Adding a Query to a Web Service


Add the ability to select and filter the large amount of information accessible from a web service. This enables the service to be leveraged better in future applications, a key requirement for a SOA.

Issues and Alternatives

The many types of files, data structures, and business logic that underlie a web service makes it difficult to access and process that data.


Use OpenAccess SDK to add a SQL compliant query feature over the data being managed by the web service. For example, to expose a service over a CRM application, you can expose a query() method that can be called to return filtered data from the various object types accessible through that service.

OpenAccess provides efficient SQL processing on top of legacy file structures, objects implemented in C++, .NET or Java, memory data stores, and many other data structures. OpenAccess SDK supplies the framework and pre-built components to quickly allow any data source that is accessible through C, C++, Java, or .NET to appear and behave like a SQL database. This design allows the OpenAccess SQL engine to be embedded within a Web Service container to process the incoming query on the data managed by the application server.


See Adding a Flexible Query Mechanism to a Web Service (.pdf)


  • Quickly implement a powerful query processing capability as part of your web service, making the service easier to use and more flexible for future applications.
  • Using a proven engine gets you to market quicker with a more feature-rich offering.
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Develop a custom driver in ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET

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