Access Data Stored in an Object-Oriented Database from ODBC OLE DB OR JDBC


Access data stored in an object-oriented database using JDBC from a Windows or UNIX client. The database is a persistent object-oriented system that has classes and instances.


  • Support one or more of the following standards, allowing applications that comply with these standards to access the data:
    • ODBC compliant access from Windows or UNIX
    • OLE DB compliant access from Windows
    • JDBC compliant access from Windows or UNIX
  • Access objects of any class as a table.
  • Support dynamic schema.
  • Client/server - Process database access on the database server platform.
  • Use object-oriented database system access mechanisms - Support optimized execution of joins by using the pointer references inherent in OODBMS.


With DataDirect OpenAccess SDK, you provide an ODBC, OLE DB, or JDBC interface to a proprietary non-SQL database by implementing a small set of functions.


See ODBC Access to an Object Wrapper (.pdf) for an example and implementation details.


  • Quickly implement ODBC, OLE DB, or JDBC access to data stored in an object-oriented database from Windows or UNIX client applications.
  • Expose object databases through a relational model and provide efficient processing of JOINS, which are required to access multiple levels.
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Develop a custom driver in ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET

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