NBC Universal Harnesses 40 Years of Comedy from SNL

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  • Scalability to support decades of content, millions of users
  • Elasticity for rapidly-changing workflows
  • Personalized content delivery via multiple devices
  • Rapid data integration to meet an ambitious deadline



  • Speedy Data Integration
  • Excellent Customer Experience
  • Low Cost Deployment & Maintenance

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“Well, isn’t that special?” NBCUniversal is an industry leader in digitizing and modernizing content delivery, as evidenced by its wildly popular SNL app. The AWS-based app helps fans find comedy gems like Roseanne Rosannadanna from the past 40+ years, as well as new laughs recommended by the app based on users’ searches. Built in just four months, the app was downloaded millions of times within its first few months of availability. New sketches and seasons are continually added to the app, as are the number of fans downloading it — and we’re all a little verklempt about it.

MarkLogic software addressed all of our needs. Its flexibility enabled us to build an SNL-tailored predictive analytic engine. As a result, SNL app users can discover, view, share and enjoy the amazing content from the classic Coneheads, Landshark, and Cheerleaders to the newest great comedy from this season and beyond.

Michael Martin

Senior Vice President, Product, Technology & Operations, NBC Entertainment Digital


The SNL app is based on smart content generated with the MarkLogic database, letting fans quickly and easily find favorite videos from the last 40 years. The app includes a recommendation engine, driven by MarkLogic Semantics, that adapts to fans’ preferences to help them discover new characters and sketches they weren’t aware of previously.


Future-Proofed Platform

As new content emerges with new seasons of SNL, NBCUniversal can quickly integrate its data —regardless of format— for seamless media distribution to its loyal fan base.

Optimal User Experience

Content is delivered quickly, with 50,000 requests per minute at peak times. The app also queues up similar types of content a user might like based on browsing history.


The SNL app saw 100 million views in its first three months, and has the ability to support high viewership during season premieres and other special events.

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