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Ecommerce Age August 16, 2023

Retailers must leverage edge technologies to stay competitive

The shift in computing infrastructure from the cloud to the edge has led to explosive growth and transformation in the retail industry. And it’s a trend set to increase. The global smart retail market size was valued at USD 30.25 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.1% from 2023 to 2030. IDC predicts that by 2024, the number of apps at the edge will increase by 800%. 

Financial Express August 15, 2023

Five technical considerations when harnessing Generative AI to enhance digital experiences

Implementing generative AI in digital experiences isn’t easy. Organizations should take into consideration various factors, including training models and the potential for unconscious bias, hyperautomation, security risks, technical considerations for implementation, and scalability and performance. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each of these and discuss how organizations can manage them to fully leverage generative AI to create more compelling customer experiences. 


APMdigest August 9, 2023

Beyond the Perimeter: Why Application-Aware Network Monitoring Matters

The modern world relies on applications: every business, regardless of industry, depends on them to varying degrees. Whether you operate a hospital, an e-commerce business, a farm or a factory, applications play a central role in day-to-day operations. Even a few minutes of application downtime can have disastrous consequences.


ComputerWeekly.com August 7, 2023

What to expect from Progress DevReach 2023

Not in Las Vegas, not in Barcelona, not in San Francisco, Paris, London or Munich, this year the Computer Weekly Developer Network team is headed to Sofia, Bulgaria for Progress DevReach 2023.


Frontier Enterprise August 7, 2023

Digital finance: The importance of content and user experience

The emergence of disruptive newcomers in the financial services industry has marked an era where targeted digital offerings are no longer seen as part of a short-lived trend. With the rise of online-only banks and open finance, customers now expect digital financial services.

InsideBIGDATA August 3, 2023

Be Wary of Bias: Avoiding Data Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Shortcomings in artificial intelligence (AI) technology are rising to the forefront with growing attention on a slew of AI topics like ChatGPT and deep fakes. As everything continues to move digital, many are looking to bring these tools into their everyday lives. From a business perspective, looking to train their AI on proprietary data, it requires that their AI have direction, commitment, and oversight for an organization to make the most of the technology. Without it, unmonitored AI trained on flawed data will begin to reflect human biases in day-to-day operations. 


Dynamic Business August 2, 2023

Level up with AI: Expert tips for businesses

Whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, integrating AI tips and tools into your business strategy can revolutionize the way you operate, streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and boost overall efficiency.

In this week’s edition of Let’s Talk, our experts discuss AI tips and tools that are poised to take your business to new heights, unleashing its full potential and paving the way for success in the modern business landscape.


Dynamic Business July 26, 2023

How is AI changing the face of SMEs?

Not too long ago, the idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) existed only in the realms of science fiction, capturing our imaginations with fantastical visions of a distant future. Yet, today, that once far-off dream has become a tangible reality, as AI has broken free from the confines of fiction to revolutionize industries on a global scale. Fueled by a relentless pursuit of innovation, this modern technological marvel has initiated a transformative wave across various sectors, fundamentally reshaping how businesses operate.

Just One Q Podcast July 25, 2023

Building Resilient DEI in a Post-Affirmative Action Era

On this episode of Just One Q, Dominique chats with guest Dr. Shirley Knowles, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer at Progress, a customer-centric tech company based in Massachusetts. They discuss the importance of maintaining DEI commitments despite the recent changes to Affirmative Action in the U.S. and some simple, actionable tips for DEI practitioners facing resistance.

Forbes July 24, 2023

Manual Overdrive: When - And When Not To Use Software Automation

Automation accelerates us. In all its forms (inside the software universe and generally in the real world), the ability to use automation techniques enables us to circumvent chores and drudgery, create repeatable predictable functions and make things move faster.


BetaNews July 19, 2023

Data bias - the hidden risk of AI and how to address it

Artificial intelligence is generally only as good as the data that it's trained on. However, when data is collected and used in the training of machine learning models, the models inherit the bias of the people building them, producing unexpected and potentially harmful outcomes.

We spoke to Matthieu Jonglez, VP, technology at Progress, to discuss the company's recent research around this topic and what organizations can do to reduce bias.


The New Indian Express July 15, 2023

World Youth Skills Day; Unleash, Upload, Upskill

In 2014, July 15 was declared World Youth Skills Day to encourage youth employment and equip young people with industry-relevant skills. The theme for World Youth Skills Day 2023 is ‘Skilling Teachers, Trainers and Youth for a Transformative Future.’

VMBlog July 14, 2023

AI Appreciation Day - Industry Experts Share Their Outlook on Security and the Future of AI

AI Appreciation Day is a time to celebrate the many ways that artificial intelligence is making our lives better.  In the field of security, AI is being used to detect and prevent cyberattacks, to improve threat intelligence, and to automate security tasks.

In this article, we'll take a look at how industry experts are using AI to improve security and where things appear to be headed down the road. We'll also explore some of the challenges that still need to be addressed before AI can be fully deployed in a security context.


TRAK.IN July 13, 2023

This Software Development Company Is Determined To Eradicate Data Bias For Optimizing AI Usage

Data bias in artificial intelligence (AI) is a critical issue that warrants our attention. It refers to the presence of errors or distortions in data that can lead to unfair decisions that perpetuate discrimination and inequity.


Digital Terminal July 4, 2023

Progress Launches 2023 Akanksha Scholarship for Women in STEM in India

Progress announced that applications are open for the 2023 Progress Software Akanksha Scholarship for Women in STEM in India. 


Data & Storage Asean July 4, 2023

Empowering Organizations with WhatsUp Gold for IT Infrastructure Management

Progress announced the release of Progress® WhatsUp Gold® 2023.0, its award-winning IT infrastructure monitoring software.


The Martech Weekly June 29, 2023

Jay Sanderson on Composable CDP and DXP, AI and new interfaces for building CX, and leading edge personalization

In this episode we talk about the changing category of digital experience platforms, how Jay approaches and defines composability in the CDP and DXP space, Generative AI and the new interfaces for building CX, and what the leading edge of personalization looks like for the enterprise.


NCN June 27, 2023

Progress Helps Organizations Unlock the Full Potential of IT Infrastructure Management with WhatsUp Gold

Progress announced the release of Progress® WhatsUp Gold® 2023.0, its award-winning IT infrastructure monitoring software. Progress expands the powerful, built-in infrastructure discovery and monitoring power of WhatsUp Gold IT infrastructure monitoring system to provide wider access to network data across the organization, helping NetOps establish clearer, faster communications and reinforcing the value of IT. 


Forbes June 26, 2023

Software Is Getting Faster, Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet? It’s an old saying normally confined to car journeys, cross-country hikes and other trips that don’t ever seem to throw up their final destination; but it may also soon become a more common expression in the software application development arena. Largely this is because enterprise organizations want more software apps and they want them to run faster and be delivered faster.


TFiR June 23, 2023

Progress WhatsUp Gold 2023.0 Provides Organizations With Better Insight Into Their IT Infrastructure

Progress, the provider of application development and infrastructure software, has announced the release of Progress WhatsUp Gold 2023.0, its IT infrastructure monitoring software. Progress expands the powerful, built-in infrastructure discovery and monitoring power of WhatsUp Gold IT infrastructure monitoring system to provide wider access to network data across the organization, helping NetOps establish clearer, faster communications and reinforcing the value of IT.‚Äč