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Salesforce External Object integration using Lightning Connect with OData

On the heels of the new Lightning Connect, Sumit Sarkar explains Salesforce external object integration using Lightning Connect with OData.

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18 Tools to Ensure Performance During Cyber Monday and the Holiday Shopping Season

Charlie Key suggests that businesses/developers preparing apps for the holiday season are ready to handle increased loads.

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Progress Software Strategy Focused on Users

Progress announces initiatives to boost the UX of its application development tools.

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Mark Troester - The Application Backlog

Mark Troester suggests how you can avoid the problems associated with application backlog.

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Progress Ups Developer Tools Cadre

Progress enhances toolkit for developers with the next generation of Modulus and the acquisition of Telerik.

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Conquering App-Weary Consumers to Capitalize on the Wearable Device Market

Gary Calcott explains how app development is shifting to accommodate the Internet of Things.

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