Magazine about the best practices when trying to keep data safe.

Cyber Protection Magazine June 24, 2022

Bridging the gap: International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day focuses attention on the many opportunities for women in engineering – as well as celebrating those paving the way. However, while hitting its 9th anniversary this year, still only 16.5% of engineers are women.



Legal Reader June 21, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Legal Files but Were Afraid to Ask

Legal files documents are among the most privileged data items the world has ever seen. Security is not a wish, but a command.  

Pro Bono Australia June 21, 2022

Accessibility-first mindset needed to make tech design equitable

Accessibility and inclusion is often front of mind in design these days: think wheelchair ramps and accessible doors, for example. But when it comes to technology, some places are behind in the inclusion revolution.

Express Computer June 20, 2022

Building in an Experimental Mindset in your Product Development Process

Experimentation is at the heart of innovation and while it is the norm in creative fields, it is not always the ‘go-to’ approach in business. Many associate it with failure – while your experiment might be successful, it might also fail – and in business, no one wants to fail. Consequently, many enterprise leaders often try to stay away from it. That is the reason why true innovation happens so rarely. But to create something new and unseen, you must get out of your comfort zone and experiment without knowing what lies ahead.

Healthcare IT Today June 15, 2022

Top Healthcare IT Priorities: Implementing Zero Trust, Ensuring File Transfers are Secure, and of Course HIPAA!

Healthcare companies have a lot on their IT plate, but often neglect their most vital assets: files, documents, and records. Securing the data held within these files is the most critical hurdle, especially since these files move around like a college kid on holiday in Europe.

Martech 360 June 15, 2022

Martech 360 Interview With Diane Murray, EMEA Strategy Lead, Progress

I have been working in the software industry all my working life in various roles. I started working for Computer Associates, as a customer services representative. After that, I moved into a direct tele-sales role and, when CA acquired Ingress, I moved into selling through partners.  I had an incredible manager at this point, who took the time to mentor and coach me.  After he moved to Progress, I followed him into a Partner Account Manager role. From this point, I started to grow within the company, working with distributors, partners and direct sales, and soon became an Enterprise Solution Selling Manager. I’m now in a Sales Management role, with the task of growing the Digital Experience Division for EMEA. 

eWeek UK June 14, 2022

Progress Picks Up Network Monitoring Deal with Emovis UK

Toll-based mobility solutions company Emovis UK has turned to Progress’ WhatsUp Gold network monitoring solution for its entire IT ecosystem.

The New Stack June 9, 2022

Chef Extends Security and Compliance Across Hybrid Cloud

The launch of Progress’ Chef Cloud Security represents a major Progress security platform release since Progress acquired Chef in 2020. With the Chef platform under the Chef product umbrella, organizations can take advantage of extended DevSecOps capabilities with compliance support across on-premises and multicloud environments. 

Intelligent CISO June 7, 2022

2022’s updated network security threats and five steps to optimize IT infrastructure monitoring

Richard Barretto, CISO, Progress, provides us with an updated list of IT infrastructure security threats and worries technology and business leaders should watch out for in the rest of 2022, as well as specific steps they should take to optimize their network monitoring safety.

SHRM June 7, 2022

Will Remote Work Undermine Diversity Efforts?

Many women and people of color prefer working from home. But at what cost?

Martech Series May 26, 2022

Progress Announces Winners of the 2022 Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards

Progress announced the winners of the 2022 Progress Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards. For more than a decade, these awards have recognized partners and customers for the exceptional digital experiences they deliver to their customers and end users. The contest was open for all Sitefinity platform deployments that were launched or significantly upgraded in the past year.

Cyber Protection Magazine May 25, 2022

GDPR and the Future of Data Regulation

The 25th May marks four years since the introduction of GDPR – the landmark law which governs the way organizations operating within the EU can use, process and store consumers’ personal data. In this time, hefty GDPR fines have ensured that non-compliance is a costly mistake for both large and small businesses, with high-profile cases against the likes of British Airways, Marriott Hotels and Amazon dominating headlines.

Forbes May 23, 2022

The ‘As-Code’ Automated Enterprise, Progress Serves Up Chef

Software has ingredients. Predominantly consisting of software code at the most fundamental level, software applications and their elemental constituent parts are created by bringing together ingredient parts, often according to a specific recipe (or at least via some form of guiding cooking instructions) with additional nuances of functional spice that go towards deciding whether or not users will find the resulting product palatable.

Cyber Protection Magazine May 23, 2022

WannaCry: Ransomware defense, five years on

In 2017 the largest ransomware attack in history – WannaCry – swept across the globe, infecting a quarter million machines in more than 150 countries. In the UK, the NHS was hit particularly hard, with a third of trusts impacted, 19,000 appointments cancelled, and a total cost of £190 million.