Digjitale January 14, 2015

Integration Developer News January 2, 2015

Progress, DataStax Partner on Enterprise Data Integration for Apache Cassandra

Progress teams up with DataStax, the company that offers Apache Cassandra to the enterprise, on an enterprise-ready data connectivity and integration solution.

Technuter December 29, 2014

2014 overview and Trends for 2015 by Mr. Ramesh Loganathan

Ramesh Loganathan recaps the 2014 technology landscape in India and shares his predictions for 2015.

SearchSoftwareQuality December 23, 2014

Forbes December 23, 2014

Mobile Trends Report Shows Why Enterprise Vendors Are Investing In Mobile

As the popularity of mobile app dev continues to grow, companies like Progress are investing in the right tools to bring mobile application development to the enterprise.

TechCrunch December 20, 2014

App Developer Magazine December 20, 2014

APM Digest December 18, 2014

15 APM Predictions for 2015

Charlie Key predicts that in 2015 we’ll see companies spending more time and money looking at how they can optimize app performance from the ground up utilizing containerization technology.

Data Informed December 8, 2014

Citizen Developers and the Consumerization of IT

Mark Troester explains how a new generation of developers will bridge the divide between business and IT.

The New York Times December 7, 2014

Mobile Enterprise December 6, 2014

Vision Mobile November 24, 2014

24NBiz November 24, 2014

Creating A Big Data Ecosystem In The Enterprise

The heart of big data is changing, and enterprises looking to improve everything from business to customer satisfaction need to assess their big data ecosystems says Jeff Reser.