Growing School District Improves Analytics With Skyward

Growing School District Improves Analytics With Skyward

February 22, 2016 0 Comments
Growing School District Improves Analytics With Skyward 870x220
Learn how a growing Indiana school district captured data more efficiently and deployed a custom solution faster with trusted Progress OpenEdge partner Skyward.

Eastern Howard School District was growing quickly, but it had limited technological resources to bring to bear on the ever-increasing flow of data it worked with. It’s a problem Ray Ackerlund, VP of Sales and Marketing at Skyward, knows well. Skyward is a leading provider of administrative software, and when they looked for a partner to help them solve Eastern Howard’s data needs, they placed a lot of value on finding a stable and well-supported solution—and that led them to Progress OpenEdge.

“When we looked at a solution we wanted it to be something that was already proven, and it had the resources there to help us be successful,” Ray said, adding, “and that’s what we really found with OpenEdge360.”

Develop a Roadmap and Move Quickly

By utilizing OpenEdge Analytics360 and the support services provided by Progress BravePoint to develop their product, myDistrict360, Skyward was able to move extremely quickly. The service team immediately gathered information and crafted a product roadmap for the analytics project. The initial product was delivered in just six months, which Ackerlund estimates is 60% faster than if they’d gone it alone.

The services team has exceptional expertise, not just in launching products quickly but also in supporting them for the long haul. Ackerlund noted that a big additional benefit was the additional incremental improvements that the services team helped add to the myDistrict360 software as Skyward gained more and more customers over the last two years. Impressed with their effectiveness, Auckland noted that they really “understood what a KPI was. How to create KPIs that were actually effective and meaningful to really take off and implement this as quickly as possible.”

While using Skyward’s software, Eastern Howard grew from under 1100 students to over 1500 “without a hiccup,” according to Dennis Bagley, Technology Director for the district, who praised the stability and growth ability of the product.

Practical and Easy—No Retraining Needed

Effective technology use is one of the draws of the school district that makes it highly desired, so the software had to be practical and easy to use for them to be satisfied—and they were. After “just a couple of weeks of training, we were well on our way to using the capabilities of the program, and have since had to do almost no retraining,” Bagley said. This new solution allows the school to enroll new students and allow online registration, and new users are able to adapt quickly to it.

A customized analytics solution from a trusted OpenEdge partner, backed by reliable expert resources and services, is a powerful and efficient combination. You can learn more about how Skyward and Eastern Howard School District implemented their solution in the quick video below. You can also watch it here.


Barbara Ware

Barbara is a Senior Marketing Manager of Global Professional Services at Progress.

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