A Major Kitchen and Household Products Company Serves Content Globally from a Single Codebase in a Headless Progress Sitefinity Solution

A Major Kitchen and Household Products Company Serves Content Globally from a Single Codebase in a Headless Progress Sitefinity Solution

Posted on March 16, 2022 0 Comments
A Major Kitchen and Household Products Company Serves Content Globally from a Single Codebase in a Headless Progress Sitefinity Solution_1200x620

With Progress Sitefinity, businesses can easily deliver custom content and manage their web presence to better respond to customer needs.

A major kitchen and household product company was leveraging a content management system (CMS), Jenkon, that had a rigid structure and required developer support to make custom content or visual changes to its website. This prevented them from being agile enough to respond to customer needs and business challenges.

While it still wanted to leverage Jenkon for rich content that it could dynamically switch out over time to better communicate to their field, it sought a solution that could easily be added to it to establish a centralized content management hub that could feed all their platforms (including its existing custom library in the Jenkon CMS) in a headless Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) model.

A Global Reach with Localized Needs

The major kitchen and household product company needed localized content that could be administered globally, but with country content enabled locally. The localized content would be enabled across regional business units in order to have fewer instances of its site that could be managed from a single codebase and republished across the organization.

Personalization Functionality Delivers Tailored Content Experiences

It turned to Progress Sitefinity. Leveraging the personalization functionality of Sitefinity would allow it to easily deliver localized, tailored experiences as well as dynamic content modules to easily reuse, tweak and repurpose existing content.

The implementation was built to support both multisite and multilingual capabilities and could be used by different regions within the company. The headless CaaS model was built around a simple REST API endpoint which returned the pre-rendered HTML of the content blocks in the JSON response. It also created a client-side JS wrapper to be used on the Jenkon site, which called the endpoint, handled click events and supported multilingual site needs.

Marketing Content Management With Widgets Eases Bottlenecks

The multisite functionality has made it easy to spin up a new instance, which is used by different regions within the company. Additionally, it was configured to use Azure CDN for digital assets to optimize page and content load times. All images and PDFs were uploaded to the Sitefinity libraries and by extension Blob Storage in order to best leverage platform’s digital asset management capabilities and efficiently manage and backup digital assets.

The users managed the marketing content using custom Dynamic Module Manager widgets and page templates in Sitefinity and roles and workflows were used to control who could manage the marketing content throughout the large company. Working together, the Sitefinity page, Dynamic Module Builder widgets and content management UI allowed the company to manage custom marketing blocks, which are scheduled and delivered to remote third-party CMS pages.

Leveraging Sitefinity’s ASP.Net MVC support made it easy for Hanson, Inc.’s developers to create custom widgets using the tools and structures they were accustomed to. As Brian Thomas, Frontend Developer, Hanson, Inc., explained, "We created several widgets which used the Dynamic Module Manager content types to create rich marketing blocks on the site. We really like how easily we can set up a new widget. Oftentimes the widget can be created and managed without a back-end developer’s support and that eases bottlenecks.”

Having experience with many CMS’, Hanson, Inc. notes Sitefinity stands out for its UI to manage page layouts and widgets. Thomas adds, “Sitefinity allows our front-end developers to be less reliant on our back-end developers to make CMS changes they need to complete their tasks.”

As a Global IT Director, Development Services, from the major kitchen and household product company explained “The content editing and preview, along with the ability to create data-driven content types with Dynamic Module Builder are some of the top features of Sitefinity.”

Whether you manage a single website, or your business model calls for multiple sites to support your expansion to global markets, the ability to efficiently build, manage and scale your web presence translates in improved productivity, brand affinity and ultimately a happy sales path.

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