64 Bit ODBC Driver

The most reliable, best performing 64 bit ODBC driver for 64 bit applications*:

  • Maximizes the power of 64 bit applications
  • Supports all major databases and 64 bit platforms (including UNIX and Linux)
  • Eliminates the need for database client libraries

*The only consideration in deciding which type of driver to use is whether the build system of the application was 32 bit or 64 bit. It does not matter if the database to which you are connecting is 32 bit or 64 bit enabled.

ODBC Driver to Maximize the Power of 64 bit Applications

Most companies move to 64 bit servers because they have applications that must deliver peak performance and support large numbers of users.

Don’t inhibit the capacity of your 64 bit applications by using 32 bit ODBC drivers.

Progress DataDirect Connect 64 bit ODBC drivers are designed for exclusive use with 64 bit platforms and databases to leverage the performance power of 64 bit addressing. You get the same quality and reliability of our industry standard 32 bit drivers with the processing capacity of 64 bit.

Supports All Major Databases and 64 bit Platforms (including UNIX and Linux)

Progress DataDirect 64 bit ODBC drivers are available for:

See the database support matrix for all databases, platforms, and architectures supported.

Eliminates the Need for Database Client Libraries

  • Eliminates the need for client libraries such as Oracle SQL*Net, IBC DB2 Connect, and Sybase CTlib
  • Eliminates the nuisance of installing, configuring and maintaining database client libraries
  • Reduces cost of deployment because there is no need to install and test against various versions of client libraries and databases

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