Disrupting with Digital Experience

Disrupting with Digital Experience

January 28, 2020 0 Comments
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If you're not providing the digital experience your customers and employees need, you're missing out on a huge driver of growth for your organization. Check out this presentation to learn more about disrupting with digital experience.

David Atkins, principal solutions architect at Progress, recently presented on digital experience (DX) best practices at a Tech Talk Summit in Boston. Progress was a summit sponsor and had a table the event. David stressed the benefits of a holistic DX strategy that considers all stakeholders’ needs, and considers underlying technologies beyond just the UI aspects of digital experiences.

You can view David's presentation in full right here:  

Tech Talk Summits Presentation Overview

David discussed the importance of enabling common DX concepts such as personalization, omnichannel engagement, and self-service to internal B2E users and data analysts, in addition to customers and partners. Also, a strategic approach to DX goes beyond great UI to encompass the data integration, security and network/application monitoring that are needed to enable and assure compelling digital experiences.

He shows that, in this context, many Progress products can contribute to delivering great digital experiences, including: Sitefinity CMS and Digital Experience Cloud, DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline and Autonomous REST Connector, Ipswitch MoveIT and WhatsUp Gold.

Some of the key themes you will hear about include:

  • Why digital experience is front of mind for CIOs
  • Which digital experience Initiatives are the highest priority
  • Evolving your DX maturity to transform your business
  • How Sitefinity can enable great customer and partner experiences
  • Why DX should be considered significantly more than CX
  • Benefits of persona-based UX design of business apps for B2E DX
  • How considering Analyst DX can elevate ROI from analytics investment
  • How DataDirect powered Open Analytics enhances Analyst DX
  • Need for proactive monitoring of complex IT architecture to assure DX


Providing compelling digital experiences to your customers, partners, internal business users and analysts can drive significant revenue gains, cost reductions, and efficiency improvements. Delivering quality DX requires not only great front-end tools and technology, such as Sitefinity CMS, NativeChat and Kendo UI, but also requires best-in-class data integration tools like Ipswitch MoveIT, DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline and Autonomous REST Connector to address today’s ever increasing security governance concerns and the rising variety and complexity of integrating your data in hybrid, API-driven world.

This broader holistic approach to DX requires a variety of enabling tools and technologies, all of which need to be proactively monitored and managed, using tools like Ipswich WhatsUp Gold, in order to assure the consistent deliver of quality digital experiences to all stakeholders.

Check out David's digital experience presentation above, and let us know what you think. What is your organization doing to provide an ideal digital experience?

Howard Davidson

Howard Davidson

Howard Davidson is the proud brand manager for Progress DataDirect. He’s been developing b2b strategy, creating content, increasing brand awareness and driving leads for nearly several decades. Follow Howard on Twitter @hdavidson and on LinkedIn.

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