OData-Based Federation for Salesforce Connect and DB2

OData-Based Federation for Salesforce Connect and DB2

November 15, 2016 0 Comments

Interested in connecting Salesforce and DB2? Here’s how to turn your DB2 database into a Salesforce Connect-compatible OData provider.

No One Ever Got Fired for Buying IBM

In the 1980s, most IT organizations thought this. There were far fewer choices than today, and IBM was recognized as having very solid, reliable offerings. They had you and your business covered! Today, it’s not so simple. IBM products, such as DB2, might be implemented along with SaaS products like Salesforce.com.
DB2 Salesforce

Integrating DB2 and Salesforce

Integrating DB2 and Salesforce can be accomplished in a number ways. The more familiar Salesforce.com data integration patterns include ETL (copying the data into Salesforce) and custom APEX coding. While effective, they have their downsides. “Stale" data, the cost of cloud storage and “brittle” integrations to name a few.

In 2014, Salesforce introduced a new integration service called Salesforce Connect. (Originally released as Lightning Connect, but subsequently rebranded in 2015.) Salesforce Connect avoids many of the negatives of the older patterns, providing standards-based, real-time access to external data. No copying of data! Salesforce Connect supports data sources that support OData, but DB2 doesn’t offer OData support. False start?

Turn DB2 Into an OData Provider

Progress hybrid integration services can turn your DB2 database into a Salesforce Connect-compatible OData provider!

  • Traditional deployments
    • DB2 on Linux, Unix, or Windows
    • DB2 on z/OS
    • DB2 on i Series
  • Hosted/SaaS deployments
    • DashDB
    • DB2 on Cloud

Try It Yourself

These integration services may be managed by Progress with the DataDirect Cloud service, by you in your infrastructure or in the leading public and private clouds, such as Azure, HPE Helion, CenturyLink, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix, Rackspace and Amazon AWS. 

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