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SDTimes January 26, 2017

TypeScript is getting attention in the enterprise

JavaScript’s time in the limelight is definitely at hand. The language is moving forward at a good pace, Node and npm have standardized a lot of the busywork, and the web continues to grow every day. As cross-platform languages go, JavaScript is the new Java.  

SearchSoftwareQuality January 17, 2017

Why Mobile Application Emulator Choices for Test and QA can be Tricky

While some mobile application developers today choose physical device testing over using a mobile application emulator, the latter is still a viable and widely used way to see how the code is performing within the context of the app. The trick is choosing the right tool, said Jen Looper, developer advocate for Progress, in this podcast interview.

App Developer Magazine January 16, 2017

What App Development Technologies We Missed in 2016 and What’s Coming Next

It’s that time again to look at the year ahead and consider what trends and technologies will reign supreme in the application development world.

Channelnomics January 6, 2017

Vendor Predictions 2017 Part 4: Channel evolution

From cloud, to technology transformations, to security, vendors have shared their thoughts on what the channel should prepare for in 2017. But what about the channel itself? How will 2017 change the way solution providers, vendors or distributors do business? January 5, 2017

What 2017 holds for enterprise software

Enterprise software vendors discuss what will be the trends and innovations in business intelligence, CRM, ERP and marketing automation software in the coming year.

Fortune December 23, 2016

Proof That Having a Background in STEM Can Be a Game-Changer for Women

A background in STEM can have an enormous impact in shaping the careers of female leaders, enabling us to differentiate ourselves in heavily male-dominated industries and showcase our skill sets. This presents a unique opportunity for women to excel in their careers—not only in STEM-related fields, but in whichever industry they ultimately pursue.

insideBIGDATA December 21, 2016

Big Data Industry Predictions for 2017

IT becomes the data hero. It’s finally IT’s time to break the cycle and evolve from producer to enabler. IT is at the helm of the transformation to self-service analytics at scale. IT is providing the flexibility and agility the business needs to innovate all while balancing governance, data security, and compliance.

The VAR Guy December 19, 2016

Channel 2017: Predictions from Kimberly King, Progress Software

How did 2016 fall short of our expectations at the beginning of the year? What trends emerged that were surprises, and what maybe didn't come to the fruition we expected? And with all of the change going on in the channel, what should we expect from 2017?

New Statesman Tech December 7, 2016

Is there really a skills shortage in the IT community?

You’ve probably heard about the skills gap. We are constantly warned that the workforce is lacking the right skills for today and will be even worse equipped in the future. Apparently, there is just not enough talent. This is nonsense. The talent is there but businesses need to be a bit cuter with how they build out these skills.

Marketing Land December 2, 2016

Progress CMO says marketing runs through her veins as she follows in her Mom’s footsteps

The CMO for the enterprise software company says she has always been aware of the example her mother set for her, and has tried to follow her lead as a marketing executive. Puls took over as CMO for Progress in October, 2014. Prior to joining the software company, she served as a vice president for Iron Mountain’s Global Demand Center.

InfoWorld November 23, 2016

NativeScript deepens ties to Angular 2

NativeScript, Progress Software's framework for building native mobile apps with JavaScript, will be tweaked for performance and debugging with an upcoming upgrade. Further integration with the Angular 2 JavaScript framework is in the works as well.

Marketing Tech November 22, 2016

Why you need to stop pitting marketing against IT

Working in marketing can feel like a never-ending cycle of demand, response and measurement. All the while, customer expectations shift to match trending market technologies—only to morph again seemingly without notice. There is increasing pressure to personalise the customer experience across all digital touch points.

TechTarget November 21, 2016

Developer advocates for more women in STEM, top-level tech jobs

Glass ceilings certainly exist in U.S. politics, and they are very real in the IT industry, too, according to Jen Looper, a 15-year software developer and advocate for getting more women in STEM jobs. Noting women make up less than 25% of the tech workforce today and hold few C-level positions, she called for the IT industry to fess up and get real about equal opportunities for women.

Built in Boston November 15, 2016

After 35 years, Progress Software introduces a new name and vision

Describing a tech company as ‘legacy’ isn't always seen as a compliment. Progress, a 35-year-old software company based in Bedford, knows this well. The company underwent a massive rebranding effort in 2016. Progress helps companies build business software. It's used by more than 60,000 organizations like Adobe, SanDisk, Cigna and Nationwide to develop and deploy apps for any platform and device.

ZDNet November 10, 2016

Chatbots gain more sophistication and popularity for business applications

Thanks to developments in artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, chatbots are changing the way businesses communicate with the world - including their customers.

SD Times November 9, 2016

Developer relations can grow without having to prove ROI

The decision-makers, dreamers, hackers and creators known as developers are the key players who are driving demand for the latest and greatest tools. Now they have become the customers that companies are turning to as a way to extend their products and businesses.

Huffington Post October 21, 2016

Beyond The Crystal Ball - What It Means To Be A Visionary In Today’s Technology Landscape

The word ‘visionary’ conjures up all sorts of images; not least a futurist with crystal ball-like abilities. But in today’s tech landscape the demands on becoming a visionary have changed significantly, with three specific dynamics affecting the requirements of the job. Embracing or ignoring these will be the difference between success and failure.

Tech Target October 21, 2016

NativeScript framework eases cross-platform app development woes

At a recent NativeScript conference in Boston, Burke Holland, director of developer relations at Progress, sat down for an exclusive interview about cross-platform app development.

MarketingSherpa October 20, 2016

B2C Marketing: Automotive retailer exceeds annual car sales goal by 22% with customer-focused CMS

With seven brands to sell, Tampa-based automotive retailer Reeves Import Motorcars had to appeal to a broad base of customers, while complying with a broad base of brands during a CMS overhaul. See how the team drove a 300% increase in site visits with this redesign and exceeded the annual car sales goal by 22%.

CMS Critic October 18, 2016

CMS Critic Interviews Tom Berger, VP of Digital Marketing at Progress

Progress, the company behind the enterprise-grade CMS Sitefinity, has been working away at their award-winning software ever since they purchased it as part of Telerik for over $260M back in 2014. They united Sitefinity CMS and the Telerik Digital Experience Cloud, helped churn out a range of new features over the last year or so, and have of course injected extra funds into the operation.