Enterprise Apps Tech December 2, 2015

Progress releases Telerik Platform 2.0 for multi-platform approach to enterprise apps

Progress has announced the latest release of its Telerik Platform, which can be used to develop for iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications faster than the previous generation.

SDTimes December 2, 2015

Progress announces major overhaul of the Telerik Platform

Progress aims to cut the time it takes developers to create enterprise mobile user experiences. The company recently announced Telerik Platform 2.0, its mobile app development platform for Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps. The latest release features a major overhaul to the platform’s look, feel and UX.

Application Development Trends Magazine December 2, 2015

Telerik Update Aims to Speed Cross-Platform Enterprise App Development

The latest edition of Telerik's cross-platform mobile app development platform is all about speed, shipping enterprise apps quicker and shortening update cycles.

eWeek December 2, 2015

Progress Launches Telerik Platform 2.0

Progress Software shipped the latest release of its Telerik Platform for mobile app development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications.

Tech Radar Pro November 29, 2015

Goodbye apps, hello smart agents: Are you ready for the post-app world?

Anyone who has a smartphone bursting with downloaded apps is a rare breed – and getting rarer. Apps are on the wane. According to analysts at Comscore, most people (65%) aren't downloading apps at all, and get by with whatever comes pre-installed on phones.

Data Informed November 13, 2015

Subscribe to Data Informed Simplify Data Access with SaaS-based Connectivity

Big data as we know it today is a very fragmented market. However, in the next few years, it will start to normalize through consolidation, and “best of breed” solutions will continue to live on. A critical differentiator of companies that successfully leverage big data will be the ability to integrate data sources with various applications and systems quickly and cost-effectively.

SearchContentManagement October 27, 2015

NetworkWorld October 21, 2015

Shape of mobility to come isn’t clear

The way businesses architect their operations to take best advantage of mobile technology, and the way they manage those mobile devices, are likely to evolve in the near future – but the precise nature of that evolution is far from obvious, according to an expert panel at the M-Enterprise event held Tuesday in Boston.

Online Recruitment October 16, 2015

3 Key HR Trends in the Next 5 Years

The trends in the human resources field that we’ll be seeing in the next five years are driven by an old and yet new reality. Fast-paced industries and rapidly developing markets combined with the shortage of relevant talent push the level of competition to new heights.

eWeek October 15, 2015

10 Essential Features When Choosing a Connectivity Solution

Enterprise and consumer-oriented technology is all about speed. It wasn't always that way. With the advent of ubiquitous broadband, leaner software, fast processors, improved network pipes and new-generation application accelerating software, we're getting spoiled about how fast data can be moved and integrated.

Database Trends and Applications October 14, 2015

BI and Analytics Reach the Tipping Point

The year ahead will be marked by pronounced changes in the BI and analytics space.

Visual Studio Magazine October 13, 2015

Enterprise Apps Today October 9, 2015

'User First' not 'Mobile First' Key to App Dev

According to the State of Mobility 2015 Global Developer Study by Progress Software, 57 percent of developers are new to mobile development and 47 percent of developers build, on average, just one functional mobile app a year.

Application Developer Trends October 6, 2015

Progress Promises Free Dev Software for Education

Progress Software Corp. announced a new suite of app development software designed to be freely downloaded by students, recent graduates and new developers wanting to get help with creating enterprise-class applications.

SD Times October 5, 2015

Transforming the Web with HTML5

In the past, HTML5 has been viewed as the ugly stepchild of Web technologies. But with recent advancements from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), HTML5 is quickly becoming the preferred solution for developing for the Web.

SD Times October 5, 2015

Progress offers free business app tools for developers

Progress is offering a free development toolkit to help developers build next-generation business apps. The new solution will be offered as a classroom edition of the company’s OpenEdge Developer Kit.

Tech Beacon October 2, 2015

Why experience trumps mobile development certifications

There's a strong demand for mobile developers, although some caution it isn't as strong as in other specializations, such as those in big data. User interfaces, payments, wearable devices, and secure mobile payments are top specialty areas for developers looking for an edge. According to Burke Holland, director of developer relations at Progress Software, the most desirable skill is in user interface development.

InfoWorld September 29, 2015

Progress Software CEO: We're honored to serve dev community

In an exclusive interview, CEO Philip Pead vows to help Progress' community of 1.7 million developers meet the challenges of a cloud and mobile world.