Corticon.js: Run Rules Where Decisions Are Made

Cloud-ready Corticon.js brings the power of Corticon’s codeless, automated rules management to Serverless, Web, mobile and IoT applications.

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Introducing Corticon.js

Easy to use, powerful and accurate, Corticon.js from Progress extends the gold-standard in rules automation to the bleeding edge of innovation.

JavaScript is the go-to language of choice for Web, Mobile and IoT developers. By pushing rules to this same architecture, better decisions can now be made earlier in the process -without the lag of server-side processing.


Corticon.js makes it quicker and easier to build, test and deploy rules to critical JavaScript applications.

  • Easy to use

    Corticon.js features an intuitive interface and spreadsheet-style modeling tools to empower business uses to manage sophisticated rules across JavaScript application without having to code.

  • Powerful

    Corticon.js boasts ultra-fast, millisecond response times that scale across millions of transactions per day.

  • Serverless

    Corticon.js reduces the heavy-lifting that comes with server-side rules processing, allowing for lighter, more responsive rules execution across mobile and web applications.

Corticon.js at Work

Application developers across all industries rely on JavaScript to deliver top-tier mobile, web and IoT applications. Now you can ensure that your mission-critical rules are delivered within these same apps – negating the need for server-side hardware and cycle-time. Corticon.js complements your existing infrastructure investment and frees your people to focus on the bottom line by promoting collaboration across organizations.


Financial Services

Create a nimble decision-making process for fraud protection, loan approvals, ecommerce and more



Eliminate error-prone and time-consuming manual methods for compliance, policies and patient care



Speed routine tasks like policy underwriting and claims processing independently of their applications


Public Sector

Streamline and accelerate policy implementation, ensure accurate eligibility and delivery of benefits, consolidate redundant tasks, and guard against fraud


Any Organization

Rev up your business no matter what it is by putting business logic into the hands of those who know the business best: your people


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