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Why Sotero Trusts Progress DataDirect OpenAccess SDK to Deliver a Secure, Compliant Solution

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Today's businesses demand you provide a wide degree of data access while maintaining that data's security and integrity.

Many organizations rely on third parties like Progress DataDirect to provide the drivers needed to connect to mission-critical data sources. Using DataDirect OpenAccess SDK, organizations can create quicker data access solutions to ensure that their data is secure.

Sotero, a data security encryption software company, built a product that creates a secure data sharing framework that addresses security, compliance, and privacy all in one centrally managed solution. With OpenAccess SDK's help, Sotero can focus efforts on their work—namely using a unique encryption-based approach to protect data at its core, making it impossible for data theft to occur.

Watch this webinar to hear why Sotero chose DataDirect OpenAccess SDK and the benefits they've been able to provide their customers.

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