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MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer

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Each and every day, billions of files are shared as employees send critical information to other people around the globe as part of their daily work. Email is the most popular tool for this collaboration, but unfortunately email solutions only allow companies to enforce a limited amount of procedures, such as encryption and file attachment policies. As a result, most organizations haven’t done as much as they can to make file-sharing processes as fast, easy, and secure as possible, making file sharing a real risk… and a real opportunity for improvement.


Now organizations can enforce consistent policies and processes around person-to-person file transfers – attachment offloading, secure messaging, eDiscovery, and more – with MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer.

Securely and quickly send encrypted files and messages of any size to other people using your browser or Microsoft Outlook®. MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer not only gives companies unparalleled governance, but it also allows end users to share information with anyone, in a fast, easy, secure, visible, and well-managed way. With this enterprise-strength MFT solution, IT can address broadscale, risky personal file sharing practices while meeting employees’ requirements for ease of use.

MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer enables organizations to manage person-to-person file transfer interactions and proactively apply transparent end-to-end FIPS validated encryption, attachment offloading, secure messaging, and access control and single sign-on authentication. It also provides reactive management technologies to help companies fully audit and report on all of these transactions.

The shared mailbox feature enables multiple users and groups to view and manage packages from a single mailbox. Using this feature client services teams can process packages from a common queue of documents. Or any employee can delegate mailbox access during a temporary absence. Gain additional productivity with the shared mailbox capability.

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