Killer Digital Customer Experiences from Killer Websites

Killer Digital Customer Experiences from Killer Websites

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Sitefinity Website of the Year award winners drive deep digital customer experiences.

Killer websites have been around as long as there's been a web, but many of these older sites were killer because they were new, unique, fun and informative—not that they were awash with features and deep engagement. What was killer then is decidedly not killer now. 

It was hard to build these killer websites back in the day. It took a lot of thought, hand coding, late nights—maybe pizza and Jolt cola. Today, building a killer website is more a matter of wanting to and then committing to a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that will get the job done. Sitefinity from Progress is just such a DXP, and we recently awarded 14 customers our prestigious Website of the Year Award. These companies and their sites are digital customer experience examples of what a DXP can do, and each winner has a truly excellent and absolutely killer website. Let's run through the best of the best for Sitefinity-based websites. 

Sitefinity Cloud Multisite User Experience Example 

Kubota USA 

Kubota Tractor Corp. USA wanted a website as reliable (and versatile) as its tractors, providing an always-on experience for customers—even in peak traffic times.

Kubota’s other goals were equally clear: To increase user site engagement and optimize the content they see. The answer began by moving to Sitefinity Cloud and enjoying the fruits of a multisite experience, custom widget development and a greatly enhanced customer journey. As for the famous Kubota reliability, the new site has near-zero downtime (uptime as high as 99.99%—but who’s counting?) while handling an 18% increase in sessions. 

Killer Results

The results were immediate and impressive. From 2019 to 2020, users increased 20.83%, sessions grew 18.16%, and pageviews rose 17.04%. Users are reading deeper on the page, scrolling down 75% compared to only 30.59% in 2019. 

See the site for yourself at Kubota USA. 

E-Commerce Customer Experience Example 

Tom Tailor 

We all know how e-commerce impacted many brick and mortar operations. COVID was then the straw that broke many survivors’ backs.  

Tom Tailor, the German lifestyle brand, wasn’t about to let that happen to them. In 2020, when the COVID pandemic forced a slew of Tom Tailor’s brick-and-mortar locations to close (fortunately not forever), the company immediately set to work on a killer new ecommerce experience site built from scratch with Sitefinity.  

Killer Results

The results were fast and furious—killer, you might say. Ten days after the e-comm site went live, it outsold the average brick-and-mortar store generating an extra 10% in revenue with no additional marketing and promotion expenses. 

SEO shot through the roof, with the SEO score leaping 71%.  

Did it cost more money to make more money? Quite the opposite. Since Sitefinity is so user-friendly, non-technical marketing staff fully control the site with no need for partner help—cutting the company’s agency retainer expenses 70%. “With Sitefinity and Ucommerce, we were able to deliver the online shopping experience that our customers didn’t even know they wanted. And by filling that gap, we’ve also been able to create a new revenue stream that enables us to grow our brand in new markets and reach new audiences,” said Aljosa Bajrovic, General Manager, Tom Tailor SEE.  

Check out the site at Tom Tailor. 

Digital Customer Experience Transformation Example

Bird Construction 

As Bird Construction approached its 100th year in business, it wanted to act the opposite of its age. The near centenarian wanted a lively new website full of vim, vigor and engagement.  

With the old website, changing content was tough and adjusting the design near impossible. Meanwhile, mobile layouts were all over the map and lousy performance turned off the visitors that didn’t abandon the site altogether. This just wouldn't do for an established public company. 

Fortunately, Sitefinity could handle all that plus offer reliability, ease of use, security and design flexibility. The Progress solution also offers high search engine visibility, enables accessibility and supports multilingual content.  

Killer Results 

The new site results were immediate. Before you knew it, engagement rose 20%, session duration increased and mobile devices gained a larger share of visits (up 11%). Did all the new functionality slow the site? On the contrary—page downloads sped up 87%. Meanwhile, the bounce rate fell dramatically as the number of sessions rose. Along with this, time on page rose 37% while improvements in social sharing boosted social traffic 9%.  

See Sitefinity at work at 

B2B Experience Example


A non-mobile friendly site in today’s world just doesn’t cut it. Rental and leasing company XtraLease got that message loud and clear and embarked on a mission to build a new site that was not only mobile friendly, but fully optimized for SEO and completely integrated with the company’s most critical business systems. 

With the help of Sitefinity, XtraLease’s site deeply integrates with its own data services, boasts a responsive and professional design, and is totally optimized to boost organic traffic. 

Killer Results 

With the new site, XtraLease sessions rose 40% and session duration grew 75%. SEO improved so much the company no longer had to rely on a third-party SEM landing page vendor. 

Portal Experience Example

RedSail Hub 

RedSail Technologies includes two major pharmacy software brands: QS/1 and Integra, as well as the government software brand PUBLIQ. All three had separate support websites with separate logins and user experiences. And all three sites were long in the tooth resulting in low customer use.   

RedSail wanted to bring them all together under one web roof and jettison the separate, siloed and aging support portals while adding single log-in to access all three. And it wanted to drastically improve the search experience.  

The answer was to implement Sitefinity along with Pavilk’s Portal Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.  

Killer Results 

The new unified website is paying dividends, including a 30% resolution rate for those reading knowledge articles. The company is also targeting a 45% self-serve resolution rate as well as increasing support engagements which are set off by a digital inquiry rather than phone calls. 

Eight Quick Takes on Digital Customer Experiences

Associations & Non-Profit Example

World Health Organization 

Speaking of COVID, few organizations were as busy during the pandemic than the World Health Organization (WHO). Not only were their scientists and policy experts swamped, their website was as well. In fact, WHO experienced a monster traffic increase—to 1.4 billion unique visitors in 2020.  

To ensure that critical information was always available to the billion plus visitors, WHO moved to the Sitefinity Cloud architecture. The entire organization was busy, including the 1,000 editors publishing new content every 90 seconds.  

Through all that, the organization maintained 0% (yes, 0%) content-authoring downtime. WHO also achieved 100% CI/CD automation as well as the same perfect 100% automation for multi-channel content delivery.  

Consumer Goods & Services Example

Osborne Quality Seeds 

When Osborne Quality Seeds migrated from its legacy ERP to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, it found the perfect time to build a killer website to support its target of increasing digital revenue over 20% year over year. Osborne did so with Sitefinity hitched to SmarterCommerce, which streamline ecommerce operations and enrich customers’ shopping experience. That new site offered instant rewards in the form of an 800% increase in Cyber Monday sales and a 300% organic search traffic boost. 

More Results 

The SmarterCommerce/Sitefinity combo dramatically boosted site traffic, time on site, and most notably ecommerce revenue.  

Life Insurance Example

Legal & General America 

Life insurance firm Legal & General America has some seriously aggressive growth goals for the next few years, and to meet them the website would have to do its part. 

The new LGAmerica site was charged with increasing traffic by delivering an innovative, satisfying and fruitful customer journey. Using Sitefinity and Sitefinity Insight, the new personalized experience across multiple channels boosted organic sessions 17.7% and lead conversions 9.5%. 

More Results  

After the quoting page went live, there were big improvements in our key stats. Here are some year-over-year metrics:  

  • Sessions grew +12.5%  
  • New users increased +22.3%  
  • Overall users increased +17.7%  
  • Organic sessions rose +4.5%  
  • Organic new users increased by +9.5%  
  • Conversions increased +26.6%  
  • Total keywords increased +34.3% 

Graphic Design Example


For the last decade, Michigan-based Enqbator has been building digital solutions for the Healthcare market. As a digital creator, Enqbator’s own face has to be the very best, and so it completely revamped the web representation of its brand with Sitefinity.

Killer Results 

The enhanced content experience boosted traffic and engagement, with a 52% growth in sessions, a 19% improvement in session duration, new users boosted 66%, and pageviews rising 67%. 

Insurance Example

IMG - International Medical Group 

Insurance firm International Medical Group (IMG) exploited the latest features of Sitefinity, and as a result performance improved. IMG increased conversion rates 18.9%, while pages per session rose 25.2%. 

Manufacturing Example

Terex Powerscreen 

Terex Powerscreen bailed on Wordpress and moved to Sitefinity in an effort to boost user productivity and tighten security which Wordpress lacked. The firm consolidated its web presence and developed a new-found ability to quickly deliver new, more relevant content. 

Terex embraced the Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform, and leveraged its “amazing content management capabilities.” 

The quick result? Site visits rose 40%. Other benefits include: 

  • Productivity/performance improved for editors and end users.  
  • Superior content population for marketing team. 
  • Infrastructure costs fell due to platform consolidation. 

Multichannel Experiences Example

Hospital del Trabajador 

The Hospital del Trabajador in Chile performed a Sitefinity-based migration of multiple Chilean Safety Association websites. Sitefinity now helps the hospital easily manage web content and publish it to its mobile app via Rest APIs—all while ensuring enterprise-grade security. After the migration, uptime rose 100% providing an always-on experience to patients throughout the COVID pandemic. 

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