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Built-in Database Search Engine Features

Search Your Data with a Universal Index

MarkLogic is a database with a search engine built-in to its core, providing a single platform to load data from silos and search and query across all of that data. MarkLogic requires less time and effort to build and configure indexes for standard queries, and does not require a bolt-on search engine for full-text search like other databases.

MarkLogic uses an “Ask Anything” Universal Index that indexes data as soon as it is loaded so you can immediately begin asking questions of your data.

Index at ingest and query endlessly across all of your data

Scale to petabytes of data and billions of documents

Unlimited real-time alerts on new data at time of ingestion

Lightning fast, sub-second results

“The right way to use MarkLogic is to use indexes to solve problems.”


Index, Index, Index!

MarkLogic was designed from the ground up with search in mind. The power of MarkLogic is its sophisticated indexing and exceptional performance when querying off the indexes. All data is immediately indexed at ingest using MarkLogic’s “Ask Anything” Universal Index and has additional indexes that can be toggled on and off based on the user’s needs.

Index Everything

The Universal Index indexes the content and structure of documents immediately at ingest, including words, phrases, relationships, and values.

Index Even More

Toggle range indexes, geospatial indexes, the triple index, and reverse indexes on or off based on your data, the kinds of queries that you will run, and your desired performance.

Get Real-Time Results

Search data using JavaScript, XQuery, SPARQL, and SQL, and get lightning fast, sub-second results with a transactional repository that provides a fully consistent view of your data.

Ingest Multi-Lingual Content

Load content in over 200 languages and get advanced support including tokenization, collation, and stemming for core languages.

Powering Data Integration and Data Access

powering data integration

Built-in search is extremely useful for data integration. It enables you to immediately search and discover any new data loaded into MarkLogic, and also keep track of your data as you harmonize it.

Built-in search is also very useful for application development. You can leverage it when building both transactional and analytical applications that require powerful queries to be run efficiently, and when you want to build Google-like search features into an app.

See How Our Customers Use It

API-First Approach That Developers Love

Variety of Interfaces

Modern programming languages familiar to developers

Application Services

Simplifies architecture and speeds up development

Developer Productivity

Tools and frameworks to speed delivery

Easy adoption

Not everyone needs to know MarkLogic, they just need to know the API

api-first approach

Full-Text Search Features

When it comes to search, MarkLogic has all the key features expected of an enterprise-grade search engine. These key features are listed below, and a more complete list can be found in the Search Guide.

Google-like Search Features

Word or phrase search, Boolean logic, stemming, wildcards, case sensitivity, punctuation sensitivity, diacritic sensitivity, and search term weighting.

Type-Ahead Suggestions

See results as you type, including relevant suggestions for words and phrases.

Co-Occurrence Relationships

Search for pairs or N-tuples of specified elements across disparate data sources.

Document Structure

Not just content, structure too. Search for specific XML tags in the hierarchy of documents.


Show a sidebar of aggregate counts based on categories.


Return snippets of documents to show context.

Highlighted Search Terms

Highlight search terms or phrases in results.

Proximity Boosting

Push results higher based on whether terms are found in closer proximity.

Relevance Ranking

Tunable, document-level “page ranking” based on term frequency and other variables.

Explicitly Sorted Results

Order by relevance or metadata (string, numerical, or date and time formats).

“MarkLogic’s built-in search capability is becoming essential to our success. It makes data more discoverable by allowing us to query data, metadata and full text very easily. It enables us to create and deliver new services for our growing customer base much more quickly than we could before. We also look forward to implementing semantics to further maximize the value of our content to users.”

Toby Green

Product Page

Advanced Add-on Search Features

Advanced Geospatial

Search across data that has geospatial coordinates using complex queries and get precise results.

MarkLogic Semantics

Expand search based on relationships (e.g., a search for “cardiac catheter” can be expanded to include anything related to “implantable devices” by using a semantic ontology)

Advanced Language Support

Tokenization, stemming, and collation for Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Persian (Farsi), Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

Ready to Start Developing with MarkLogic?

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