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Tech Republic May 10, 2016

How Chatham Financial optimized its big data for better insights

Chatham Financial serves more than 1,600 customers around the world, providing interest rates, FX (forex currency), and commodity hedge and hedge accounting. As a small and medium-sized company (SMB), it must compete with very large enterprises that have magnitudes of greater IT resources and budget. Consequently, Chatham Financial must find a way to optimize its intelligence gathering from big data at the same time that it assures the safety and the security of client data.

eWeek May 4, 2016

Telerik Launches NativeScript 2.0 for App Development With Angular 2

Progress Software's Telerik announces NativeScript 2.0 for native mobile application development with Google's Angular 2 JavaScript framework.

MediaPost May 3, 2016

Beware The Chief Digital Officer

The desire for a CDO is likely the manifestation of a larger problem, notably that your chief information officer and your chief marketing officer—and their respective teams—don’t effectively collaborate.

Information Management April 21, 2016

Advanced Data Projects May Be More Common Than Realized

Big data projects are increasingly finding their way into hybrid cloud environments, which suggests that advanced data projects may be significantly on the rise.

Baseline Magazine April 13, 2016

eWeek March 31, 2016

Microsoft Makes Xamarin free in Visual Studio, Open-Sources SDK

At its Build 2016 conference today, Microsoft announced it is open-sourcing the Xamarin SDK and making the tool a free component of Visual Studio.

SearchCloudApplications March 16, 2016

How beacon technology could bridge IoT to the cloud

Learn how new beacon technology could help to better bridge the consumers with cloud applications and take enterprises to a new level.

Business Solutions Magazine March 14, 2016

CMSWire March 11, 2016

Why OData May Be a Marketer's Best Friend

Marketing, as a discipline, used to be tied to communications — a career for the 'creative' types. And while creativity is still very much a part of it, marketing has shifted to incorporate more scientific, technical and strategic responsibilities.

TechTarget March 8, 2016

Boston Heart is a pacemaker in mobile app UI design

Cardiovascular healthcare services provider Boston Heart Diagnostics turns to UX design and UI development on a Microsoft stack to make its cloud apps addictive to patients.

SearchCloudApplications March 3, 2016

Collaborate, don't compete with UX and UI design

Designing a user experience and coding the interface are different disciplines that depend on each other for success. Collaboration and a new generation of tools are critical.

InfoWorld February 29, 2016

The 13 developer skills you need to master now

Yes, as software eats the world, demand for skilled developers remains high. But software’s pervasiveness -- from the server to the cloud to the coming onslaught of wearable and IoT devices -- means far greater responsibilities for software engineers and the need to constantly expand your skills.

Chain Store Age February 12, 2016

Tech Guest Viewpoint: Driving Impulse Buy with Technology

There are waves that are converging that indicate 2016 could be the year when the impulse buy will be more likely than ever before based on a few simple buying drivers. These include the ability of marketers to provide the right offer at precisely the right time and the rise of mobile payment technology.

Channelnomics February 11, 2016

Why VARs choose the wrong vendors

There always seems to be tension in the VAR-vendor relationship, likely due to a miscommunication about expectations and goals between parties. This tension boils down to the fact that VARs are struggling to choose the vendors that best align with their business model and their go-to-market goals and objectives.

eWeek February 8, 2016

Progress Software Launches Program for New Developers

In an effort to help increase its own talent pool and the global developer community, Progress Software today launched Progress Academy, an education program to help new developers quickly acquire application development skills. February 3, 2016

IT DevOps: One Size Does Not Fit All

Coming on the heels of agile development—a term first coined in 2001—is DevOps, which was first popularized in Belgium in 2009. Today, 15 years into agile development and six years into DevOps, it is becoming clear that these intertwined terms are quite broad, encompassing attitude and approach, platforms, tools and solutions. Agile development, with its Scrum meetings and quick turnaround cycles, did speed development but made deployment more difficult, because many organizations just couldn’t support fast cycle deployment.