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Corticon.js: Run Rules Where Decisions Are Made

On-Demand Webinar

Application developers across all industries rely on JavaScript to deliver top-tier mobile, web and IoT applications. But, how can you ensure that your mission-critical rules are delivered within these same apps – negating the need for server-side hardware and cycle-time. By deploying Corticon.js to complement your existing infrastructure investment, you can free your people to focus on the bottom line by promoting collaboration across your organization.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The newest features and benefits of Corticon.js
  • How companies are deploying Corticon.js to build, test and deploy their critical business rules


  • Jim Arsenault, Corticon Software Engineer
  • Thierry Ciot, Corticon Development Architect
  • James Goodfellow, Product Marketer


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