OData - REST API Standard for Data Integration

Integrating external data with Salesforce applications has never been easier thanks to Salesforce Connect that can help you consume data from any OData producer. External data objects can be configured in minutes. But the picture isn't complete without the real-time connectivity provided by our Hybrid Connectivity Services - DataDirect Cloud or Hybrid Data Pipeline.

Learn how to Integrate Oracle with Salesforce Connect Using OData

Salesforce Connect adds high-octane fuel to your integration strategy. Join us for a one-hour webinar where we show you a faster, easier way to integrate Oracle and Salesforce with Salesforce Connect.

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OData Services available for all Popular Databases


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Access Legacy Back-Office Systems in Real-Time From Mobile and Web Applications

The combination of Salesforce Lightning Connect and DataDirect Hybrid Services empowers your team to access back office data instantly and easily from Salesforce applications. Get rapid connectivity to data residing in the cloud and on-premise so you can get applications out the door faster. DataDirect Hybrid Connectivity services provide the OData service that allows your Salesforce applications to access back office data in real-time.


Using Progress DataDirect Cloud with Salesforce Connect

Flexible Deployment Options

Hosted SaaS

DataDirect Cloud is our award-winning hybrid connectivity service running in Amazon Web Services.

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Hybrid Data Pipeline is our hostable hybrid solution that can be deployed into your cloud or on-premises.

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