Secure Access to Enterprise Data


Give users access to all enterprise data without compromising security.

Issues and Alternatives

Users are demanding access to all enterprise information, but at the same time there are serious issues with security. Data access must be controlled so that only authorized persons can access that data. However, you don't want to limit what tools are used to get to this information. This requires that you provide an open interface to the data source and implement logic to control access.


DataDirect OpenAccess SDK enables you to implement a custom ODBC/JDBC interface on top of the business logic, which is implemented in C/C++, Java, or .NET.
OpenAccess exposes the data sources through the familiar ODBC/JDBC API to allow existing desktop tools and middleware to consume the data through the business logic layer. The ability to control security through a business layer has advantages over the use of underlying RDBMS. The common rules can be used over multiple data sources instead of having to configure each underlying database.


  • One CRM vendor used OpenAccess to enable OLE DB compliant access to the underlying data stored in SQL Server, while maintaining security configured within the CRM application. This allowed third-party modules and tools to interact with the CRM using an open API.
  • One enterprise used OpenAccess to enable Business Objects to connect to the underlying HR data in an Oracle database through custom Java objects implemented to enforce access control. This allowed the end users to continue using the tools they are familiar with, and allowed IT to implement common access control logic for use with desktop applications and web Java applications.


Quickly enable access to enterprise data while controlling security.

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Develop a custom driver in ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET

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