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Spiceworks March 17, 2023

Why Load Balancers Should be Part of Your Security Architecture

Although load balancers are recognized as integral to IT infrastructure, organizations must also see them as essential to security architecture. Larry Goldman, director of product marketing at Progress, shares why load balancers should be part of a company’s defense against cyberattacks.


Intelligent CIO March 15, 2023

The key steps for CIOs to elevate DevSecOps practices

As Digital Transformation continues to gather pace, CIOs are looking for new ways to empower their teams to succeed now and in the future. Since the collaborative development and operations approach DevOps extended to the concept of DevSecOps nearly 25 years ago, the idea behind it was to embed security to drive more rapid development of quality software. And never have we needed this so much as today, across all industries.


ITBrief Australia March 8, 2023

IWD 2023: Creating opportunities through education and sponsoring

This year's official theme for International Women's Day is "DigitAll: innovation and technology for gender equality", with the intention to shed a light on the importance of education in the digital age for empowering all women and girls. 

I couldn't agree more with this theme, and that's because we have reached a stage in the gender equality fight that requires us to go beyond simply including women more. 


Times of India March 7, 2023

Top tech factors driving adoption of DevSecOps to manage cybersecurity attacks

2022 has been a landmark year for companies across sectors and geographies. For one, it has marked a return to a new normal and a resumption to some extent of ‘business as usual’. And yet or exactly due to the revving up of the market and the business ecosystem after a two-year hiatus, 2022 has also been witness to a high incidence of cybersecurity attacks. A recent study, which analyzed over 1,400 applications and over 829 million cyber-attacks that were successfully blocked in Q4 of 2022, found 59 percent of Indian websites had been hacked. This makes India one of the top targets for cybercriminals and the industries primarily targeted are banking, insurance, other finance companies, IT services and manufacturing companies.

FE News March 7, 2023

Designing A More Equitable Future: IWD 2023

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is ‘Embrace Equity’, which aims to get the world talking about why “equal opportunities are no longer enough.”

Whilst it sounds an awful lot like equality, to be equitable means organizations need to look deeper into their business practices and design processes that are tailored to the employee’s diverse individual needs. 


BizTech March 3, 2023

With Services and Solutions, Companies Have Choices for Network Monitoring

IT performance and security depend on the robust monitoring. There are many ways to get there.

Digitalisation World March 1, 2023

Fulfilling the promise of DevSecOps

Prashanth Nanjundappa, VP of Product Management, Progress, discusses the findings of the company’s recent DevSecOps report – the good news is that everyone recognizes the benefits of combining DevOps and Security; however, many organizations have more work to do when it comes to putting in place the necessary collaboration, skills and management building blocks that are key to DevSecOps’ success.

TechTarget February 28, 2023

Unify NetOps and DevOps to improve load-balancing strategy

The decision to integrate NetOps and DevOps teams has been a topic of contention among experts. Some experts believe NetOps and DevOps team consolidation could help improve network operations management; others argue NetOps and DevOps teams should be in close communication but don't need to combine into a single team. However, another reason has emerged to support the idea of unifying NetOps and DevOps teams: load balancing.


MassTLC February 24, 2023

Progress CEO Yogesh Gupta on Prioritizing People to Profit

Progress, an organization that has been around for over 40 years, had two of its best years ever in 2021 and 2022 immediately following the COVID-19 pandemic the year before. How was the organization able to rebound so quickly? According to President and CEO Yogesh Gupta, it all comes down to people and how they are treated.


Forbes February 22, 2023

Why Focusing On Network Experience Is Important For Application Experience And User Experience

When IT professionals think about IT infrastructure, they conjure images of routers, switches, WANs, disk arrays and lots and lots of end points. When end users think about IT, they imagine their laptop or workstation and all the apps that run on them or in the cloud. To them, it is all about the applications and how the software performs.


Database Trends and Applications February 7, 2023

Progress Completes Acquisition of MarkLogic

Progress announced it has completed the acquisition of MarkLogic, a leader in complex data and semantic metadata management and a Vector Capital portfolio company.


Datanami February 7, 2023

Progress Completes Acquisition of MarkLogic

 Progress announced the completion of the acquisition of MarkLogic, a leader in complex data and semantic metadata management and a Vector Capital portfolio company. It is also another major milestone in Progress’ Total Growth Strategy.


ITBrief Asia February 2, 2023

Progress named leader for network detection and response

Progress, the trusted provider of application development and infrastructure software, has announced that it has been named a Technology Leader by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions in the SPARK Matrix: Network Detection and Response (NDR) report, which provides a comprehensive analysis and ranking of the leading 22 NDR vendors.


Industry Today February 1, 2023

Progress Named a Leader in NDR by Quadrant Report

Progress announced it has been named a “Technology Leader” by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions in the 2022 SPARK Matrix: Network Detection and Response (NDR) report, which provides a comprehensive analysis and ranking of the leading 22 NDR vendors.


Talent Culture January 30, 2023

IT Recruiting is Still a Struggle. These Strategies Can Help

Recent headlines are shining a bright light on high-profile layoffs in the technology industry. But for many employers, IT recruiting is still an uphill battle — largely because the IT talent shortage continues to dampen hiring plans.

For years, organizations have posted more job openings than qualified candidates could fill. The opportunity cost is staggering. To put this into perspective, consider that by 2030, at least 85 million jobs could go unfilled. In financial terms, this shortfall could translate into $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenues.


ERP Today January 27, 2023

A new intersection: IT Policy-as-Code

Moving commercial business policy forwards into the digital age requires a deeper reliance upon cloud-native automation control from the IT function. For this to happen effectively we need to form a new intersection between traditional business policy and a new breed of IT policy controls.


HR World January 25, 2023

Go People-First in Challenging Times

In challenging economic times there are many initiatives organizations can put in place to help their people. But everything must be based on employee need.

ITBrief Asia January 24, 2023

Progress rolls out software release for Telerik and Kendo UI

Progress, the trusted provider of application development and infrastructure software, has announced the R1 2023 release of Progress Telerik and Progress Kendo UI, two powerful .NET and JavaScript UI libraries for app development available.


CX Focus Magazine January 24, 2023

5 Digital experience trends for Australian marketers to watch in 2023

I have an obsession with the digital experience space, both at a global level as well as what’s happening in my own backyard. One thing that has become absolutely clear in the past couple of years  is that regardless of organization size or industry, marketing and the digital function within have become key value drivers for business. Marketers are the ones who understand what customers expect and are doing their best to deliver against those expectations.


AiThority January 20, 2023

Progress Makes Building Engaging and Inclusive Apps a Reality with Latest Developer Tools Release

 Progress, the trusted provider of application development and infrastructure software, announced the R1 2023 release of Progress Telerik and Progress Kendo UI, the most powerful .NET and JavaScript UI libraries for app development available. With this release, Progress is continuing its commitment to support developers in building engaging and inclusive digital experiences across all platforms.