Cisco Improves Customer Service with World Class Content Delivery Based on the MarkLogic Database

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  • Reduce tens of thousands of support cases by improving searchability
  • Disparate, vast amounts of data


  • Search
  • Security
  • Scalability


  • Faster, better search improved searchability and customer service
  • Siloed data is now integrated securely and easily shared

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Cisco wanted to meet increasing customer demand for Google-like search and delivery of its technical documentation, which includes products from the past 30 years, including acquisitions. The company selected MarkLogic to host its new Content Hub, quickly and easily integrating over 80 thousand URLs with dense information such as tables and charts. Cisco now has a foundation to easily incorporate new products in the future, meet its searchability goals, and improve customer service.

I’ve met with customers and they just love it. Some of them say, ‘where have you been all along?’ Because it is truly simpler to use the information. Once they use that, then the product gets a lot more fun.

Rajesh Chandrasekhar

Director of Operations, Cisco


Cisco selected MarkLogic as the base for its Content Hub for technical documentation. The company favored MarkLogic’s ability to quickly ingest data as is, leading to more efficient loading and managing of data. Essential in the decision-making process was MarkLogic’s built-in search engine, providing Cisco users with a Google-like search experience.


Accelerated Delivery

Cisco was able to roll out its Content Hub in under 6 months.

Increased Security

Cisco is leveraging the world’s most secure NoSQL database to ensure content security and availability.

Easier Data Ingestion

Built-in search provides fast, advanced data indexing and access of over 80K+ URLs of dense information.

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